Road To Worlds Vlog: Unity’s World Camp Is A Vibe

Road To Worlds Vlog: Unity’s World Camp Is A Vibe

“Road To Worlds Vlog: Unity’s World Camp Is A Vibe” is a captivating video by FloGrappling that takes viewers behind the scenes of the final week of Worlds preparation at Unity. The video showcases the training led by Murilo Santana, with standout athletes such as Sebastian Rodriguez, Devhonte Johnson, and Felipe Cesar at the forefront. Throughout the video, viewers are treated to a glimpse of the intense training sessions, the unique teaching style of Santana, and the diverse styles and techniques that make Unity Gym one of a kind.

The video captures the energy and camaraderie present at Unity, as the athletes engage in drills, situational training, and regular rounds. Santana emphasizes the importance of quality, teamwork, and continuous improvement. The athletes share their excitement and determination to compete against the best in the world, highlighting the unity within the gym and the shared goal of becoming the best in the sport. With its dynamic footage and insightful interviews, this video offers a behind-the-scenes look at the vibrant atmosphere and training methods that make Unity Gym a truly special place for jiu jitsu enthusiasts.

Week of Worlds Preparation at Unity

The final week of Worlds preparation at Unity is being led by Murilo Santana, a renowned jiu-jitsu practitioner. Santana has gathered a group of standouts, including Sebastian Rodriguez, Devhonte Johnson, and Felipe Cesar, to train in the preparation for the highly anticipated tournament. These athletes are known for their exceptional skills and dedication to the sport.

Unity’s Training Style

Unity prides itself on encouraging individuality in jiu-jitsu style. Unlike some gyms that try to mold their students into a specific style, Santana believes in allowing each athlete to develop their own unique game. He provides a general curriculum for fundamental techniques and then supports his students in incorporating their preferred techniques, body types, and personalities into their game. This approach creates a dynamic and versatile training environment.

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At Unity, there is a true integration of different styles. The gym is a melting pot of jiu-jitsu practitioners who come from diverse backgrounds and bring their own approaches to the sport. Santana believes in bringing all these different styles together under one roof, giving his students the opportunity to learn from each other and expand their knowledge and understanding of the art.

Unity’s Unique Game

Unity is known for its unique game, which varies for each athlete. The lighter weight class athletes at Unity are adept at playing multiple games. They have the ability to switch between different techniques and styles, utilizing their agility and speed to their advantage. On the other hand, the heavier weight class athletes are focused on excelling in passing and pressure techniques. They prioritize gaining top position and imposing their strength on their opponents. This diversity in styles allows for a dynamic and unpredictable training experience at Unity.

Road To Worlds Vlog: Unitys World Camp Is A Vibe

Desire to Fight the Best

The athletes at Unity have a strong desire to face tough opponents. They understand that in order to become the best, they have to test their skills against the best. By competing against top-ranked opponents, they push themselves to their limits and continue to grow as athletes. The mindset at Unity is focused on seeking out challenging fights that are filled with action and excitement. The athletes aspire to prove themselves and elevate their jiu-jitsu skills to the highest level.

Unity’s Vibe and Unity

Unity’s training environment is characterized by a vibe of toughness and technicality. Every student at Unity shares the same dream of becoming the best in the world. They dedicate themselves to their training and give their all during every session. Santana likens Unity to a bull, with everyone going in the same direction. The gym operates as a unified team, with each member supporting and helping one another in their journey towards greatness. This sense of unity creates a supportive and motivating atmosphere that drives the athletes to continuously strive for improvement.

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Upcoming Athletes at Unity

Unity boasts a promising group of purple belt athletes who show great potential in the sport. Lisander, Mike, and John are among the notable athletes who have been making waves in their respective divisions. Their talent and dedication have caught the attention of their teammates and coaches, and they are expected to make a strong impact in future competitions.

Additionally, Unity has a strong female athlete named Emily. She has been training diligently and has achieved remarkable success in her career. Emily’s hard work and determination have made her a force to be reckoned with in the jiu-jitsu community.


Unity’s final week of Worlds preparation is a testament to the gym’s commitment to excellence in jiu-jitsu. Led by Murilo Santana, the athletes at Unity are driven by the desire to fight the best and constantly push their limits. With their training style that encourages individuality and the blending of different approaches, Unity distinguishes itself as a unique and thriving jiu-jitsu hub. The sense of unity and shared dreams among the athletes creates a supportive and motivating environment that fosters growth and success. As Unity continues to produce standout athletes, the future looks promising for this exceptional gym.

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