Garry Tonon vs Dillon Danis | 2015 ADCC World Championship

Garry Tonon vs Dillon Danis | 2015 ADCC World Championship

In this exciting video brought to you by FloGrappling, witness the intense competition between Garry Tonon and Dillon Danis in the 2015 ADCC World Championship. Originally held in August 2015, this clash of jiu jitsu titans promises to keep you on the edge of your seat. With FloGrappling, you can access all of the latest jiu jitsu videos, so be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to their channel. Connect with FloGrappling on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for even more thrilling content. Get ready to witness the skill, strategy, and sheer determination on display in the Garry Tonon vs Dillon Danis matchup at the 2015 ADCC World Championship.

Garry Tonon vs Dillon Danis | 2015 ADCC World Championship


In the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), few matches have generated as much hype and excitement as the showdown between Garry Tonon and Dillon Danis at the 2015 ADCC World Championship. This highly anticipated match took place in August 2015, captivating fans and athletes alike with its intensity and technical prowess. The clash between these two exceptional BJJ practitioners showcased their skills and set the stage for a memorable battle.


Garry Tonon and Dillon Danis both entered the match with strong reputations in the BJJ community. Tonon, known for his aggressive and dynamic style, had already established himself as a force to be reckoned with on the competition circuit. With numerous championships to his name, Tonon was considered one of the most exciting and promising grapplers of his generation.

On the other hand, Danis was also making a name for himself in the BJJ world. A student of legendary black belt Marcelo Garcia, Danis possessed a technical finesse and a reputation for his ability to submit opponents with precision. His background and training made him a formidable opponent for anyone stepping onto the mat with him.

Importance of the Match

The match between Tonon and Danis held significant importance for both fighters. It was an opportunity to showcase their skills on one of the biggest stages in the BJJ community and prove themselves against a top-level opponent. The ADCC World Championship was renowned for attracting some of the best grapplers from around the globe, making victory at this prestigious event a coveted achievement for any BJJ athlete.

Furthermore, Tonon and Danis had engaged in a series of verbal sparring in the lead-up to the match. Their competitive nature and strong personalities added an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the matchup. The clash between these two talented fighters promised to be intense, both in terms of technique and emotion, as they fought to establish their dominance on the mat.

Location and Date

The 2015 ADCC World Championship took place in August of that year. The exact location of the event varied from year to year, and the particular venue for the Tonon vs. Danis match was a source of excitement for fans and competitors. The ADCC World Championship consistently attracted a large audience both in person and through live streaming, making it a widely watched and highly anticipated event within the BJJ community.

Fighters’ Profiles

Before delving into the details of the match itself, it is essential to understand the background and skill sets of both Garry Tonon and Dillon Danis.

Garry Tonon

Garry Tonon, a black belt under Tom DeBlass and John Danaher, had built a reputation for his aggressive style and relentless pursuit of submissions. Known for his high-energy approach, Tonon was revered for his exceptional leg lock game and his ability to finish fights. His love for the sport and passion for competition were evident in all his matches, making him a fan favorite.

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At the time of the Tonon vs. Danis matchup, Tonon had already made his mark on the competitive BJJ scene. With victories in prestigious events such as the Eddie Bravo Invitational (EBI) and the Pan American Championships, Tonon was recognized as a top-level competitor among his peers. His willingness to take risks and his dynamic style of grappling made him an intriguing opponent for anyone he faced.

Dillon Danis

Dillon Danis, a black belt under Marcelo Garcia, brought a different approach to the mat. Known for his technical mastery and ability to seamlessly transition between positions, Danis was a master tactician. His background in wrestling and judo provided a solid foundation for his precise and efficient style of grappling.

Danis had quickly risen through the ranks of BJJ and gained recognition for his dominant performances in various grappling tournaments. His success extended beyond just sport jiu jitsu, as he had coached and trained alongside high-profile MMA fighters such as Conor McGregor. Danis’ strong connections and affiliation with McGregor only added to his growing popularity and made the matchup with Tonon even more enticing.

Pre-Fight Hype

The clash between Garry Tonon and Dillon Danis was not just about their in-ring abilities; it was also fueled by their personalities and trash-talking abilities. The pre-fight hype surrounding the matchup heightened the anticipation and excitement for what was to come.

Trash Talk

Both Tonon and Danis were known for their outspoken nature and willingness to engage in verbal warfare. In the weeks leading up to the fight, they exchanged cutting remarks and challenged each other’s skills. The trash talk was not just empty words; it reflected the intense desire to prove superiority and establish dominance on the mat.

