‘I Put On A Show For The Fans’ Haisam Rida Talks Upcoming WNO Match

‘I Put On A Show For The Fans’ Haisam Rida Talks Upcoming WNO Match

Haisam Rida, a jiu jitsu athlete, opens up about his highly anticipated match on Who’s Number One. In an interview with FloGrappling, Rida shares his excitement and confidence leading up to the November 11th bout against Luke Griffith. Training at B Team, Rida expresses his satisfaction with the caliber of athletes he has been training with, including Nick Rodriguez and Craig Jones, and believes that the tough rounds will prepare him for the upcoming match. Aware of Luke Griffith’s skills, Rida acknowledges that he has been looking forward to this match, as he knows it was only a matter of time before they faced off. Rida is focused on putting on a show for the fans and aims to come out with a victory. He expresses gratitude for the support he has received and looks forward to continuing his journey in jiu jitsu.

I Put On A Show For The Fans: Haisam Rida Talks Upcoming WNO Match


Haisam Rida, a talented jiu jitsu fighter, is gearing up for his upcoming match on Who’s Number One (WNO). In a recent interview with FloGrappling, he shared his thoughts on his training, preparation, and expectations for the match. Haisam is known for his incredible performances and his commitment to entertaining the fans. As he prepares to face Luke Griffith, he is determined to put on a show and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Training at B Team

Haisam is currently training at B Team, a renowned jiu jitsu school, in preparation for his match. He speaks highly of the school, claiming it to be one of the best in the world. The school boasts some of the top fighters in the industry, and Haisam believes that training alongside them will help elevate his skills. He acknowledges that, at this stage in his career, he knows what he needs to work on, and B Team provides him with the perfect environment for growth and improvement.

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I Put On A Show For The Fans Haisam Rida Talks Upcoming WNO Match

Preparing with Tough Rounds

One of the keys to Haisam’s preparation is engaging in tough rounds of sparring. He emphasizes the importance of pushing his limits and being tested by his training partners. These challenging rounds will help him become extra prepared for his upcoming match. Haisam believes that if he can handle the tough rounds at B Team, he can handle anything that comes his way during the actual competition. The intensity of these training sessions fuels his excitement for the match against Luke Griffith.

Facing Luke Griffith

Luke Griffith may not be a well-known name in the jiu jitsu community, but he is starting to gain recognition for his skills. Haisam acknowledges Luke’s achievements, including his win over Joe Derek Eisen and his status as a champion in Japan. Haisam had his eye on Luke since they both fought on the same card earlier in the year. He recognized Luke’s talent back then and knew it was only a matter of time before they would face each other. Haisam eagerly awaits the opportunity to compete against Luke and is confident in his own abilities to come out on top.

Visualizing the Match

As part of his preparation, Haisam visualizes the match against Luke. He focuses on his game plan and strategy, knowing that he needs to capitalize on any opening he gets. Haisam is familiar with Luke’s style and has studied his previous matches to understand his tendencies and entries. He prepares for various scenarios, ensuring that he is ready for anything that Luke brings to the table. Haisam’s goal is to control the fight and eventually secure a submission, just as he has done in the past.

Expectations from Haisam

Haisam always brings the heat and intensity to his matches, and this upcoming one is no different. He plans to set a high pace and apply relentless pressure on Luke throughout the fight. Haisam embraces a “kill or be killed” mentality, understanding that he must leave it all on the line. He aims to imprint a memorable performance in the minds of the fans, leaving them eager for his return. Haisam thrives on entertaining the audience and is determined to win while doing so.

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Shoutout to the Fans

Haisam takes a moment to show appreciation for his fans, both domestically and internationally. He acknowledges the incredible support he has received, especially since his participation in ADCC. From Ghana to Japan and all around the world, Haisam is grateful for the overwhelming support he has received. He assures everyone that this is just the beginning of his journey and promises to keep climbing and delivering exciting performances. Haisam credits the support of his fans, as well as the B Team and his training partners, for his success so far.


As Haisam Rida prepares for his upcoming WNO match against Luke Griffith, he is filled with determination and excitement. He looks forward to putting on a show for the fans and showcasing his skills on the main stage. With his training at B Team, intense preparation, and visualized game plan, Haisam is confident in his ability to secure a victory. He expresses his gratitude to the fans and promises to continue working hard and delivering memorable performances in the future. The jiu jitsu community eagerly awaits the showdown between Haisam Rida and Luke Griffith, and Haisam is ready to give them the exciting match they deserve.

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