The Black Ops Division Is Back, ft. the Hillbilly Hammer | WNO Podcast (Ep. 192)

The Black Ops Division Is Back, ft. the Hillbilly Hammer | WNO Podcast (Ep. 192)

In this episode of the WNO Podcast, titled “The Black Ops Division Is Back, ft. the Hillbilly Hammer | WNO Podcast (Ep. 192),” FloGrappling brings back the popular Black Ops Division, featuring the Hillbilly Hammer himself, Jacob Couch. The podcast begins with a lively discussion about surviving a tornado and upcoming events. Melissa Bastos vs. Brianna St Marie in the Whose Number One event is mentioned, and tickets for the event can be purchased online on FloGrappling’s website. Jacob Couch is praised for his willingness to accept late notice fights, and he shares anecdotes about his fight earnings and purchases. Shooting skills and plans to go shooting together are also mentioned.

The conversation then turns to topics like weight gain, using Cialis and testosterone, and the speaker’s upcoming match against Bruno Matias. They discuss their training progress, including a positive experience with Eddie Cummings and the anticipation of a new season of Daisy Fresh. Rosa Walsh’s potential and success in competitions are highlighted, and the speaker expresses confidence in their chances at winning No-Gi Worlds. Additional matchups and preliminary matches are discussed, including Brianna St Marie vs. maisa bastos and Jacob Couch vs. Bruno Matthias. The podcast concludes with excitement about upcoming events and competitions, with a mention of the betting lines for each matchup.

The Black Ops Division Is Back

The Black Ops Division is making a comeback, and one of its members, the Hillbilly Hammer, Jacob Couch, is ready to take on the world of grappling. In a recent episode of the WNO Podcast, hosted by FloGrappling, Couch was introduced and warmly greeted. The podcast started off with a discussion about surviving a tornado, which Couch recently experienced. Despite the threat of a tornado, he came out unscathed, proving his resilience.

The hosts then shifted the conversation towards upcoming events and competitions. One event that caught their attention was the upcoming Whose Number One (WNO) event, featuring a match between Melissa Bastos and Brianna St Marie. The hosts expressed their excitement for this match and encouraged fans to tune in. They also mentioned that tickets for the event can be purchased on FloGrappling’s website.

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Couch was then praised for his readiness and willingness to accept late notice fights. The hosts acknowledged that he has fought in several WNO events, many of which were on short notice. Couch expressed his gratitude for the opportunities and explained that he always accepts these matches because he believes in taking advantage of every opportunity that comes his way. He also mentioned the financial benefits that come with accepting late matches, citing his own past experiences with his bank account.

Speaking of bank accounts, Couch shared some interesting anecdotes about his previous fight earnings. He revealed that when he received his first significant paycheck, his bank account was actually overdrawn by a small amount. He described the feeling of having so much money for the first time and joked about buying a Red Rider BB gun and thousands of BBs from Walmart. Couch’s down-to-earth attitude and humble beginnings resonated with the hosts and the audience.

The conversation then took an unexpected turn as the hosts discussed their shooting skills and plans to go shooting together. They invited Couch to join them at the range, where they often go with their friends. Couch, a skilled marksman himself, gladly accepted the invitation and expressed his enthusiasm for spending time with the hosts and their group. The hosts promised to show him a good time and put his shooting skills to the test.

As the podcast went on, the hosts opened the floor for questions from the chat. Viewers took this opportunity to ask Couch about a variety of topics, including weight gain, Cialis usage, and testosterone. Couch answered the questions candidly, sharing his personal experiences and insights. He stressed that Cialis has more benefits than just helping with erections and discussed its effects on his own performance and recovery.

Upcoming Match against Bruno Matias

The hosts then shifted their focus to Couch’s upcoming match against Bruno Matias. They acknowledged Matias as a tough competitor and praised Couch for his training progress over the years. Couch shared how his training had evolved and mentioned a positive experience he had with Eddie Cummings in the past. Despite not coming out on top in that encounter, Couch learned valuable lessons and grew as a competitor.

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The hosts also mentioned the new season of Daisy Fresh, a popular jiu jitsu documentary series that Couch is a part of. They revealed that the new season is expected to be even better than the previous ones and shared the release date, which is late January. Couch expressed his excitement for the upcoming season and teased the inclusion of new characters, including Michael Pixley.

The conversation then shifted to Couch’s Irish teammate, Rosa Walsh. The hosts praised her potential and recent achievements, including winning the ADCC Open. Couch spoke highly of Walsh’s skills and work ethic, mentioning that her success motivated him to work harder for the next ADCC. He also expressed confidence in his own ability to win the No-Gi Worlds competition.

Another exciting moment for Couch was when actor Tom Hardy visited his training camp in Kentucky and participated in a local tournament. Couch described Hardy as down-to-earth and said that he competed at a blue belt/purple belt level. The hosts and Couch expressed their excitement for the upcoming events and competitions, including those in which Couch will be participating.

Brianna St Marie vs Maisa Bastos

One of the main events of the upcoming WNO event is the match between Brianna St Marie and Maisa Bastos. The hosts discussed this matchup, highlighting the weight class of 135 pounds. They mentioned St Marie’s recent hot streak and her focus on no-gi grappling. The hosts also acknowledged Bastos’ reputation for having a strong guard and predicted that it would pose challenges for St Marie.

They mentioned that fan predictions were leaning towards St Marie, with 67% of fans voting for her to win. The hosts also shared the betting odds, with St Marie being favored at -220 and Bastos at +180. They mentioned a website,, where fans can place their bets on sports events, including this match.

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The Black Ops Division Is Back, ft. the Hillbilly Hammer | WNO Podcast (Ep. 192)

Other Matches

Aside from Couch’s match against Matias and St Marie’s match against Bastos, the hosts discussed other exciting matchups. They predicted that Couch would win his match against Matias by submission. They also discussed a match between Colabate and Damien Anderson, where Colabate was favored to win. Another match that caught their attention was Heisen Rita vs Luke Griffin, with the outcome being uncertain. They mentioned that Rita had a strong reputation at WNO, making it an exciting matchup to watch. The hosts also shared the fan predictions and betting odds for these matches, with some matchups having a clear favorite and others being more evenly matched.

Other Topics

As the podcast wrapped up, the hosts took the time to give shoutouts to members of the chat, including Sauerkraut and Renee Souza. They also had a brief discussion about Cialis and its effects beyond just helping with erections. They mentioned that it had other benefits, which Couch confirmed based on his own experiences.

The hosts also mentioned an anticipated match between Ethan Crelinsten and Fabricio Andre, which they described as a potential slobber knocker. They predicted a close match between Andy Varela and Joseph Chen, with Varela being favored. They concluded by announcing some preliminary matches, including Rosa Walsh vs Emily Fernandez and Maurice Ramirez vs Kevin Carrasco.

Overall, the WNO Podcast episode featuring the Black Ops Division and the Hillbilly Hammer provided an in-depth and entertaining look into the world of grappling. From discussing upcoming events and matches to sharing personal anecdotes, the hosts and Couch kept the audience engaged and eager for more.

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