Haisam Rida Recounts Violent Run-In With Car Burglar In ATX

Haisam Rida Recounts Violent Run-In With Car Burglar In ATX

In a compelling video by FloGrappling, Haisam Rida recounts a harrowing encounter with a car burglar in Austin, just weeks after moving to the city. Haisam details the events leading up to the confrontation, describing how he typically enters through the main entrance of his gym before heading to the back parking area. On that particular day, after teaching his class and grabbing breakfast, Haisam returned to his car only to realize that he had forgotten to lock it. It was his coworker, Gando, who noticed someone inside Haisam’s car, casually going through his belongings. Alerted by Gando, Haisam swiftly intervened and chased down the burglar, ultimately apprehending him and preventing the loss of valuable items such as his passport and Supreme funny pack.

Reflecting on the incident, Haisam expressed relief that he caught the burglar in time, especially considering the inconvenience and potential problems that could have arisen had certain items like his passport been stolen. As a result, Haisam now ensures he carries his funny pack with him at all times, emphasizing the importance of being more vigilant and cautious. Though unexpected in Austin, Haisam’s experience serves as a reminder to remain alert and take necessary precautions even in seemingly safe environments.

Haisam Rida Recounts Violent Run-In With Car Burglar In ATX

Haisam Rida’s Car Burglary Incident in Austin

Haisam Rida recently experienced a traumatic encounter with a car burglar in Austin, Texas. Having relocated to the city just weeks ago, Haisam found himself confronted with a situation he had never encountered before. In this article, we will dive into the details of the incident, Haisam’s actions, and the lessons he learned from the experience.

Relocating to Austin

After recently relocating to Austin, Haisam Rida was excited to settle into his new home. The move brought about a change in scenery and offered new opportunities for his jiu jitsu training. As he familiarized himself with the city, Haisam began to establish his routines and find his rhythm in his new location.

Setting Up in the New Location

As Haisam settled into Austin, he found a gym and established a daily routine that involved training and teaching classes. He developed a schedule that allowed him to maximize his time on the mat and continue growing as a martial artist. Additionally, he made efforts to become part of the local jiu jitsu community, building relationships and connections with fellow practitioners.

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Daily Routine and Training Schedule

Haisam’s day began early, with him teaching classes and training in the morning. In between sessions, he would take short breaks to grab breakfast and rest in his office. These breaks were essential for him to recharge and be ready for the next training session. Haisam was dedicated to his craft and always pushed himself to his limits, ensuring that he made the most of his time on the mat.

Discovering the Break-In

Returning to his car after a morning of training, Haisam noticed something amiss. As he approached his vehicle, he observed suspicious activity in the back. His colleague Gando, who usually worked at the gym’s counter, had alerted him to someone inside the car. Concerned and curious, Haisam immediately checked the surveillance cameras to understand the situation better.

Noticing Suspicious Activity

Haisam’s intuition proved correct as the surveillance footage revealed an unfamiliar individual comfortably gathering his belongings from the back of his car. It became apparent that this person was not authorized to be in Haisam’s vehicle. Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, Haisam realized he needed to confront the car burglar before he could make off with his possessions.

Alerting Gando

Seeking assistance, Haisam informed Gando about the situation. Together, they formulated a plan to address the burglar’s presence in Haisam’s car. Gando’s quick thinking and observant nature played a vital role in helping Haisam take appropriate action and ensure the safety of his belongings.

Checking the Surveillance Cameras

Before confronting the car burglar, Haisam took a moment to review the surveillance footage comprehensively. This step was crucial in gathering evidence and understanding the full extent of the incident. Armed with this information, Haisam felt confident and prepared to face the burglar head-on.

Confronting the Car Burglar

Reacting swiftly and decisively, Haisam approached the car burglar, determined to protect his belongings and address the trespasser’s actions. He confronted the individual, demanding an explanation for his presence and intent.

Demanding Explanations

With a calm but assertive demeanor, Haisam confronted the burglar and demanded an explanation for his unauthorized entry into his vehicle. The car burglar was taken aback by Haisam’s directness and found himself in a precarious position, having to justify his actions in the face of his wrongdoing.

Overpowering the Burglar

Not content with a mere confrontation, Haisam took immediate action to neutralize the threat posed by the car burglar. Drawing upon his jiu jitsu skills and extensive training, Haisam aimed to gain control and overpower the intruder.

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Taking Action

Unleashing his jiu jitsu prowess, Haisam swiftly executed a plan to subdue the burglar and regain control of the situation. He utilized his knowledge of self-defense techniques to apprehend the perpetrator effectively.

Physical Altercation

A physical altercation ensued as Haisam engaged in a struggle with the car burglar. Despite the risks involved, Haisam remained resolute in his determination to protect himself and reclaim his stolen belongings. His expertise in jiu jitsu provided him with the necessary tools to mitigate the danger and ensure his safety.

