Nicholas Meregali: ‘I Have The Highest Technical Level Ever, Other Champions Can’t Keep Up’

Nicholas Meregali: ‘I Have The Highest Technical Level Ever, Other Champions Can’t Keep Up’

In a recent video by FloGrappling, Nicholas Meregali reflects on his recent victory at WNO and discusses his $20,000 bet with the upcoming open class champion. Meregali expresses the importance of valuing technical skills in grappling, emphasizing that he has the highest technical level ever and aims to be the greatest in the sport. He also shares his thoughts on potential contenders for the open class title and reveals his prediction of finishing the match with a triangle submission. Negotiations with different organizations are ongoing for future competitions, and Meregali expresses frustration with the lack of focus on technical skills in the Jiu Jitsu community.

Following his main-event win at WNO, Nicholas Meregali spills the details on his match, his bet, and his plans for gi BJJ. He highlights the significance of technical skills and criticizes the lack of emphasis on them in the grappling world. Meregali also discusses potential contenders for the open class title and reveals his prediction for a triangle submission finish. Negotiations are underway with various organizations for future competitions, as Meregali aims to bring attention to professional events and promote growth in the Jiu Jitsu community.

Nicholas Meregali: ‘I Have The Highest Technical Level Ever, Other Champions Can’t Keep Up’

Nicholas Meregali recently secured a victory at WNO (Who’s Number One), solidifying his dominance in the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). In a recent interview, he revealed his confidence in his technical skills and discussed various aspects of his career and aspirations.

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Recent Victory at WNO and a $20,000 Bet

Meregali’s recent victory at WNO showcased his exceptional skills on the mat. In the main event, he faced off against Pedro Mourinho and emerged victorious. Reflecting on the match, Meregali mentioned that he had a different game plan in mind. However, Mourinho’s quick move to take his back changed the dynamics of the match. Determined not to return to playing guard, Meregali adapted his strategy and displayed his superior grappling skills to secure the win.

Following his impressive performance, Meregali made a bold challenge. He bet $20,000 on becoming the next open class champion in an upcoming tournament. He believes that the current open class champion, who did not compete in the tournament, should face him to truly claim the title of the best in the world. Meregali’s aim is not only to win titles but also to elevate the sport by participating in professional events and promoting fair competition.

Quest to Build Gi BJJ

Meregali is also focused on building the discipline of gi BJJ. He emphasized the importance of supporting the community and creating opportunities for athletes to compete in professional events while challenging the status quo of tournament structures controlled by business interests. He aspires to promote gi BJJ as a comprehensive sport that values technical skills and fosters growth and development.

Plans for the Future

Looking ahead to the future, Meregali is in negotiations with various organizations for future competitions. He aims to balance his competitive schedule by competing actively until September and then taking a break to focus on refining his skills and coaching. During this off-season, he intends to immerse himself in training, teaching, and further developing his technique. By dedicating time to these aspects, Meregali believes he can continue to elevate his game and contribute to the advancement of BJJ.

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Nicholas Meregali: I Have The Highest Technical Level Ever, Other Champions Cant Keep Up

Valuing Technical Skills over Results and Titles

One of the key points Meregali emphasizes is the importance of valuing technical skills over results and titles. He critiques the Jiu Jitsu community for placing too much emphasis on winning titles without considering the technical prowess of the athletes. Meregali asserts that technical skill should be the benchmark for evaluating the greatness of a fighter, rather than the number of championships they have won. He believes that champions often rely on specific strategies and even performance-enhancing substances, rather than a masterful command of the various aspects of the game.

Thoughts on Potential Contenders for the Open Class Title

When discussing potential contenders for the open class championship, Meregali appears unimpressed by the current field. He mentions names like Kaynan Duarte, Eddie Bravo, Victor Hugo, and Gutenberg Pereira as possible contenders but expresses his lack of interest in actively following their matches. He attributes this disinterest to what he perceives as their dull and predictable styles. However, he acknowledges their skill and acknowledges that they could potentially pose a challenge in the open class.

Prediction of Finishing the Match with a Triangle Submission

During the interview, Meregali revealed that he had predicted his match-ending submission moments before the fight. He confidently stated that he would finish the match with a triangle submission, showcasing his unwavering belief in his technical abilities. This prediction serves as a testament to his confidence in his own skills and demonstrates his ability to execute his game plan effectively.

Negotiations with Different Organizations for Future Competitions

Meregali is currently involved in negotiations with several organizations for future competitions. While he faces challenges in securing favorable terms, he remains committed to promoting fair competition and bringing attention to professional events. His goal is to ensure that both athletes and the community benefit from these endeavors.

Frustration with the Lack of Focus on Technical Skills in the Jiu Jitsu Community

Meregali expressed frustration with the lack of emphasis on technical skill within the Jiu Jitsu community. He highlights the need to shift the focus from titles and championships to the mastery of different aspects of the sport. Meregali believes that a true champion should possess a deep understanding of all positions and demonstrate technical excellence throughout the match.

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Striving to Be the Greatest in the Sport

Throughout the interview, Meregali solidifies his status as one of the best in the world. He asserts that he possesses the highest technical level in the history of the sport. Meregali’s focus on mastering multiple aspects of the game sets him apart from other champions. He believes that his game is well-rounded and has no weaknesses, making him a formidable opponent in any situation. While he acknowledges that not everyone may agree with his claim to greatness, Meregali remains steadfast in his pursuit of excellence and the advancement of BJJ.

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