‘Almost Entirely About Tactics’: John Danaher On Gordon/Felipe Rematch

‘Almost Entirely About Tactics’: John Danaher On Gordon/Felipe Rematch

In this article titled “‘Almost Entirely About Tactics’: John Danaher On Gordon/Felipe Rematch,” the New Wave Jiu-Jitsu head coach, John Danaher, provides insights into the upcoming rematch between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena on WNO. The article highlights the significance of this fourth match, particularly the short timeline between the previous encounters and the minimal room for technical changes. With little time elapsed, the focus in this rematch is expected to shift towards tactical strategies rather than drastic technical advancements. The article also explores the importance of managing work rate and pacing in a no time limit match, as demonstrated in their previous encounter. Ultimately, this article sets the stage for an intense battle that emphasizes the application of tactics and the ability to adapt to the rule set.

The analysis offered by John Danaher brings attention to the dynamics of this long-standing rivalry in Jiu-Jitsu. By discussing the evolution of both athletes’ games throughout the matches and the challenges they face, the article piques the readers’ curiosity about the tactical approaches each competitor will employ. Additionally, the article emphasizes the significance of emotional composure while maintaining a steady pace in this rivalry. Overall, this introduction frames the article as an informative and exciting read for fans of Jiu-Jitsu and those eagerly anticipating the Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena rematch.

Almost Entirely About Tactics: John Danaher On Gordon/Felipe Rematch


The upcoming rematch between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena is slated to be one of the most anticipated battles in Jiu-Jitsu history. With a rivalry that has spanned several matches over the course of a few years, both competitors have had the opportunity to evolve their technical skills and tactical approaches. In this article, we will explore the background of their rivalry, the technical evolution of both athletes, their approach to handling the rule set, and the importance of work rate management in their upcoming rematch.

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Background of the Rivalry

The rivalry between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena began with their first match, which took place early in Ryan’s career. At that time, Ryan’s game was focused primarily on leg locks. However, as they continued to face each other, both competitors went through a transition phase. Ryan started incorporating more complete submissions into his arsenal, while Pena worked on refining his skills. In their third match, both athletes were in the mature phase of their careers, showcasing the culmination of their technical development.

Technical Evolution of Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena

Over the course of their rivalry, both Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena have undergone significant technical evolution. Ryan, in particular, has made notable strides in his game. From his early focus on leg locks to developing a more well-rounded submission style, Ryan’s transition has been impressive. Pena, on the other hand, has worked on refining his skills and honing his techniques. Despite the limited time between their third and fourth match, it is expected that both competitors will bring their refined and developed technical abilities to the table.

Time Between Matches

One unique aspect of the rivalry between Ryan and Pena is the timeline between their matches. The first match feels like eons ago, while the second match took place years later. However, the upcoming fourth match is scheduled just a few months after their last encounter. This shortened timeline challenges both athletes to adapt and strategize within a limited timeframe. With so little time elapsed, it is unlikely that either competitor will exhibit radical technical changes. Instead, the focus will be on tactical adjustments to gain an advantage.

Tactics Over Technical Changes

Due to the limited time between matches, the fourth showdown between Ryan and Pena will primarily revolve around tactics rather than technical changes. While significant technical adjustments were seen in the first and second matches, the compressed timeline makes it impractical for either athlete to have undergone substantial technical transformations. Consequently, their approach to the upcoming match will center on utilizing their existing skill sets and applying strategic tactics to outmaneuver their opponent.

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Handling the Rule Set

Both Ryan and Pena demonstrated good discipline in pacing themselves during their previous match. This is crucial in a no time limit match, where maintaining a dominant pace is essential. Striking a balance between conserving energy and seizing match-winning opportunities is challenging but critical. Ryan, known for his mastery of work rate management in various rule sets, will aim to maintain his advantage in this aspect. Pena, meanwhile, has been focusing on specialized training with Atos to improve his work rate management and match the pace set by Ryan.

Importance of Work Rate Management

In the context of their rematch, work rate management holds tremendous significance. Ryan has proven himself to be a master in this area, particularly in no time limit matches. By effectively managing his work rate, Ryan can exploit opportunities and dictate the flow of the match. To level the playing field, Pena must improve his own work rate management. His specialized training with Atos is expected to contribute significantly to his ability to maintain an appropriate pace throughout the match.

Gordon Ryan’s Mastery of Work Rate in No Time Limit Matches

Gordon Ryan’s ability to manage his work rate in no time limit matches has been a key factor in his success. By carefully pacing himself and strategically choosing when to exert effort, he has been able to dominate his opponents. His approach revolves around staying calm and composed while agitating his opponents’ emotions. This psychological control combined with his technical skills makes him a formidable force in the realm of no time limit matches.

Felipe Pena’s Specialized Training with Atos to Improve Work Rate Management

Recognizing the importance of work rate management, Felipe Pena has undertaken specialized training with Atos to enhance his ability to match Ryan’s pace. By focusing on pacing and moderate exertion, Pena aims to maintain a steady rhythm throughout the match. Having learned from his previous emotional responses and the toll it took on his performance, Pena will approach this rematch with more emotional maturity and a heightened sense of professionalism.

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Approaching the Rematch in a Professional Manner

As the fourth match between Ryan and Pena approaches, it is clear that both competitors are aiming to approach it in a more professional manner. The intense emotions that often come with a rivalry can inadvertently disrupt the steady pacing required for success. However, with the benefit of experience and reflection from their previous encounters, both Ryan and Pena are expected to prioritize professionalism and focus solely on achieving the desired outcome.

In conclusion, the upcoming rematch between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena promises to be an epic showdown. With a history of technical evolution and tactical adjustments, both athletes will strive to outmaneuver each other within the rule set. Work rate management will play a crucial role in determining the outcome of the match, with Ryan’s mastery in this area and Pena’s specialized training with Atos being significant factors. As they approach this fourth encounter, both competitors are expected to embody professionalism and strive for victory in a match that will test their skills and resilience.

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