A War of Words: Felipe Pena vs Gordon Ryan Press Conference Highlight (Just The Best Bits)

A War of Words: Felipe Pena vs Gordon Ryan Press Conference Highlight (Just The Best Bits)

In the intense matchup between Felipe Pena and Gordon Ryan, tension reached its peak at the official weigh-ins for Tezos WNO. This highly anticipated event showcased the best snippets of the intense press conference between the two fighters. Felipe expressed his belief that this fight would be different from their previous encounters in 2016 and 2017, highlighting his own growth and improved skills. On the other hand, Gordon confidently declared his superiority in every aspect of the sport, claiming to be a completely different grappler from before. The exchange of words between the two fighters was filled with intensity, as they both aimed to undermine and provoke each other before the highly anticipated match.

As the anticipation grew, Felipe and Gordon continued to exchange fiery remarks at the press conference. Felipe questioned Gordon’s claims, suggesting that his confident talk may be to compensate for his own insecurities. In response, Gordon dismissed Felipe’s remarks, confidently asserting his physical superiority and past victories. The verbal sparring continued, with each fighter attempting to diminish the other’s skills and provoke a reaction. The intense rivalry between Felipe and Gordon only added to the anticipation and excitement surrounding their upcoming match at Tezos WNO.

A War of Words: Felipe Pena vs Gordon Ryan Press Conference Highlight (Just The Best Bits)

Felipe Pena’s Opinion on Different Matches

Felipe Pena, a renowned jiu-jitsu practitioner, believes that his upcoming match with Gordon Ryan is going to be vastly different from their previous encounters in 2016 and 2017. Felipe asserts that he is not facing the same opponent he faced in the past and emphasizes the improvement he has made since then. He expresses confidence in his abilities and states that he is a completely different grappler now compared to before. Felipe points out that if one looks at his recent matches, it is evident that he has evolved as a fighter. He believes that he is better than Gordon in various aspects of the sport, such as guard, passing, and takedowns. Felipe’s goal is to defeat Gordon in their upcoming match and showcase the progress he has made.

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Gordon Ryan’s Opinion on Felipe’s Recent Matches

On the other side of the ring, Gordon Ryan shares his perspective on Felipe Pena’s recent matches. He dismisses the notion that Felipe has improved significantly and argues that he is essentially the same fighter he was back then. Gordon is confident in his own abilities and believes that he surpasses Felipe in almost every aspect of the sport, except for perhaps strength. He asserts that if Felipe tries to stand with him, he will quickly exhaust himself, and if he plays either top or bottom position, Gordon is confident he can overpower him. However, Gordon acknowledges that Felipe tends to make comments to appear tough, but Gordon claims to see through the fa├žade, pointing out that Felipe’s hands often shake due to the pressure he feels. Gordon relishes the opportunity to make Felipe angry and intends to tap him out during their upcoming match.

Felipe’s Perspective on Gordon’s Talkativeness

Felipe Pena finds Gordon Ryan’s talkativeness amusing. He reveals that Gordon has a reputation for constantly speaking during press conferences and events, and typically tries to appear tough. Felipe admits that while he doesn’t particularly enjoy starting conflicts, he actually appreciates Gordon’s talkative nature. In a lighthearted manner, Felipe equates his fondness for Gordon’s talkativeness to a parent’s love for their mischievous child. Felipe expresses that he has a lot of love for Gordon, but sometimes, when someone you care about does something wrong, you need to put them back in their place.

Felipe’s Response to the ‘Chubby Baby’ Comment

One point of contention between Felipe Pena and Gordon Ryan is Gordon’s nickname for Felipe – the ‘chubby baby.’ Gordon asserts that he is a physically dominant athlete, standing at six foot two and weighing 230 pounds with an eight pack, while characterizing Felipe as a little chubby guy. Felipe finds this comment absurd and doesn’t understand its relevance. He points out that Gordon has a collection of photos depicting Felipe as a chubby baby, which makes his claim of disliking talk seem contradictory. Felipe playfully confronts Gordon about this inconsistency, stating that Gordon himself talks a lot. Despite this, Felipe maintains that he harbors no ill will towards Gordon and even refers to him as his “baby,” indicating that he still cares for him.

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Discussion on Previous Event and Match Request

During the press conference, the conversation shifts towards a previous event where Gordon Ryan almost missed seeing Peter Firmino due to what he perceives as a boring match. The topic arises because Felipe Pena asked for a match against Gordon, and the proposal included no time limit. Felipe mentions that the match was nearly missed due to its lack of excitement. Prompted by this, Gordon enthusiastically proposes to Felipe that their upcoming match should also have no time limit. Felipe agrees, stating that he is open to competing as long as it takes, displaying his readiness for a battle that could last hours. The exchange highlights both competitors’ confidence and their willingness to endure a lengthy, intense contest.

Predictions for the Upcoming Match

When discussing the predictions for their upcoming match, Felipe Pena predicts victory, confident that he will defeat Gordon Ryan. He asserts that he is better in every position compared to his previous self, and this superior ability will enable him to overcome his opponent. Felipe believes that Gordon will tire quickly if he tries to stand with him, get swept if he plays top position, or have his guard passed and be pinned helplessly chest-to-chest if he plays bottom position. On the other hand, Gordon Ryan remains self-assured, claiming that Felipe will experience defeat and listing several excuses he might make for his loss. The predictions from both sides intensify the anticipation surrounding the match and create an air of competitiveness.

Felipe’s Opinion on Gordon’s Future

Looking beyond their imminent clash, Felipe Pena shares his opinion on Gordon Ryan’s future. Felipe believes that Gordon will continue talking, even if he loses. He suggests that Gordon may attempt to attribute his losses to various factors and excuses. Moreover, Felipe reveals that Gordon has made claims about being the best in no-gi, the best in the gi, and eventually the best in MMA. However, Felipe asserts that Gordon’s constant desire to be the best in different disciplines doesn’t align with his own aspirations. Felipe implies that Gordon’s ambition to conquer everything may not be realistic or attainable, emphasizing that he is primarily focused on jiu-jitsu.

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Discussion on Future Matches

Towards the end of the press conference, the conversation shifts to the possibility of future matches between Felipe Pena and Gordon Ryan. Felipe does not express any interest in a match involving basketball, as he considers himself solely a practitioner of jiu-jitsu. However, Gordon suggests a ten-to-one odds match in the gi, indicating that he would put up $100,000 while Felipe would put up $10,000. Felipe declines the offer, as he is primarily focused on his own MMA career. They briefly discuss fighting in MMA, but it is evident that their areas of interest differ. Nonetheless, the mention of future matches leaves the door open for potential rematches and further excitement for their fans.


The press conference between Felipe Pena and Gordon Ryan showcased the competitive nature and banter between the two jiu-jitsu practitioners. Each had their own opinions on past matches, the upcoming bout, and predictions for the future. Felipe Pena expressed his belief in his own improvement and confidence in defeating Gordon Ryan. In contrast, Gordon Ryan was confident in his own abilities and dismissed any significant improvement on Felipe’s part. Despite their differences, both competitors showed respect towards each other, with Felipe even humorously referring to Gordon as his “baby.” The press conference created a buzz of anticipation for their upcoming match and left open the possibility of future matchups.

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