Tonon’s brash demeanor and willingness to goad his opponents added an extra layer of intrigue to the matchup. He used his quick wit and sharp tongue to get under his opponents’ skin, often aiming to distract them from their game plan. Danis, a master of controlled aggression, responded with equally biting remarks, ensuring the pre-fight banter remained entertaining and captivating.

Social Media Exchange

In addition to the traditional press conferences and interviews, Tonon and Danis took their rivalry to social media platforms, engaging in a war of words for all to witness. Their exchanges on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram added fuel to an already raging fire, captivating fans and critics alike. The back-and-forth banter showcased their competitiveness and served as a teaser for the intensity to come in the actual fight.

The Fight

The highly anticipated showdown between Garry Tonon and Dillon Danis finally arrived, and it lived up to all the expectations. The fight itself was a showcase of technique, strategy, and athleticism, as both fighters brought their A-game to the mat.

Fight Format

As with most BJJ matches, the Tonon vs. Danis fight followed the standard ADCC ruleset. The competitors aimed to secure either a submission or accumulate points through advantageous positions such as mount, back control, or a dominant guard passing sequence. The objective was to demonstrate technical mastery and impose their will on their opponent, ultimately prevailing by either a submission or a higher total score.

The ADCC ruleset encouraged a more aggressive and dynamic style of grappling as it highly rewarded submission attempts. This format perfectly suited Tonon and Danis, who excelled in their pursuit of finishing the fight from various positions.

Tactical Approaches

Tonon and Danis approached the fight with distinct game plans tailored to their strengths. Tonon, known for his exceptional leg lock game, sought to exploit Danis’ perceived weaknesses in this area. He aimed to establish control and create opportunities for submissions, relentlessly attacking Danis’s legs throughout the match.

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On the other hand, Danis adopted a more calculated approach. His focus was on maintaining a strong guard and using his superior technical skills to neutralize Tonon’s aggression. Danis aimed to capitalize on any positional mistakes made by Tonon and utilize his own submission prowess to secure the victory.

Key Moments

Throughout the match, several key moments stood out and showcased the skills and strategies of both fighters. Tonon’s relentless leg lock attacks put Danis in precarious situations, applying immense pressure and testing Danis’ defensive capabilities. However, Danis showcased his technical mastery by displaying excellent defensive skills, thwarting Tonon’s attempts and preventing any significant progress.

In response, Danis showcased his own offensive skills, particularly in his guard game. He exhibited exceptional hip movement and a fluidity in his transitions that kept Tonon guessing. By utilizing sweeps and submission attempts, Danis demonstrated his ability to counter Tonon’s aggression effectively.

As the match progressed, it became clear that both fighters had a deep level of respect for each other’s abilities. Their technical proficiency and determination to emerge victorious made for compelling viewing, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats.

Post-Fight Analysis

Following the Tonon vs. Danis match, the BJJ community eagerly analyzed and dissected the performances of both fighters and their overall impact on the sport.

Winner’s Performance

Tonon emerged victorious in the matchup, showcasing his explosiveness and tenacity. His relentless leg lock attacks and aggressive style of grappling proved to be the differentiating factor in securing the win. Tonon’s ability to apply constant pressure and maintain a high offensive output demonstrated his exceptional skills and strategic approach to the bout.

Loser’s Performance

Despite the loss, Danis’s performance should not be overlooked. He displayed exceptional defensive skills and posed significant threats of his own. Danis’s guard game, in particular, showcased his technical prowess and his ability to neutralize Tonon’s aggressive attacks. Though he did not secure the victory, Danis left a lasting impression and proved himself to be a formidable opponent.

Reactions from the Jiu Jitsu Community

The Tonon vs. Danis match sparked a flurry of reactions and discussions within the BJJ community. Fans, athletes, and pundits praised the technical abilities displayed by both fighters and marveled at the intensity of the matchup. The match was widely regarded as one of the highlights of the 2015 ADCC World Championship, elevating the profile of both Tonon and Danis within the BJJ community.

Legacy and Impact

The legacy and impact of the Tonon vs. Danis match extended far beyond the outcome of a single fight. Its significance lies in its contribution to the growth and development of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a sport.

Elevating the Sport

The Tonon vs. Danis matchup captured the attention of both hardcore grappling enthusiasts and casual fans. The high level of skill and intense nature of the fight showcased the beauty and excitement of BJJ to a wider audience. This elevated exposure served to increase interest in the sport and highlight its significance as a competitive discipline.

Influence on Future Competitions

The Tonon vs. Danis matchup undoubtedly had a lasting impact on future BJJ competitions. It set a standard for the level of technique, athleticism, and competitiveness that athletes should aspire to. As a result, competitors began to focus on honing their skills and adopting innovative strategies, ultimately raising the overall quality of matches and pushing the boundaries of what was previously thought possible.

