Emily Fernandez vs Rosa Walsh Tezos WNO: Ste-Marie vs Bastos by Fat Tire

Emily Fernandez vs Rosa Walsh Tezos WNO: Ste-Marie vs Bastos by Fat Tire

In this article, the focus is on the match between Emily Fernandez and Rosa Walsh Tezos in a WNO event. Fernandez represents Bastos BJJ while Walsh represents another team. The match starts with Walsh’s strong takedown, but Fernandez quickly shows her aggressive attacks from the closed guard. Fernandez attempts kimura and triangle submissions, impressing the judges with her attacks from this position. Referee Dave Martinez keeps the action going, and Fernandez continues to dominate from the closed guard. Walsh focuses on defense, attempting to escape and change the momentum of the match, but Fernandez maintains control. As fatigue sets in, Fernandez continues to attack, ultimately sweeping and mounting Walsh. She goes for a head and arm triangle, transitions to the back, and applies a rear-naked choke. Despite Walsh’s resilience, Fernandez secures a dominant win and expresses interest in facing a ranked opponent in the future. She is praised for her performance as a new black belt.

Emily Fernandez represents Bastos BJJ, Rosa Walsh representing another team

In this highly anticipated match, Emily Fernandez steps onto the mat representing Bastos BJJ, while Rosa Walsh represents another team. Both athletes are known for their skill and dedication in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, making this an exciting matchup for fans and spectators alike. As the match begins, the stage is set for an epic showdown between two accomplished competitors.

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Match Starts Strong with a Takedown from Rosa Walsh

Right from the start, Rosa Walsh makes her presence known with a powerful takedown. With a swift arm drag to an inside leg trip, Rosa takes Emily down and gains an early advantage. This aggressive approach sets the tone for the match, and it becomes clear that Rosa is determined to make her mark in this bout.

Emily Fernandez’s Aggressive Attacks from Closed Guard

Undeterred by Rosa’s takedown, Emily Fernandez immediately showcases her aggressive style of BJJ from the closed guard position. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Emily begins to launch a series of attacks in an attempt to break down Rosa’s defenses. Her technique is precise and calculated, leaving Rosa with little room to escape.

Emily Attempts Kimura and Triangle Submissions

Emily’s relentless attacks from the closed guard position include various submission attempts, such as the kimura and triangle chokes. With her extensive skill set, Emily puts Rosa in dangerous positions and forces her to defend against these submission attempts. Each attack is executed with precision and demonstrates Emily’s technical prowess.

Judge’s Favor towards Emily Fernandez’s Attacks from Closed Guard

As the match unfolds, it becomes evident that Emily Fernandez’s attacks from the closed guard are gaining favor with the judges. Her consistent aggression and mastery of the position impresses the judges, who recognize the level of control and dominance Emily has established. This recognition further fuels Emily’s drive to secure a victory.

Referee Dave Martinez Keeps the Action Going

Throughout the match, referee Dave Martinez closely monitors the action and ensures that the pace remains thrilling. His presence on the mat allows the athletes to showcase their skills without interruption, creating a high-energy environment for both competitors and spectators. Dave’s expertise as a referee adds to the overall excitement of the match.

Emily Fernandez’s Dominance from Closed Guard Position

Emily Fernandez continues to exert her dominance from the closed guard position. Her ability to maintain control and launch relentless attacks showcases her mastery of this position. Rosa Walsh finds herself constantly defending against Emily’s onslaught, struggling to find an opening to escape.

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Rosa Walsh’s Focus on Defense

Though faced with a barrage of attacks, Rosa Walsh remains focused on her defensive strategy. She utilizes her technical knowledge and experience to defend against Emily’s submissions, refusing to succumb to the pressure. Rosa’s resilience adds another layer of excitement to the match as she battles to change the momentum in her favor.

