What Is A New Wave Jiu-Jitsu ADCC Camp Like?

What Is A New Wave Jiu-Jitsu ADCC Camp Like?

Ever wondered what it’s like to attend a New Wave Jiu-Jitsu ADCC Camp? In a recent video by FloGrappling, ADCC champion Giancarlo Bodoni gives us some insights into his experience at the camp. With the focus on preparing every element of their game for the ADCC rule set, the camp at New Wave was intense and demanding. Giancarlo mentions that the camp was particularly long and exhausting, with weeks of training sessions leading up to the tournament. Despite the physical exhaustion, he describes the camp as great and highlights the importance of having top-notch training partners like Gordon and marigali. Overall, the camp aimed to manage the peaking for various events and ensure that the body was prepared for the tournament without burning out.

If you’re curious about the training techniques and strategies employed at the camp, make sure to check out the video “Becoming Dangerous: The Rise of Giancarlo Bodoni” on January 31st. In the video, Giancarlo discusses his training camp experience and provides a glimpse into the world of New Wave Jiu-Jitsu ADCC Camp. Dive into the world of high-level jiu-jitsu and get ready to discover the dedication, challenges, and triumphs of these elite athletes.

Training Camp for ADCC

Length of the camp

The training camp for the ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) was a rigorous and intensive program that spanned over a significant period of time. It lasted for approximately 16 weeks, providing ample time for the athletes to prepare both mentally and physically for the competition. This extended duration allowed the participants to focus on specific aspects of their game, fine-tune their techniques, and build their strength and endurance.

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Preparation for ADCC

The preparation for ADCC started well in advance, with the athletes already training every single day in the lead-up to the camp. However, once the camp began, the intensity and frequency of training sessions significantly increased. Every single session became crucial, and the athletes were fully committed to giving their absolute best. They understood the importance of this camp in shaping their performance at the upcoming ADCC tournament.

What Is A New Wave Jiu-Jitsu ADCC Camp Like?

Managing peaking for multiple events

One unique challenge that the athletes faced during the camp was managing their peaking for multiple events. Apart from the ADCC tournament, some of the participants, such as Gordon Ryan, had other matches scheduled, including Who’s Number One. It was crucial for the athletes and the coaching staff to strike a delicate balance between competing at these events, peaking for each one individually, and ensuring they didn’t burn themselves out in the process. Strategic planning and proper training periodization played a vital role in achieving this delicate balance.

Physical exhaustion

The relentless training schedule and the demands of preparing for high-level competition inevitably led to physical exhaustion for the athletes. As the camp progressed, the athletes began to feel the toll on their bodies. The last week and a half to two weeks of the camp were particularly challenging, with fatigue setting in and a strong desire to get to the competition and showcase their abilities. However, despite the physical exhaustion, the athletes pushed through and remained committed to their training regimen.

Comparison to previous ADCC camps

While this was Giancarlo Bodoni’s first time participating in an ADCC camp, he had heard from others that this particular camp was the longest and toughest they had ever experienced. Though he couldn’t personally compare it to previous ADCC camps, it is evident that the training intensity and duration were unparalleled. This camp aimed to provide the athletes with the best possible preparation, allowing them to perform at their peak during the ADCC tournament.

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Main Focus of the Camp

The primary focus of the camp was to ensure that the athletes were fully prepared to compete under the specific rules and regulations of the ADCC tournament. It was essential to adapt their game to the ADCC rule set and develop strategies accordingly. The wrestlers in the camp, including Giancarlo Bodoni, dedicated significant time to strengthening their wrestling skills to gain an advantage during matches. Guard passing was also a key area of focus, as it is a crucial technique for gaining control and scoring points. Additionally, the athletes worked on perfecting their positional game, as solid positioning is fundamental to success in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. A comprehensive understanding of the ADCC rules and strategies was emphasized throughout the camp to ensure that the athletes were well-prepared mentally as well as physically.

Training with Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan, being one of the best in the world, played a pivotal role in the camp as both a training partner and a coach. He brought his extensive competitive experience to the training sessions, helping his fellow athletes analyze and strategize their approach to matches. While John, the main coach, oversaw the training, Gordon’s input was invaluable, especially in specific elements of the game where he excels. Giancarlo had the opportunity to train extensively with Gordon, and their intense rounds together pushed him to his limits and helped him elevate his skills.

Other Training Partners

Apart from Gordon Ryan, Giancarlo also had the privilege of training with other highly skilled athletes, including Marigali, as well as non-competitors who were equally committed to their craft. These diverse training partners offered a variety of styles and challenges, enabling the athletes to adapt and refine their techniques in different contexts. The presence of hobbyists who were dedicated and passionate about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu further enriched the training environment and provided valuable insights and experiences.

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In conclusion, the training camp for ADCC at New Wave Jiu-Jitsu in Austin was a comprehensive and exhausting experience that aimed to prepare the athletes mentally and physically for the demanding competition. The camp highlighted the importance of strategic planning, managing peaking for multiple events, and training with a variety of partners. The presence of Gordon Ryan, both as a training partner and a coach, added an extra layer of motivation and expertise to the camp. Overall, the camp provided a unique opportunity for the athletes to refine their skills, deepen their understanding of the game, and ultimately excel at the ADCC tournament.

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