‘It’s Like He’s Assembled The Avengers & I’m Thanos’ – Gordon Discusses Felipe’s Training Camp

‘It’s Like He’s Assembled The Avengers & I’m Thanos’ – Gordon Discusses Felipe’s Training Camp

In an insightful video by FloGrappling, Gordon Ryan discusses Felipe Pena’s training camp with Andre Galvao and the squad at Atos ahead of their bout at WNO. Despite the previously intense rivalry between Andre and Felipe, they have now joined forces, which Gordon compares to “assembling the Avengers” against him, with himself playing the role of Thanos. Reflecting on the history of competing against multiple teams at once, Gordon shares his thoughts on Felipe’s decision to train with Atos, stating that it won’t change the outcome, and believes that Felipe uprooting his life and leaving his students behind will ultimately lead to his own defeat.

As Gordon analyzes the situation, he recognizes the strategic move Felipe has made in recruiting top-level Brazilians and highlights the potential benefit if Felipe had chosen to train with the B Team, who have a deeper understanding of Gordon’s game. Nonetheless, Gordon remains unfazed and sees the collaboration among those who have had exchanges and good relationships with him as a comical and motivating challenge. With his strong determination and the unwavering memory of past encounters, Gordon anticipates an interesting year ahead filled with exciting opportunities for him to prove himself once again.

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In this article, we will delve into the analysis of Gordon Ryan’s perspective on Felipe’s decision to do his training camp with Andre Galvao and the squad at Atos. We will explore Gordon’s thoughts on Felipe’s camp choice, the history between Andre and Felipe, and Gordon’s role as their common enemy.

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Gordon Ryan Analyzes Felipe’s Decision to Train at Atos

Gordon’s Thoughts on Felipe’s Camp Choice

Gordon Ryan expresses his surprise at Felipe’s decision to train at Atos, considering the intense rivalry and hatred that existed between Andre Galvao and Felipe. Gordon finds it incredible that they have now joined forces, going to dinner together and even doing podcasts. He believes that the only thing they hate more than each other now is Gordon himself.

Felipe’s Decision to Join Forces with His Former Rival

Felipe’s choice to train with Andre and the Atos squad raises eyebrows in the jiu-jitsu community. Despite their history of animosity, Felipe has become Andre’s best friend and even works on Andre’s Garage. This decision reminds Gordon of the 2018 Nogi Worlds, where he competed against several coaches from different teams who all joined forces against him.

The History Between Andre and Felipe

The rivalry between Andre Galvao and Felipe is legendary in the sport. They were known for their intense animosity towards each other, but now Gordon feels that they have shifted their focus to him. This change in dynamic presents an interesting scenario for their upcoming bout at WNO on Feb. 25.

Gordon’s Role as the Common Enemy

Gordon recognizes that he has become the common enemy for both Andre and Felipe. This realization fuels his motivation and determination to come out on top in their upcoming match. He finds it amusing that Felipe has assembled a group of individuals, including AJ, Craig, and the Atos team, with the intention of taking him down. Gordon compares himself to Thanos from the Avengers, facing off against a group determined to defeat him.

Its Like Hes Assembled The Avengers  Im Thanos - Gordon Discusses Felipes Training Camp

Felipe’s Training at Atos

Felipe’s Training at Atos is Actually Incredible

Despite the contentious history between Andre and Felipe, their decision to train together at Atos is quite remarkable. It showcases the commitment and dedication Felipe has to his craft. The level of training and expertise at Atos can only elevate Felipe’s skills.

The Significance of Felipe Training with Andre and the Atos Squad

Felipe’s choice to train with Andre and the Atos squad holds great significance. It demonstrates his willingness to put aside past differences and focus on improving his skills. Training with elite athletes in a highly competitive environment will undoubtedly push Felipe to his limits.

Felipe’s Close Relationship with Andre

Felipe’s close relationship with Andre Galvao is evident in their training camp choice. It shows a level of trust and respect that has developed between them despite their prior animosity. This bond may contribute to Felipe’s overall growth as a competitor.

Felipe’s Involvement with Andre’s Garage

Felipe’s involvement with Andre’s Garage further solidifies his dedication to training and learning from one of the best in the sport. It highlights his commitment to his craft and his willingness to work alongside Andre in a different capacity.

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Similarities to the 2018 Nogi Worlds

Felipe training at Atos brings back memories of the 2018 Nogi Worlds, where Gordon faced multiple coaches from various teams who united against him. The feeling of competing against multiple coaches is not unfamiliar to Gordon, and he sees parallels between that experience and Felipe’s current training situation.

The Feeling of Competing Against Multiple Coaches from Different Teams

Gordon understands the challenge of competing against multiple coaches who join forces to defeat him. This scenario can create a sense of pressure and motivation for both the competitor and their opponents. Felipe’s training at Atos presents an intriguing dynamic that will add an extra layer of excitement to their upcoming match.

The Current Situation with Felipe Training at Atos

Felipe’s decision to train at Atos has undoubtedly shaken up the jiu-jitsu community. It has generated curiosity and intrigue as to how this new training environment will impact Felipe’s performance. The attention on their upcoming bout has intensified, making it a highly anticipated event within the jiu-jitsu world.

AJ’s Presence in Felipe’s Camp

Gordon comments on AJ’s presence in Felipe’s camp, calling him a “rat” who always attaches himself to whoever is in the limelight. While AJ’s involvement may be questionable, it adds another layer of complexity to the training dynamic and the group’s objective to defeat Gordon.

