Gordon Vs. Felipe: “How Will The New Weapons Interact?”

Gordon Vs. Felipe: “How Will The New Weapons Interact?”

In the world of jiu jitsu, there is a riveting rivalry between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena. These two formidable fighters have faced each other in the past, but now, the question arises: How will their new weapons interact? In a video by FloGrappling, John Danaher sheds light on the history between Gordon and Felipe, recounting their intense matches. From their 2016 matchup to their recent developments, both athletes have evolved and grown. As they prepare to meet once again, the anticipation grows for a hard-fought battle, with the uncertainty of how their new techniques and strategies will come into play. It’s a clash between two fighters who have changed and improved, with the outcome hanging in the balance.

Gordon Vs. Felipe: How Will The New Weapons Interact?


Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena have a history that dates back to their first matchup in 2016. Gordon, weighing around 185 pounds at the time, called out Felipe, who was a world champion. While the exact details are not completely clear, it seems that Gordon wanted a no time limit match, but Felipe agreed to a one-hour match instead.

The match lasted about 45 minutes, and Gordon initially performed well. However, he was physically overpowered by Felipe, who was bigger and stronger. Despite Gordon’s numerous heel hook entries, his control began to weaken as he fatigued, allowing Felipe to recognize an opportunity to escape and eventually submit him. This match showcased Felipe’s resilience and intelligence, as he remained calm even after being swept and mounted by Gordon. Gordon himself admitted that Felipe felt significantly stronger than him during the match.

Following this defeat, Gordon focused on improving his physicality. The next time they fought, in ADCC, Gordon felt that their physical strength had become more equalized, despite Felipe being in a higher weight division. Although Gordon started strong, maintaining top position for most of the match, he made a tactical mistake similar to the previous encounter, allowing Felipe to take his back once again. This time, Gordon was furious with the result but expressed that he felt no danger throughout the match. Both fighters walked away from the mat with a newfound respect for each other, acknowledging their growth and expecting to meet again in the future.

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One noticeable aspect in their previous matchups was Gordon’s size disadvantage compared to Felipe. Gordon, recognizing this, has since put a strong emphasis on improving his physicality. He understood the importance of equalizing physical strength to compete on a more even playing field. By dedicating time and effort to enhance his own physical abilities, Gordon aimed to bridge the gap and eliminate the disadvantage he faced in terms of size and strength.

Meanwhile, Felipe has always had a strength advantage, which was evident in their previous matches. However, it’s worth noting that although Felipe was more physically dominant, Gordon still managed to showcase his technical skills. With both fighters prioritizing their physical development, it will be interesting to see how their physical attributes and strategies interact in their upcoming match.

Tactical Mistakes

Interestingly, both matches between Gordon and Felipe featured a similar tactical mistake committed by Gordon. In both instances, Gordon found himself caught in a vulnerable position after attempting an “across Hashigarami” technique. This recurring pattern shows that Felipe was able to exploit this weakness and capitalize on it. It also highlights Gordon’s frustration and his desire for redemption, as he continually fell prey to this particular tactical error.

In response to these defeats, Gordon has been working hard to rectify his previous mistakes. He understands the importance of learning from past failures and is determined not to let history repeat itself. The impact of these tactical mistakes had a significant effect on both fighters’ perception of each other. Felipe began to view Gordon as a serious opponent rather than just a loudmouth American upstart, while Gordon recognized Felipe’s intellect and adaptability as a fighter.

Changes and Progress

Both Gordon and Felipe have undergone significant development and evolution over the past four years. As active competitors, they have constantly worked on refining their techniques and expanding their skill sets.

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Felipe, known for his technical prowess, has likely made substantial progress in his game. Being an intelligent and hard-working athlete, he would undoubtedly have explored new techniques and developed new weapons to add to his arsenal. His growth over the years is a testament to his dedication and commitment to improving as a fighter.

Likewise, Gordon has also evolved as a fighter since their last encounter. He has developed new strategies and incorporated new weapons into his repertoire. His training under the guidance of renowned coach John Danaher has allowed him to expand his knowledge and refine his approach to the sport. Both fighters have a wealth of knowledge about each other from their past fights, which adds an interesting dynamic to their upcoming rematch.

Unknown Factors

One factor that adds intrigue to the upcoming fight is the long time that has passed since their last encounter. With four years of growth and development, both fighters have likely acquired new skills and techniques. Felipe has showcased new weapons in his recent nogi matches, while Gordon has also demonstrated the use of new techniques. The question remains as to how these new weapons and techniques will interact with each other during their rematch.

The uncertainty surrounding the interaction of these unknown factors adds excitement to the fight. While their previous matchups provided some insight into how their old weapons interacted, the upcoming match will be a test and exploration of how their new weapons will fare against each other. It’s impossible to predict the exact outcome, especially with these variables at play.


Speculating on the outcome of their rematch is a challenge due to the multitude of unknown factors and new weapons both Gordon and Felipe bring to the table. The interaction between these new weapons will be crucial in determining the outcome. Their growth and progress over the years, coupled with their familiarity from previous fights, make this rematch even more intriguing.

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The anticipation for the fight is palpable, as both fighters have honed their skills and developed new strategies. Their past encounters show that they possess the resilience and determination to overcome challenges, making this rematch a highly anticipated event. With the addition of unknown factors and the excitement surrounding the interaction of new weapons, fans and spectators can look forward to a thrilling and unpredictable bout between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena.

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