Emily Fernandez vs Rosa Walsh Tezos WNO: Ste-Marie vs Bastos by Fat Tire

Emily’s Arm Lock Submission Attempt

As the match progresses, Emily Fernandez seizes an opportunity to secure a victory with an arm lock submission attempt. Her technique is flawless, and for a moment, it seems like Rosa is on the brink of defeat. However, Rosa’s tenacity and defensive skills allow her to thwart Emily’s relentless submission attempt.

Rosa Walsh’s Escape Attempt to Change Momentum

With the threat of defeat looming, Rosa Walsh launches an escape attempt to shift the momentum of the match. She understands the importance of breaking free from Emily’s dominance and works tirelessly to create openings for herself. Rosa’s determination and perseverance make for an exciting and unpredictable matchup.

Emily’s Impressive Closed Guard Skills

Throughout the match, Emily Fernandez’s closed guard skills are nothing short of impressive. Her ability to control her opponents and launch consecutive attacks speaks to her technical prowess and understanding of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Emily’s closed guard serves as a formidable weapon, allowing her to dictate the pace and flow of the match.

Beautiful Offensive Closed Guard Displayed in the Match

The match between Emily Fernandez and Rosa Walsh is a testament to the beauty of offensive closed guard techniques. Emily’s relentless attacks and Rosa’s defensive maneuvers create a captivating display of skill and strategy. Both athletes showcase their understanding of this position, leaving spectators in awe of their abilities.

Emily Fernandez’s Total Domination against Rosa Walsh

As the match reaches its climax, Emily Fernandez achieves total domination over Rosa Walsh. Her relentless onslaught has worn down Rosa, leaving her struggling to mount any meaningful offense. Emily’s control from the closed guard position is unwavering, and it becomes clear that she is on the path to victory.

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Repeated Kimura Submission Attempts by Fernandez Frustrates Walsh

One of Emily Fernandez’s go-to submission attempts throughout the match is the kimura. With repeated attempts, she frustrates Rosa Walsh and tests her defensive skills to the limit. Rosa must draw upon all her training and experience to escape these dangerous situations and regain control of the match.

Fernandez Maintains Control with Body Triangle and Overhooks the Arm

To maintain her dominance from the closed guard position, Emily Fernandez employs a body triangle and overhooks Rosa’s arm. These techniques further limit Rosa’s options and leave her vulnerable to Emily’s attacks. Fernandez’s ability to control the match in this manner showcases her mastery of the sport.

Fatigue Sets in, Fernandez Continues to Attack and Achieves Sweep and Mount

As fatigue sets in for both athletes, Emily Fernandez refuses to let up on her attacks. Despite the grueling nature of the match, Fernandez finds the energy to execute a seamless sweep, transitioning into a dominant mount position. Her relentless pursuit of victory is admirable and serves as a testament to her commitment and conditioning.

Head and Arm Triangle, Transition to the Back, and Rear-Naked Choke by Fernandez

In a display of technical brilliance, Emily Fernandez secures a head and arm triangle from the mount position. She smoothly transitions to Rosa’s back, ultimately sinking in a tight rear-naked choke. This sequence of submissions showcases Fernandez’s versatility and ability to seamlessly flow from one position to another.

Fernandez Secures a Dominant Win Despite Walsh’s Resilience

Despite Rosa Walsh’s resilience and defensive skills, Emily Fernandez secures a dominant win in this matchup. Her relentless attacks and technical prowess prove too much for Rosa to overcome. Fernandez’s victory highlights her status as a formidable competitor in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Fernandez Expresses Interest in Facing a Ranked Opponent in the Future

In a post-match interview, Emily Fernandez expresses her interest in facing a ranked opponent in the future. Her impressive performance against Rosa Walsh has undoubtedly put her on the radar of top competitors. Fernandez’s determination to challenge herself further demonstrates her commitment to constant growth and improvement.

Praise for Fernandez’s Performance as a New Black Belt

As a new black belt, Emily Fernandez receives well-deserved praise for her performance in this match. Her technical skill, tenacity, and dominance from the closed guard position showcase the potential she possesses as a rising star in the BJJ community. Fernandez’s future in the sport looks promising, and her performance in this match solidifies her status as an athlete to watch.

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