Continuing Rivalry

The Tonon vs. Danis rivalry did not end with their match at the 2015 ADCC World Championship. The competitive fire that burned between them remained, leading to further encounters and bouts in the years that followed. Their subsequent meetings kept the BJJ community engaged and provided additional opportunities for both fighters to showcase their evolving skills and unravel new layers of their rivalry.

Influence on the Fighters’ Careers

The Tonon vs. Danis match proved to be a turning point in the careers of both fighters, impacting their trajectories in significant ways.

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Career Trajectory of Garry Tonon

Following his win over Danis, Tonon continued his dominant run in the BJJ competition circuit. His success at the ADCC World Championship further solidified his reputation as a top-level competitor, earning him opportunities to compete against other elite grapplers. Tonon’s continued success allowed him to transition into a career in mixed martial arts (MMA), where he has achieved considerable acclaim.

Career Trajectory of Dillon Danis

Despite the loss, Danis’s performance against Tonon garnered him substantial attention within the BJJ community. His technical proficiency and ability to hang with a high-caliber opponent like Tonon led to additional opportunities. Danis ventured further into the world of MMA, signing with major promotions and training alongside some of the sport’s biggest names. His success in MMA served as a testament to the skills he displayed in the Tonon matchup and opened new doors in his career.

Technical Breakdown

Analyzing the technical aspects of the Tonon vs. Danis match offers valuable insights into the skill sets and strategies employed by both fighters.

Submission Attempts

Throughout the match, Tonon and Danis showcased their proficiency in various submission techniques. Tonon, renowned for his leg lock attacks, demonstrated his expertise in this area. His relentless pursuit of submissions placed Danis in uncomfortable positions, forcing him to showcase his defensive skills.

Danis, on the other hand, displayed excellent submission defense and effectively neutralized Tonon’s attacks. His ability to anticipate and counter Tonon’s offensive moves showcased his technical mastery and understanding of grappling principles.

Guard Passing

Both Tonon and Danis excelled in their guard passing abilities. Tonon’s aggressive style and quick movement allowed him to navigate through Danis’s guard and place him in compromising positions. His explosive guard passing style disrupted Danis’s defensive game and created opportunities for offensive attacks.

However, Danis showcased his own guard passing skills, utilizing precision and timing to shut down Tonon’s advances. His calm and calculated approach allowed him to maintain control and reverse positions when necessary, effectively neutralizing Tonon’s aggression.

Dominant Positions

Tonon and Danis both showcased their ability to achieve and maintain dominant positions throughout the match. Tonon’s relentless pressure and dynamic transitions allowed him to establish mount and back control, allowing him to dictate the pace and flow of the fight.

Danis displayed excellent defensive skills when placed in disadvantageous positions and showcased his ability to reverse and gain control. His technical finesse and understanding of leverage enabled him to effectively escape and regain dominant positions when faced with Tonon’s attacks.

The ADCC World Championship

The ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) World Championship has a rich history and stands as one of the most prestigious events in the BJJ community.

History and Prestige

The ADCC World Championship was founded in 1998 and quickly established itself as one of the premier platforms for BJJ competition. Held biennially, the event attracted the most skilled and accomplished grapplers from around the world. Its reputation for showcasing high-level technique, fierce competition, and exceptional sportsmanship cemented its status as a must-watch event for BJJ enthusiasts.

The ADCC World Championship not only tested the skills of individual athletes but also served as a stage for various teams and affiliations to showcase their talent. The event provided a unique opportunity for athletes to prove themselves on the international stage, further elevating the prestige associated with the tournament.

Significance in the Jiu Jitsu Community

The ADCC World Championship’s significance extended beyond the grand stage it provided for elite competitors. The event served as a catalyst for the growth and evolution of BJJ as a whole. It pushed the boundaries of what was possible within the sport and encouraged innovation and development in technique and strategy.

The ADCC World Championship also served as a platform for young up-and-coming athletes to gain recognition and make their mark on the BJJ community. The exposure and experience gained from competing in the tournament often led to new opportunities and opened doors for aspiring grapplers.


The clash between Garry Tonon and Dillon Danis at the 2015 ADCC World Championship was a pivotal moment in the history of BJJ. The matchup showcased the skill, determination, and rivalry that define the sport. Tonon and Danis left an indelible mark on the sport, both in terms of their individual careers and their impact on the BJJ community as a whole. Their showdown at the ADCC World Championship elevated their profiles and further solidified their places among the BJJ elite.

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