Highlight: Three Tackett Bros At ADCC West Coast Trials

Highlight: Three Tackett Bros At ADCC West Coast Trials

Check out the highlights from the Tackett brothers, William, Andrew, and Caleb, at the 2022 ADCC West Coast Trials. The video, produced by FloGrappling, showcases their impressive performance in the jiu-jitsu competition. From intense matches to incredible technique, the Tackett brothers display their skills and dedication to the sport. Don’t miss out on this exciting footage and make sure to stay updated with the latest jiu-jitsu videos by liking, commenting, and subscribing to FloGrappling on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In their interviews, the brothers share their journey and passion for jiu-jitsu, revealing that participating in the ADCC is a dream come true. They recount their years of hard work and dedication, starting from their first trials in 2018. Watching old tapes of previous ADCC matches, it has always been their ultimate dream to compete in this prestigious event and even win the championship. With their determination and relentless training, they are making strides towards their goal and turning their dreams into reality.

Three Tackett Bros at ADCC West Coast Trials

Highlight: Three Tackett Bros At ADCC West Coast Trials

Introduction to the Tackett Brothers’ performance at the ADCC West Coast Trials

The Tackett brothers, William, Andrew, and Caleb, showcased their incredible skills and determination at the 2022 ADCC West Coast Trials. These talented jiu-jitsu practitioners left a lasting impression on both their opponents and the audience with their impressive performances. Throughout the event, the Tackett brothers displayed their technical prowess, physical strength, and unwavering dedication to their craft.

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William Tackett’s Performance

William Tackett, known for his exceptional grappling abilities, delivered a standout performance at the ADCC West Coast Trials. Despite facing formidable opponents, Tackett demonstrated his versatility and adaptability on the mat. His calculated movements, precise submissions, and keen awareness of his surroundings allowed him to secure several victories throughout the tournament.

Andrew Tackett’s Performance

Andrew Tackett, the younger of the Tackett brothers, exhibited remarkable skill and composure during his matches at the ADCC West Coast Trials. Despite his age, Andrew displayed a level of maturity and technical proficiency that belied his years of experience. His ability to execute complex techniques with precision and his relentless pursuit of victory earned him respect and admiration from both his peers and the spectators.

Caleb Tackett’s Performance

Caleb Tackett, the youngest of the Tackett brothers, showcased his potential and innate talent at the ADCC West Coast Trials. Despite being relatively new to the competitive scene, Caleb exhibited an impressive understanding of jiu-jitsu fundamentals and displayed a high level of athleticism. His determination, coupled with his natural aptitude for the sport, allowed him to hold his own against more seasoned opponents.

Weight Cut Challenge for the Tackett Brothers

In preparation for the ADCC West Coast Trials, the Tackett brothers faced the daunting challenge of cutting weight. William, in particular, endured a significant weight cut, shedding 30 pounds in order to compete in his desired weight class. Such a drastic weight reduction requires immense discipline and sacrifice, as it affects not only the physical but also the mental and emotional well-being of the athlete. However, the Tackett brothers persevered, demonstrating their commitment to their craft and their willingness to push the boundaries of their capabilities.

Dreams and Ambitions of the Tackett Brothers

From a young age, the Tackett brothers dreamt of competing at the highest level of jiu-jitsu, including the prestigious ADCC World Championships. Their participation in the ADCC West Coast Trials was a stepping stone towards fulfilling this lifelong ambition. The Tackett brothers’ dedication to their training and their relentless pursuit of improvement reflect their determination to achieve greatness in the world of jiu-jitsu.

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Preparation and Training for the ADCC West Coast Trials

The Tackett brothers invested countless hours in preparation for the ADCC West Coast Trials. Their training regimen consisted of intense workouts, technical drills, and sparring sessions aimed at fine-tuning their skills and refining their techniques. They sought guidance from experienced coaches and engaged in a holistic approach to training, encompassing physical conditioning, mental fortitude, and strategic planning. The Tackett brothers left no stone unturned in their quest for success at the ADCC West Coast Trials.

Impressive Moments and Highlights from the Tackett Brothers

Throughout their matches at the ADCC West Coast Trials, the Tackett brothers delivered numerous memorable moments and highlights. From William’s submission victories to Andrew’s display of technical prowess, each brother left an indelible mark on the event. Their relentless drive, unwavering determination, and exceptional skill captivated the audience and solidified their reputation as formidable competitors within the jiu-jitsu community.


The Tackett brothers’ performances at the ADCC West Coast Trials showcased their immense talent, unwavering dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence in the world of jiu-jitsu. These remarkable young athletes have proven themselves to be formidable contenders within their respective weight classes. As they continue to hone their skills and gain further experience, it is undeniable that the Tackett brothers will continue to make waves in the world of competitive jiu-jitsu.

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