B-Team’s Ethan Crelinsten Breaks Out Funky Style In Training Round

B-Team’s Ethan Crelinsten Breaks Out Funky Style In Training Round

In the latest training round at B-Team, Ethan Crelinsten of the B-Team showcased his funky and unconventional style. Experimenting with unusual movements and positions, Crelinsten is determined to put on a show in preparation for his Tezos WNO title bout against Dante Leon on August 10. This video, brought to you by FloGrappling, captures Crelinsten’s unique training techniques and offers a glimpse into his dynamic approach to jiu jitsu. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to FloGrappling for access to all the latest jiu jitsu videos!

Ethan Crelinsten’s training round at B-Team is a testament to his dedication and willingness to explore new horizons in the world of jiu jitsu. With the title bout against Dante Leon just around the corner, Crelinsten’s funky style is sure to captivate audiences and keep them on the edge of their seats. Follow FloGrappling on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated with the latest jiu jitsu content and witness the incredible skills of athletes like Crelinsten.

B-Team’s Ethan Crelinsten Breaks Out Funky Style In Training Round

B-Teams Ethan Crelinsten Breaks Out Funky Style In Training Round


In the world of jiu-jitsu, athletes constantly strive to find new and innovative techniques to gain an edge over their opponents. One such athlete is Ethan Crelinsten, a talented practitioner who has recently gained attention for his unconventional style of grappling. In a recent training round at B-Team, Crelinsten showcased his funky style, experimenting with unusual movements and positions. This article will delve into Crelinsten’s background, his training regimen at B-Team, and the strategies he plans to employ in his upcoming Tezos WNO title bout against Dante Leon on August 10th.

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1. Background

Ethan Crelinsten’s involvement with B-Team

Crelinsten’s association with B-Team has played a crucial role in his development as a jiu-jitsu athlete. B-Team, known for its high-level training and supportive environment, has provided Crelinsten with the resources and guidance necessary to cultivate his unique style. The coaches and training partners at B-Team have encouraged him to experiment and push the boundaries of traditional jiu-jitsu techniques.

Tezos WNO title bout against Dante Leon on August 10

Crelinsten’s upcoming title bout against Dante Leon is highly anticipated in the jiu-jitsu community. Both athletes have established themselves as formidable competitors, each bringing their own distinctive style to the mat. Crelinsten’s funky style and Leon’s technical prowess promise an enthralling matchup that fans are eagerly awaiting.

2. Unusual movements and positions

Crelinsten’s experimentation with unconventional techniques

Crelinsten’s funky style is characterized by his willingness to explore unorthodox movements and positions. In the training round at B-Team, he showcased a series of unique techniques, such as the inverted guard, berimbolo, and flying submissions. These maneuvers caught his opponents off-guard and demonstrated Crelinsten’s ability to adapt and innovate in real-time.

Benefits and challenges of using funky style in jiu-jitsu

The funky style employed by Crelinsten provides several advantages on the mat. It allows him to create unpredictable situations, confuse his opponents, and capitalize on their mistakes. Additionally, the unconventional movements often catch opponents off balance, providing opportunities for quick submissions. However, this style also carries inherent risks, as it requires a high level of technical skill and timing. Mistakes in execution can leave Crelinsten vulnerable to counterattacks.

3. Training at B-Team

Overview of B-Team as a training facility

B-Team has gained a reputation as one of the premier training facilities for jiu-jitsu in the country. It boasts a roster of highly skilled coaches and training partners who are dedicated to helping athletes reach their full potential. The facility offers state-of-the-art equipment, spacious mat areas, and a supportive atmosphere that fosters growth and development.

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Crelinsten’s training regimen leading up to the title bout

In preparation for his title bout against Dante Leon, Crelinsten has intensified his training regimen at B-Team. He has increased the frequency and intensity of his sparring sessions, focusing specifically on implementing his funky style against a variety of opponents. Crelinsten has also dedicated time to refining his technique and studying the tendencies of his upcoming opponent.

4. Video by FloGrappling

Importance of video footage in showcasing Crelinsten’s training

The video footage captured by FloGrappling during Crelinsten’s training round at B-Team has allowed fans and spectators to witness his funky style firsthand. The visual medium provides a unique opportunity to study and analyze Crelinsten’s movements, positioning, and overall strategy. The video serves as a valuable resource for his coaches, training partners, and fans alike.