Using Jiu Jitsu Skills to Gain Control

Haisam’s jiu jitsu skills played a pivotal role in overpowering the car burglar. Through solid technique and effective execution, Haisam was able to subdue the assailant and bring the situation under control. His training not only served him well in this specific incident but also highlighted the practical applications of martial arts in real-life scenarios.

Securing the Burglar

Having successfully subdued the car burglar, Haisam focused on ensuring the protection of himself and others in the vicinity. He took immediate steps to secure the burglar and prevent any further harm or potential danger.

Restraining the Burglar

To ensure the burglar’s inability to escape or cause harm, Haisam employed restraint techniques. By effectively immobilizing the intruder, he safeguarded the surrounding individuals and awaited the arrival of law enforcement to handle the situation further.

Contacting Law Enforcement

Recognizing the importance of involving the authorities, Haisam promptly contacted law enforcement to report the incident. By providing crucial information and cooperating fully, he contributed to the successful apprehension of the car burglar and the subsequent legal proceedings.

Assisting in the Apprehension

Throughout the arrival and interaction with law enforcement, Haisam remained actively involved in assisting the authorities in any way he could. His willingness to cooperate and provide additional insights helped strengthen the case against the burglar and demonstrated his commitment to ensuring justice was served.

Avoiding Potential Danger

As Haisam reflect on the incident, he recognizes the importance of prioritizing personal safety and taking precautions to avoid potential danger. His quick thinking and awareness throughout the situation played a significant role in mitigating risks and resolving the incident safely.

Assessing the Burglar’s Intentions

In the heat of the moment, Haisam had to assess the burglar’s intentions to determine the appropriate course of action. By gauging the individual’s behavior and potential threat level, Haisam was able to employ strategies that minimized harm and maximized personal safety.

Prioritizing Personal Safety

Throughout the encounter, Haisam made conscious choices to prioritize his personal safety. He remained aware of his surroundings, assessed potential risks, and acted accordingly to protect himself and those around him.

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Maintaining Control of the Situation

Maintaining control of the situation was paramount for Haisam. By utilizing his jiu jitsu skills and remaining level-headed, he ensured that he held the upper hand and had the ability to dictate the course of events. This control, paired with his commitment to personal safety, ultimately led to a successful resolution of the incident.

The Importance of Recovering Personal Belongings

Haisam’s confrontation with the car burglar highlighted the significance of recovering stolen belongings promptly. In this section, we explore the reasons why retrieving personal items is essential and the potential consequences of failing to do so.

Recognizing the Value of Stolen Items

While some may perceive stolen items as mere possessions, Haisam understood their true value. Whether it was sentimental value or the practical need for essential documents like his passport, losing these belongings could have had significant consequences for him both personally and professionally.

Protecting Essential Documents

The loss of crucial documents like a passport can be a source of immense stress and inconvenience. Haisam’s commitment to recovering his stolen passport demonstrated an understanding of the potential obstacles and complications he could encounter if it remained in the hands of the car burglar.

Avoiding Inconvenience and Hassle

Recovering stolen belongings is not just a matter of material possessions but also a means of avoiding unnecessary inconvenience and hassle. The process of replacing lost items or dealing with the aftermath of theft can be time-consuming, emotionally draining, and financially burdensome. By acting quickly and decisively, Haisam was able to minimize these potential difficulties.

Lessons Learned from the Incident

As with any challenging situation, Haisam’s encounter with the car burglar provided valuable lessons and insights that he could carry forward. In this section, we explore the key takeaways and the mindset shift that the incident brought about for him.

Understanding the Importance of Security Measures

The incident emphasized the vital role that security measures play in safeguarding one’s belongings. Haisam realized that even in seemingly safe environments, it is essential to remain vigilant and take precautions to prevent future incidents. This newfound understanding instilled a stronger commitment to personal security and the implementation of robust protective measures.

Being Mindful of Surroundings

Haisam’s experience reinforced the significance of being mindful of one’s surroundings. By paying close attention to his environment, he was able to detect suspicious activity and respond accordingly. This heightened awareness proved instrumental in preventing further harm and ensuring a positive outcome.

Double-Checking Car Locks

The incident served as a reminder of the importance of double-checking car locks. Haisam acknowledged that small oversights, such as forgetting to lock the car door, can have significant consequences. By incorporating a simple habit of thoroughly checking his car’s security, Haisam could minimize the risk of future break-ins.


Haisam Rida’s car burglary incident in Austin was undoubtedly a harrowing experience. However, his quick thinking, jiu jitsu skills, and commitment to personal security allowed him to confront the car burglar and secure his possessions effectively. Through the incident, Haisam gained valuable insights, became more mindful of his surroundings, and learned the importance of promptly recovering stolen belongings.

Moving forward, Haisam Rida is dedicated to maintaining his commitment to personal security and implementing increased awareness and precautions. His experience serves as a reminder to us all that vigilance, quick thinking, and the willingness to protect oneself and others are crucial in maintaining personal safety.

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