Rafaela Guedes vs Nathiely de Jesus | Tezos WNO 20: Night Of Champions

Rafaela Guedes vs Nathiely de Jesus | Tezos WNO 20: Night Of Champions

In the highly-anticipated match-up between Rafaela Guedes and Nathiely de Jesus at Tezos WNO 20: Night Of Champions, the women’s heavyweight championship is at stake. The exhilarating contest is documented in a video by FloGrappling, a platform that provides access to a wide range of jiu jitsu videos. Viewers are encouraged to engage with the content by liking, commenting, and subscribing to FloGrappling. As the match unfolds, the audience witnesses Nathiely’s determination, knowing that she has been eagerly awaiting this opportunity since 2021. With Rafaela’s formidable guard and Nathiely’s intense training, it promises to be a thrilling encounter. Ultimately, Nathiely emerges victorious by unanimous decision and expresses gratitude to Jesus Christ and her family for their unwavering support.

Rafaela Guedes vs Nathiely de Jesus | Tezos WNO 20: Night Of Champions

Overview of the Match

The match between Rafaela Guedes and Nathiely de Jesus is a highly anticipated women’s heavyweight championship bout taking place at Tezos WNO 20: Night Of Champions. This event showcases some of the best grapplers in the world, and this particular match is expected to be an exciting showdown between two talented athletes.

Promotion and Coverage

The match is featured in a video by FloGrappling, a popular platform for jiu-jitsu enthusiasts. Viewers are encouraged to like, comment, and subscribe to FloGrappling to gain access to a wide range of jiu-jitsu videos. The promotion and coverage of this match is meant to generate excitement and engage fans of the sport.

Pre-Match Considerations

Nathiely de Jesus has been looking forward to this match since 2021, as she sees it as an opportunity to showcase her skills and prove herself as a top competitor. On the other hand, Rafaela Guedes is a formidable opponent known for her exceptional guard. Both athletes have been training extensively in preparation for this match and are aware of the challenges they may face.

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Rafaela Guedes vs Nathiely de Jesus | Tezos WNO 20: Night Of Champions

Rafaela Guedes: The Two-Time World Champion

Rafaela Guedes is a highly accomplished athlete, having won the World Championship twice in her career. She is known for her technical prowess and strong grappling skills. Guedes has been improving steadily and is fully prepared to take on the challenge presented by Nathiely de Jesus.

Nathiely de Jesus: A Strong Competitor

Nathiely de Jesus represents San Antonio, Texas, and is recognized as a strong competitor in the jiu-jitsu community. She is particularly known for her dominant back take attempts, which have been successful in previous matches. De Jesus has been training hard and making progress to ensure she is ready to face Guedes in the heavyweight championship match.

The Heavyweight Championship

The upcoming match between Guedes and de Jesus is for the prestigious Heavyweight Championship. This title holds significant importance in the world of jiu-jitsu, and the winner will cement their status as one of the top heavyweight competitors. Rafaela Guedes currently holds the title and is determined to defend it against de Jesus.

Match Highlights

The match between Guedes and de Jesus is filled with intense moments and impressive displays of skill. Guedes attempts KNE cuts and sweeps, showcasing her technical ability and aggressiveness. De Jesus, on the other hand, demonstrates her agility and ability to escape and scramble when necessary.

Nathiely de Jesus Emerges Victorious

In an exciting turn of events, Nathiely de Jesus emerges as the winner of the match by unanimous decision. Her determination and strategic approach pay off, leading her to victory over Guedes. De Jesus displays sportsmanship and humility in her reaction to the win.

Post-Match Reflections

After the match, both athletes reflect on their performance and show respect for each other’s abilities. Rafaela Guedes acknowledges de Jesus’ skill and congratulates her on the well-deserved win. De Jesus expresses gratitude for the support she received and looks forward to future competitions.

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Acknowledgements and Future Plans

In their post-match reflections, both Guedes and de Jesus express gratitude towards their family and support system. They also acknowledge the importance of their faith, with de Jesus thanking Jesus Christ for her success. Both athletes look forward to future competitions and are open to further challenges in their jiu-jitsu careers.

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