The Best Submissions From West Coast Trials? | WNO Podcast (Ep. 178)

The Best Submissions From West Coast Trials? | WNO Podcast (Ep. 178)

In episode 178 of the WNO Podcast, the crew delves into the second North American qualifier in Las Vegas, Nevada. Produced by FloGrappling, the video offers analysis and breakdown of the best submissions from the West Coast trials. Viewers are encouraged to engage with the content by liking, commenting, and subscribing for more jiu-jitsu videos. The podcast covers various topics, including favorite moments from recent tournaments, moves of the week, and polls. Additionally, there is mention of a new cast member and viewer comments from the YouTube chat and Discord. The crew discusses an event recap of a recent grappling tournament, highlighting outstanding performers such as J-rod, who won all his matches by submission, Keith Gregorian, who received the Co-Og award, and impressive grapplers like Tacky and William Tackett. Notable athletes, including Brianna St. Marie, who won two trials, and J-rod, who displayed an impressive performance despite being new to jiu-jitsu, are also mentioned. The best matches of the tournament, including Damien vs. Tacky and PJ Bart vs. Andy Varela, are discussed, and the upcoming show “Who’s Next Submission Fighter Challenge” with Craig Jones and Tim Spriggs as hosts is mentioned.

Event Recap

The recent grappling tournament featured some outstanding performances and memorable moments. The Outstanding Grappler award was given to J-rod, who impressed everyone with his dominating performance throughout the event. Despite being relatively new to jiu-jitsu, J-rod showcased his grappling skills and won all of his matches by submission. Another deserving award recipient was Keith Gregorian, who was awarded the Co-Og (Counter-offensive Grappling) award for his exceptional display of technique and strategy.

Impressive Grapplers

Several grapplers stood out during the tournament. Tacky displayed incredible skill and technique, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. William Tackett also showcased his talent, proving why he is considered one of the top grapplers in the sport. Another standout athlete was Brianna St. Marie, also known as BSM, who impressed everyone with her tenacity and determination. Winning two trials, BSM proved that she is a force to be reckoned with in the grappling world.

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J-rod’s Performance

Despite being new to the world of jiu-jitsu, J-rod’s performance at the tournament was remarkable. He displayed exceptional technique, strength, and submission skills, dominating every opponent he faced. J-rod’s success highlights the importance of dedication and hard work in the sport of grappling. His performance serves as an inspiration to newcomers and demonstrates that with the right mindset, anyone can achieve success in jiu-jitsu.

The Best Submissions From West Coast Trials? | WNO Podcast (Ep. 178)

Best Matches

The tournament featured some thrilling matches that kept the audience on the edge of their seats. One of the standout matches was between Damien and Tacky. Both athletes displayed exceptional skills, with the match going back and forth until Damien emerged victorious. Another gripping match was between PJ Bart and Andy Varela, which showcased technical brilliance and fierce determination from both competitors. These matches exemplified the intensity and excitement that grappling competitions can offer.

Who’s Next Submission Fighter Challenge

Fans of grappling can look forward to the upcoming show, “Who’s Next Submission Fighter Challenge,” which will be hosted by Craig Jones and Tim Spriggs. This show promises to deliver thrilling matches and incredible displays of grappling skills. With two renowned and talented hosts leading the way, the event is sure to captivate and entertain grappling enthusiasts.

Discussion on Recent Events

The conversation during the podcast revolved around recent events and competitions in the grappling world. The hosts shared their favorite moments from recent tournaments, highlighting the impressive performances and memorable matches that took place. They also discussed moves of the week, showcasing some of the most impressive techniques and submissions from recent competitions. Additionally, the podcast included polls, engaging the viewers and allowing them to voice their opinions on different topics related to grappling.

New Member Joining the Cast

The podcast introduced a new cast member, Nick Sherry, also known as Nikki Jitz. As a new addition to the team, Nick shared his background in jiu-jitsu and expressed his excitement to be joining the podcast. The existing cast members welcomed Nick and discussed the upcoming challenges of trusting a new member. While the jury was still out on whether Nick could be trusted, the overall atmosphere was one of excitement and anticipation for what he would bring to the podcast.

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Comments from Viewers

The hosts of the podcast took the time to address comments and questions from viewers in the YouTube chat and Discord. They engaged with the audience, creating a sense of community and allowing viewers to feel heard and involved in the conversation. This interaction with the viewers added an interactive element to the podcast, making it more engaging and enjoyable for everyone involved.

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