Nicky Rod Talks Gordon Callout, Analyzes B-Team Preparation For WNO 19

Nicky Rod Talks Gordon Callout, Analyzes B-Team Preparation For WNO 19

In this article, Nicky Rod discusses his recent victory at the UFC Invitational 4 and shares details about his proposed match with Gordon Ryan. He also reflects on his growth as an athlete and the progress of the B-Team as they prepare for Tezos WNO 19. Nicky Rod’s challenge to Gordon Ryan stemmed from accusations of steroid use, which he vehemently denies. Despite Gordon Ryan declining the match, Nicky remains confident in his abilities, especially after his previous win against him. The article also highlights other notable matchups, including Ethan’s battle against veteran Dante Leon and Nikki’s return against Renee Souza. Additionally, the article spotlights the newest member of the B Team, Heisen, and his positive impact on the gym. Overall, the article provides insight into the current state of the B-Team and their preparations for upcoming competitions.

Nicky Rod Talks Gordon Callout, Analyzes B-Team Preparation For WNO 19

Nicky Rod Talks Gordon Callout

In a recent interview with FloGrappling, Nick Rodriguez, also known as Nicky Rod, discussed his victory at UFC Invitational 4 and his proposal to challenge Gordon Ryan to a match. Nicky Rod expressed his satisfaction with his performance at the UFC 4 Fight Pass Invitational, stating that he felt unstoppable and was able to showcase his jiu jitsu skills and secure submissions. He also mentioned that his first match with Roberto Jimenez served as a measuring stick for his evolution as an athlete, highlighting his growth and development over the years.

Following his victory, Nicky Rod took it upon himself to challenge Gordon Ryan to a 10-minute EBI overtime grappling match. This challenge was prompted by Gordon Ryan’s accusations of Nicky Rod using steroids in the sport of jiu jitsu, which Nicky Rod vehemently denies. Emphasizing his commitment to training and competing as a natural athlete, Nicky Rod proposed that both he and Gordon Ryan undergo Usada drug testing before and after the match to prove their cleanliness.

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However, Gordon Ryan respectfully declined the match. Nicky Rod attributed this decline to their last competition where he was able to break Gordon Ryan’s foot with a toe hold, leading to his retirement from the sport of jiu jitsu. Despite the decline, Nicky Rod expressed understanding and acknowledged the impact of his previous victory over Gordon Ryan.

Analyzes B-Team Preparation For WNO 19

In addition to discussing his match proposal to Gordon Ryan, Nicky Rod also analyzed the preparation of the B-Team for Tezos WNO 19. He highlighted Ethan Crelinsten’s upcoming match against Dante Leon, noting that Dante is a seasoned veteran in the sport and has competed at the ADCC and achieved success at the highest level. Nicky Rod expressed confidence in Ethan’s readiness for the match and looked forward to seeing him implement the techniques learned at B-Team Jiu Jitsu in live competition.

Nicky Rod then turned his attention to Nikki Ryan’s return to competition against Renee Souza. Recognizing Renee Souza’s talent in the “buggy choke,” a technique known for its effectiveness, Nicky Rod emphasized the risks involved when facing an opponent like Souza. However, he expressed belief in Nikki Ryan’s ability not only to win but dominate in a match against Souza, citing his skills and overall athleticism.

The interview also revealed that Nicky Rod’s brother, J-Rod, is known for his expertise in the buggy choke. Nicky Rod expressed confidence in the team’s preparation, as they have experienced buggy lockers and buggy chokers within the B-Team. The training with J-Rod has provided the B-Team with well-rounded skills and readiness for any challenges they may face in competition.

Furthermore, the addition of Heisen, a new member of the B-Team Jiu Jitsu staff, has been seen as a blessing by Nicky Rod. Not only is Heisen known for his attacking and offensive style, but he also brings positive vibes to the team. His presence has been appreciated by both staff and athletes, and his evolution and improvement have been evident since joining the team a few weeks ago.

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As the B-Team prepares for their matches, Nicky Rod mentioned the importance of helping each other out and implementing different techniques and strategies. He hopes to develop game plans not only for Heisen but for all their teammates, ensuring they are well-prepared for their upcoming battles in competition.

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