Dante Leon vs Magid Hage | 2022 ADCC World Championships

Dante Leon vs Magid Hage | 2022 ADCC World Championships

In the highly anticipated matchup at the 2022 ADCC World Championships, Dante Leon and Magid Hage go head to head on the grappling mat. Both athletes bring their A-game, with Leon showcasing his powerful top game and impressive wrestling skills, while Hage displays his crafty and unique style, along with his excellent half guard. It’s a great matchup between two talented individuals, and the outcome promises to be exciting. As the video by FloGrappling captures the intense action, viewers are encouraged to like, comment, and subscribe to access more thrilling jiu-jitsu videos.

With Dante Leon making early moves, diving for the back, and displaying his trademark deep underhook and pressure, Hage remains unfazed, finding comfort in his position. Meanwhile, Leon’s dedication and hard work as a consummate professional shines through in his powerful techniques, attributed to his emphasis on wrestling and powerlifting. In the corner, Leon is supported by Heath Pedigo, the man behind game planning for athletes like Andrew Wilsey, while Hage strategizes with Jeff Glover, a specialist in the crafty jiu-jitsu game. Ultimately, it is Dante Leon who comes out victorious, with an explosive knee cut and a triangle lock, securing the win and advancing further in the 177-kilogram category of the tournament.


In the exciting matchup at the 2022 ADCC World Championships, Dante Leon faced off against Magid Hage. This highly anticipated event showcased the skills and talents of two incredibly talented jiu jitsu athletes. Dante Leon, known for his powerful top game and wrestling background, went up against Magid Hage, who possesses a unique style and exceptional half guard skills. As both athletes took the mats, spectators eagerly awaited the intense battle that was about to unfold.

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Pre-Match Analysis

Styles of Dante Leon and Magid Hage

Dante Leon and Magid Hage each brought their own distinct styles to the match. Leon showcased his prowess in wrestling, utilizing his powerful top game to dominate his opponents. His relentless pressure and ability to secure underhooks allowed him to control the pace of the match and dictate the flow of the fight. On the other hand, Hage possessed a unique style, characterized by his craftiness and excellent half guard skills. Despite finding himself in tough positions, Hage remained calm and composed, showcasing his comfort in challenging situations.

Dante Leon’s Wrestling Background

One of the key aspects of Dante Leon’s game is his wrestling background, which he has seamlessly integrated into his jiu jitsu repertoire. His emphasis on power lifting and strength training is evident in his powerful movements on the mat. Leon’s ability to generate explosive bursts of strength often catches his opponents off-guard, allowing him to overpower them and secure advantageous positions.

Magid Hage’s Unique Style

Magid Hage’s style is admired for its uniqueness and unpredictability. Hage has a knack for thriving in tough positions and finding creative solutions to escape from them. He possesses excellent technique in the half guard, making it difficult for his opponents to pass his guard or establish dominant positions. Hage’s ability to remain calm and composed in challenging situations gives him an edge over his opponents.

Majid Hage at the Peak of ADCC Skill

Having seen Majid Hage perform at the highest level of ADCC skill, spectators expected an exceptional display of technique and strategy from him at the World Championships. While he may have had a few off performances in the past, Hage was anticipated to showcase his best self in this competition, leaving spectators eager to witness the peak of his abilities.

Dante Leon vs Magid Hage | 2022 ADCC World Championships

Match Highlights

Dante Leon’s Early Back Take Attempt

Right from the start, Dante Leon displayed his aggressiveness by diving for an early back take on Magid Hage. This move demonstrated his intention to set the tone of the match and take control early on. Leon’s determination and willingness to take risks were evident as he looked to establish a dominant position right from the beginning.

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Dante Leon’s Pressure and Underhooks

Throughout the match, Dante Leon applied relentless pressure on Magid Hage. He strategically utilized underhooks to nullify Hage’s escape attempts and maintain control over the match. Leon’s ability to stay heavy on top and control the pace of the fight showcased his technical abilities and tenacity.