The Atos Guys’ Goal to Beat Gordon

The presence of the Atos team in Felipe’s training camp raises the stakes for Gordon. He recognizes that they are seeking redemption for their prior losses to him and are determined to find the formula to defeat him. Their collective goal serves as a source of motivation and drive for Gordon to maintain his dominance.

Craig’s Role in Felipe’s Training Camp

Gordon acknowledges Craig’s involvement in Felipe’s training camp, stating that Craig flew out there to help him. Craig’s purpose in joining Felipe’s camp remains unclear, but his presence adds another layer of intrigue to the dynamic between the competitors.

Gordon’s Perspective on Felipe’s Training

Gordon’s Opinion on Felipe’s Chances of Beating Him

Gordon firmly believes that Felipe had no chance of beating him before and still has no chance after his training camp with Atos. He dismisses the idea that Felipe’s choice of training location will contribute significantly to his chances of victory.

Comparing Felipe’s Previous Training Environment to His Current Camp

Gordon draws a comparison between Felipe’s previous training environment in Brazil, where he trained with no notable individuals, and his current camp at Atos. While the change in scenery may provide Felipe with fresh insights and challenges, Gordon remains confident in his own abilities and ultimate victory.

Felipe’s Sacrifices for the Camp

Felipe’s decision to uproot his life, leave his students behind in Brazil, and move to San Diego for his training camp demonstrates his dedication and sacrifice. Despite these sacrifices, Gordon maintains that they will not be enough for Felipe to defeat him.

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Gordon’s Certainty in His Own Victory

Gordon exudes confidence in his own abilities and victory. He is certain that Felipe’s camp choice and training efforts will be in vain as he believes Felipe has no chance of defeating him.

Gordon’s Surprise at Felipe and Andre Training Together

Despite being surprised at Felipe’s decision to train with Andre, Gordon acknowledges that Andre possesses knowledge of Gordon’s game. However, Gordon suggests that if Felipe wanted a genuine understanding of his game, he should have trained with the B Team, who have trained with Gordon extensively and possess deep insights into his techniques.

Gordon’s Recommendation for Felipe to Train with the B Team

Gordon recommends that Felipe should have trained with the B Team if he wanted to gain a deeper understanding of his game. With their technical expertise and knowledge of Gordon’s game, they would have provided Felipe with invaluable insights.

Felipe’s Preference for Training with Brazilians and Aversion to Austin

Gordon speculates that Felipe prefers to be surrounded by Brazilians due to cultural reasons. Additionally, Felipe’s aversion to Austin, where Gordon is based, suggests a personal preference that may influence his camp choices.

The Camp as Another Failure for Felipe

Gordon perceives Felipe’s training camp choice as yet another failure in his attempt to defeat him. Despite Felipe’s efforts, Gordon remains convinced that he will never be able to best him, even if he had trained with the B Team for ten years.

Insights into Gordon’s Game from Training with the B Team

Gordon hints at the insights the B Team possesses into his game. Training extensively with this group has allowed them to develop deep knowledge of his techniques, strategies, and weaknesses. This insight could potentially give Felipe an advantage if he had chosen to train with them.

The Formation of a Group against Gordon

The Avengers Analogy

Gordon compares Felipe’s assembly of a group to the Avengers, each member coming together with the goal of taking him down. This analogy showcases the magnitude of the challenge he faces and the determination of his opponents.

Gordon’s Thoughts on Felipe Assembling the Avengers

Gordon finds the formation of this group amusing and interesting. He recognizes Felipe’s effort to gather individuals who share a desire to defeat him. While he sees the humor in their actions, Gordon remains motivated and determined to come out on top.

Gordon’s Comparison to Thanos

Drawing further inspiration from the Avengers analogy, Gordon compares himself to Thanos, the primary antagonist in the Marvel series. This comparison highlights the sense of opposition and resistance he faces from the group assembled against him.

The Relationship Between Gordon and the Avengers

Gordon acknowledges the history and relationships he has with each member of the group. Despite their current role as his opponents, he maintains a certain level of respect for them and recalls the assistance and support he provided in the past.

Gordon’s Opinions on AJ, Felipe, and Craig’s Involvement

Gordon expresses his thoughts on AJ, Felipe, and Craig’s involvement in the group against him. He considers AJ a “rat” who seeks attention by associating himself with influential figures. Felipe’s decision to join forces with the Avengers surprised Gordon, while Craig’s purpose in training with Felipe remains unclear.

Gordon’s View on AJ’s Motives

Gordon suspects that AJ’s motive for joining Felipe’s camp is to use the situation to his advantage and gain attention. He perceives AJ’s actions as manipulative and attention-seeking.

Craig’s Purpose in Training with Felipe

While Gordon is uncertain about Craig’s specific role, he acknowledges Craig’s efforts to help Felipe in his training camp. Craig’s involvement adds an additional layer of intrigue to the group dynamics and the upcoming match.

The Interesting and Motivating Aspect of the Situation

Gordon finds the formation of this group intriguing and motivating. While it showcases the determination of his opponents, it also fuels his own drive to maintain his dominant position and compete against these individuals once again.

Gordon’s Determination and Memory

Gordon reiterates his determination and resolve to compete against the members of the group once more. He emphasizes his ability to remember past actions and maintains that he never forgets those who have crossed him or sought to challenge him.


Looking ahead, Gordon anticipates an interesting and eventful year, filled with intense competition and opportunities to maintain his position at the top of the jiu-jitsu world. The formation of this group against him only serves to motivate him further and solidify his determination to come out on top.

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