Black Belts, Buggy Chokes, and Upsets: 2021 IBJJF No-Gi Worlds Day 3 Recap

Black Belts, Buggy Chokes, and Upsets: 2021 IBJJF No-Gi Worlds Day 3 Recap

Black Belts, Buggy Chokes, and Upsets: 2021 IBJJF No-Gi Worlds Day 3 Recap brings you all the highlights and surprises from the black belt divisions at the prestigious no-gi world championships. The elimination rounds were filled with unexpected results as the favorites suffered defeat one by one, setting the stage for the championship rounds. In the open weight division, the 2019 Absolute champion, Victor Hugo, was bested by Pedro Mourinho in a quarter-final match. Mourinho showcased his skills with a one-advantage lead, securing his place in the final by defeating Adam Wardzinski. Meanwhile, Roberto Cyborg battled through the quarterfinals and out-pointed the American National No-Gi champ, Gabrielle Almeida, to set up an intriguing clash with the youthful enthusiasm of Mourinho in the Absolute final.

The excitement continued with more upsets, including Gabby McComb stunning viewers with a deep triangle armbar against No-Gi World Champion Theon Davis in the open class. In thrilling matches, Henato Canuto lost to Jay-Z Cavalcante after being taken down with a blast double leg, Felipe Andrew triumphed in a clash of generations against Raphael Lovato Jr. in the super heavyweight division, and Pedro Mourinho showcased his physicality with a hard-fought win against Adam Bradley. Notable submissions of the day included Richard Narghira’s stunning buggy choke and Henato Kanuto’s high-flying entry into a deep armbar attack. For more highlights and replays, head to the No-Gi Worlds event page on

Open Weight Division

Victor Hugo’s Loss to Pedro Mourinho

In a surprising turn of events, the reigning Absolute champion, Victor Hugo, faced a tough defeat in the quarter-final match against Pedro Mourinho. Despite Hugo’s strong reputation, Mourinho was able to hold on to a one-advantage lead to secure the victory. This unexpected result showcased Mourinho’s skill and determination, as he overcame the formidable opponent and earned his place in the final.

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Roberto Cyborg’s Path to the Final

On his journey to the final of the Open Weight Division, Roberto Cyborg faced several challenges. In the quarterfinal, he went up against the gigantic Max Geminis and managed to secure the victory. Cyborg’s expertise and experience in the sport were evident as he out-pointed American National No-Gi Champion, Gabrielle Almeida, in a 5-0 win. This set the stage for an exciting showdown in the final between Cyborg and Pedro Mourinho, where youthful enthusiasm clashed with seasoned skill.

Upsets at Nogi Worlds

Gabby McComb’s Triangle Armbar

One of the most memorable upsets of the day came from Gabby McComb, who stunned viewers with a deep triangle armbar against the No-Gi World Champion, Theon Davis, in the open class. McComb’s technique and execution were flawless, catching her opponent off guard and securing the victory. This upset served as a reminder that in the world of jiu jitsu, anything can happen, regardless of an athlete’s standing or reputation.

Gabrielle Almeida’s Loss to Rodrigo Martinez

Gabrielle Almeida, a strong contender in the Open Weight Division, experienced a heartbreaking loss in the final seconds of his match against Rodrigo Martinez. Despite a valiant effort, Almeida was ultimately defeated by decision after a 2-2 tie. The unpredictability of the sport was on full display in this upset, as Almeida’s hopes of victory were dashed in the final moments of the match.

Black Belts, Buggy Chokes, and Upsets: 2021 IBJJF No-Gi Worlds Day 3 Recap

Henato Canuto’s Loss to Jay-Z Cavalcante

Another unexpected upset at Nogi Worlds was Henato Canuto’s defeat at the hands of veteran Jay-Z Cavalcante. Canuto, a former Nogi World Champion, was taken down with a blast double leg, resulting in a 2-0 loss. This match showcased the importance of strategy and timing in jiu jitsu, as Canuto’s opponent capitalized on a well-executed takedown to secure the victory.

First Round Matches

Felipe Andrew vs. Raphael Lovato Jr.

The first round of the super heavyweight division featured an exciting clash between Felipe Andrew and Raphael Lovato Jr. This match was a true class of generations, with Andrew ultimately emerging victorious with a 4-0 win. Andrew’s well-executed takedowns played a pivotal role in securing his lead and solidifying his spot in the next round.

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Pedro Mourinho’s Win Against Adam Bradley

Pedro Mourinho’s success continued in the first round, as he faced off against Adam Bradley of Atos. Mourinho’s hard-fought and convincing performance earned him a well-deserved victory. In an impressive display of his skills, Mourinho even scored an advantage for a rarely seen standing wristlock attack. This win further established Mourinho as a strong contender in the competition.

Wagner Hoecher’s Split Decision Victory

In a tightly contested match, Wagner Hoecher managed to earn a split decision victory against Giancarlo Bodoni. Despite Bodoni hunting for a leglock throughout the match, Hoecher’s ability to stay heavy and on top proved to be advantageous. Hoecher’s victory showcased his resilience and strategic approach to the match, securing him a spot in the next round.

Notable Submissions

Richard Narghira’s Buggy Choke

One of the standout submissions of the day came from Richard Narghira, who executed a stunning buggy choke. This submission was set up from top side control, highlighting Narghira’s technical proficiency and ability to capitalize on advantageous positions. The buggy choke served as a testament to the effectiveness of Narghira’s grappling skills.

Henato Canuto’s High-Flying Armbar Entry

Henato Canuto’s submission in his match against Joey McKay was an impressive display of high-flying jiu jitsu. Canuto executed a smooth and precise armbar entry, showcasing his athleticism and creativity on the mat. This submission served as a reminder of Canuto’s skill set and his ability to finish fights from various positions.

Gabrielle Almeida’s Leglock Submission

Gabrielle Almeida demonstrated his developing leglock game with a submission victory against Andre Porfirio in the open class. Almeida’s ability to secure the leg and apply effective pressure resulted in a quick victory. This submission showcased Almeida’s technical prowess and his commitment to continuously improving his skills.

Liz Clay’s Aniba Submission

In a notable display of technique, Liz Clay secured a submission victory with one of her favorite attacks, the Aniba submission. Clay’s execution and precision in applying the submission highlighted her expertise in this particular technique. This victory showcased Clay’s ability to capitalize on her preferred attacks and secure victories through her technical knowledge.

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The third day of the 2021 IBJJF No-Gi Worlds was filled with unexpected results, upsets, and impressive performances. Athletes such as Victor Hugo and Gabrielle Almeida faced surprising defeats, highlighting the unpredictable nature of the sport. Roberto Cyborg’s path to the final showcased his experience and skill, while up-and-coming athletes like Gabby McComb and Gabriel Almeida secured memorable victories. The first round matches delivered exciting matchups, with notable performances from Felipe Andrew and Pedro Mourinho. The notable submissions of the day, including Richard Narghira’s buggy choke and Henato Canuto’s high-flying armbar entry, showcased the technical brilliance and diversity within the sport. Overall, the third day of the No-Gi Worlds provided thrilling action and anticipation for the championship rounds to come.

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