Magid Hage’s Comfort in Tough Positions

Despite facing intense pressure from Dante Leon, Magid Hage remained surprisingly calm and composed. Hage showcased his comfort in tough positions, refusing to be rattled by his opponent’s relentless attacks. This resilience and ability to thrive in adversity allowed Hage to remain competitive and maintain his composure throughout the match.

Dante Leon’s Power and Strength

Dante Leon’s power and strength were on full display throughout the match. His emphasis on powerlifting and strength training translated into explosive movements and overpowering techniques. Leon’s ability to generate strength at crucial moments caught his opponents off-guard and provided him with additional opportunities to secure advantageous positions.

Pedigo Submission Fighting’s Influence

As a member of Pedigo Submission Fighting, Dante Leon benefited from the guidance and expertise of coach Heath Pedigo. Pedigo, known for his strategic game planning, has a proven track record of preparing athletes for high-level competitions. Leon’s association with Pedigo Submission Fighting undoubtedly played a role in his performance and the effectiveness of his game plan.

Majid Hage’s Craftiness

Magid Hage’s crafty style was evident throughout the match. He consistently found unconventional solutions to escape from tough positions and create openings for his own attacks. Hage’s ability to think outside the box and employ unorthodox techniques kept his opponents guessing and added an element of unpredictability to his game.

Jeff Glover’s Corner Advice

In Magid Hage’s corner, he had the guidance of Jeff Glover, a seasoned jiu jitsu practitioner with a deep understanding of the intricacies of the sport. Glover’s expertise in the game provided Hage with valuable insights and advice during the match. This corner support further highlighted the importance of strategic guidance in high-stakes competitions.

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Majid Hage’s Casual Style

Majid Hage’s choice of attire, with his casual-looking swim trunks and T-shirt combo, harkened back to the old school style often seen in the early days of ADCC. This unique fashion choice added to Hage’s aura and reflected his relaxed and comfortable demeanor on the mats.

Dante Leon’s Explosive Knee Cut

Dante Leon showcased his explosive knee cut during the match, delivering a well-timed and powerful move that caught his opponents off-guard. The combination of speed, precision, and power displayed in his knee cut allowed Leon to swiftly pass his opponent’s guard and gain the upper hand.

Dante Leon’s Efficient Jiu Jitsu

Dante Leon’s victory was a testament to his efficient jiu jitsu. His ability to capitalize on one opening provided by his opponent, Magid Hage, showcased his technical prowess and strategic mindset. Leon’s efficient use of his jiu jitsu skills allowed him to secure a triangle choke, forcing Hage to tap and earning himself the victory.

Match Outcome

Dante Leon’s Triangle Choke

In a pivotal moment of the match, Dante Leon secured a triangle choke on Magid Hage. This submission technique allowed him to apply pressure and force Hage into a difficult position. The triangle choke showcased Leon’s technical proficiency and ability to capitalize on openings presented by his opponents.

Magid Hage’s Tap

Unable to escape the tight grip of Dante Leon’s triangle choke, Magid Hage was forced to tap, signifying the end of the match. Hage’s submission demonstrated Leon’s ability to control and dominate his opponents, showcasing the effectiveness of his jiu jitsu skills.

Dante Leon’s Victory

With a successful triangle choke, Dante Leon emerged victorious in the match against Magid Hage. His relentless pressure and efficient jiu jitsu proved to be too much for Hage to handle, leading to Leon’s triumph. The victory further solidified Leon’s status as a formidable competitor in the world of jiu jitsu.

Dante Leon’s Advancement in the Championships

Dante Leon’s victory propelled him forward in the 2022 ADCC World Championships. His impressive performance in this match showcased his skill, determination, and ability to perform under pressure. As he advanced in the championships, spectators eagerly anticipated his future matches and the potential for even more thrilling displays of his jiu jitsu abilities.


The match between Dante Leon and Magid Hage at the 2022 ADCC World Championships provided spectators with a captivating display of high-level jiu jitsu. Dante Leon’s impressive performance, characterized by his power, strength, and efficient jiu jitsu, earned him a well-deserved victory. Looking ahead, Leon’s future matches promised to be equally thrilling, as he continued to showcase his skills and solidify his position as a top competitor in the world of jiu jitsu.

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