FloGrappling’s role in promoting jiu-jitsu videos

FloGrappling has become a pivotal platform for the promotion and dissemination of jiu-jitsu videos. Through their extensive network and social media presence, they have successfully brought attention to the sport and its athletes. Crelinsten’s video, released by FloGrappling, has garnered significant interest and generated excitement for his upcoming title bout.

5. Social media engagement

Encouraging audience interaction through likes and comments

Social media engagement plays a crucial role in building a fan base and generating support for athletes like Crelinsten. By encouraging viewers to like and comment on his video, Crelinsten can foster a sense of community and establish a personal connection with his audience. This level of engagement enhances the overall viewing experience and builds anticipation for future matches.

Benefits of subscribing to access the latest jiu-jitsu videos

Subscribing to platforms like FloGrappling ensures that fans have access to the latest jiu-jitsu videos, including Crelinsten’s upcoming matches. By subscribing, fans can stay up to date with his training progress, technique demonstrations, and competition highlights. This direct line of communication between athletes and fans is invaluable in cultivating a dedicated and supportive following.

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6. Breakdown of the round

Analyzing specific moments showcasing Crelinsten’s funky style

In the training round captured by FloGrappling, there were several key moments that exemplified Crelinsten’s funky style. His use of unorthodox sweeps, submissions, and transitions showcased his versatility and creativity on the mat. By breaking down these specific moments, coaches, training partners, and fans can gain a deeper understanding of the techniques and strategies Crelinsten employs.

Key takeaways from his performance

Crelinsten’s performance in the training round highlighted the effectiveness of his funky style. His ability to fluidly transition from one position to another, combined with his unpredictable attacks, solidified his reputation as a formidable opponent. Coaches and training partners can draw valuable insights from his performance and incorporate elements of his style into their own training.

Reactions from coaches and training partners

The reactions from Crelinsten’s coaches and training partners provide valuable feedback on his performance. Their expert analysis and guidance help him further refine his technique and strategy. By incorporating their insights, Crelinsten can continue to evolve his funky style and maximize his chances of success in future competitions.

7. Preparing for the title bout

Strategies and game plan for the Tezos WNO title bout

Crelinsten and his coaching team have meticulously crafted a game plan for his title bout against Dante Leon. The strategy revolves around leveraging his funky style to disrupt Leon’s rhythm and capitalize on openings. Crelinsten plans to maintain a relentless pace, utilizing his unorthodox movements to keep Leon guessing and off balance.

Incorporating funky style into Crelinsten’s overall approach

The funky style showcased by Crelinsten in his training rounds will play a significant role in his overall approach to the title bout. By incorporating his unique techniques and movements into his existing skill set, Crelinsten aims to create a highly dynamic and unpredictable style that will pose challenges for Leon to overcome.

8. Comparing Crelinsten and Dante Leon

Contrasting styles and techniques of Crelinsten and Leon

Crelinsten and Dante Leon possess contrasting styles and techniques, making their upcoming matchup even more intriguing. Crelinsten’s funky style relies on unorthodox movements and positions, often catching opponents off guard. In contrast, Leon is known for his technical precision and strategic approach. The clash of these distinctive styles promises an electrifying battle on the mat.

How Crelinsten’s funky style may pose challenges for Leon

Crelinsten’s funky style may prove to be a significant challenge for Leon. By implementing unpredictable movements and positions, Crelinsten can disrupt Leon’s game plan, forcing him to adapt on the fly. Furthermore, the unusual techniques employed by Crelinsten can create openings for quick submissions and capitalize on Leon’s potential mistakes.


Ethan Crelinsten’s breakout training round at B-Team showcased his funky style and innovative approach to jiu-jitsu. His willingness to experiment with unconventional techniques and movements has garnered attention and admiration from the jiu-jitsu community. With his upcoming Tezos WNO title bout against Dante Leon, the stage is set for a clash of styles and a thrilling display of athleticism and strategy. As Crelinsten continues to evolve and refine his funky style, his impact on the world of jiu-jitsu is sure to be felt for years to come.

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