Mica: ‘I Like To Think That I’m Not In A Bracket With Them; They’re In A Bracket With Me’

Mica: ‘I Like To Think That I’m Not In A Bracket With Them; They’re In A Bracket With Me’

In the article “Mica: ‘I Like To Think That I’m Not In A Bracket With Them; They’re In A Bracket With Me'”, Mica Galvao discusses his thoughts on the Tezos WNO welterweight bracket and his opponents. After being away from competition for a while, Mica feels confident and ready for the tournament. He is focused on giving his best performance and going for the submission. Mica acknowledges the skills of his opponents, including Jay Rod and the possibility of a rematch with Andrew or facing PJ Barsh. However, he does not feel pressure from being seen as the favorite, as he believes he is in a bracket with the other fighters, not the other way around. Mica also expresses excitement and support for his teammate Yoga in the 145 pound bracket. Lastly, he mentions his hometown and the strong representation from there at the event.

Throughout the interview, Mica emphasizes his readiness for the competition and his determination to put on a show. He believes he has the right tools and mindset to come out on top and claim the 170 pound title. Mica also discusses his teammate Yoga, highlighting his underrated skills and expressing his belief that Yoga is a favorite in the 145 pound bracket. Additionally, he expresses pride in his hometown and the strong representation they have at the event. Mica is excited for the matches and looks forward to both competing and watching as a fan.

Mica: I Like To Think That Im Not In A Bracket With Them; Theyre In A Bracket With Me

Mica Galvao Discusses the Tezos WNO Welterweight Bracket

Mica Galvao, a welterweight in the Tezos WNO tournament, shares his thoughts on the bracket and his opponents. He is eager to make a comeback after being away from competition for a while. With his sights set on performing his best and securing a submission, Mica is confident in his abilities.

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Confidence and Preparation

Having been absent from competition for some time, Mica Galvao is excited to make his return to the Tezos WNO tournament. He believes that this break has allowed him to recharge and come back stronger than ever. With his focus on delivering an exceptional performance, Mica has been diligently preparing for the challenges ahead and is determined to secure a submission.

After Being Away from Competition

Mica Galvao acknowledges that being away from competition for an extended period can be challenging. However, he sees this as an opportunity to come back refreshed and with a new mindset. He believes that his time away has allowed him to reflect on his strengths and weaknesses, ultimately making him a better competitor.

Focused on Best Performance and Submission

Mica Galvao has always prioritized giving his best performance in every match. He understands that in the Tezos WNO tournament, the stakes are high, and he needs to bring his A-game. Mica is focused on utilizing his skillset and techniques to secure a submission in each match. He is determined to leave a lasting impression on the audience and walk away with the welterweight title.

Acknowledging Opponent Skills

Mica Galvao recognizes the capabilities of his opponents in the Tezos WNO tournament, starting with his first match against Jay Rod. He acknowledges that Jay Rod has a strong top game and formidable pressure passes, making him a challenging opponent. However, Mica is confident in his ability to overcome these challenges and showcase his own skills in the match.

Jay Rod Rematch

In the event that Mica advances in the bracket, he acknowledges the possibility of a rematch with Andrew, which he is excited about. Mica has observed Andrew’s growth as a competitor and admires the improvements he has made in his game. The prospect of a rematch excites Mica because their previous match was highly regarded and praised by many in the jiu jitsu community.

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Possibility of Facing PJ Barsh

If Mica Galvao faces PJ Barsh in the tournament, he recognizes the experience and knowledge PJ brings to the table. Being a veteran in the sport, PJ is known for his ability to adapt to different styles and maintain a high pace in his matches. Mica believes that both Andrew and PJ present formidable challenges, and he is excited to see who will emerge from the other side of the bracket.

No Pressure as the Favorite

Despite Mica Galvao being seen as the favorite in the tournament, he does not feel any pressure. He dismisses the notion that he is in a bracket with the other fighters, stating that they are in a bracket with him. Mica believes in focusing on his own performance and not getting caught up in external expectations. He acknowledges the competitiveness of the bracket and the need to stay focused throughout the tournament.

Underestimated Competitor: Yoga

Mica Galvao’s teammate, Yoga, competes in the 145-pound bracket of the Tezos WNO tournament. Mica believes that Yoga is often underestimated as a competitor. Despite this, Mica recognizes Yoga’s skill and achievements in the sport, including being the reigning ADCC champion in his weight class. He eagerly supports Yoga and looks forward to watching his matches and studying his opponents.

Teammate Yoga

As an athlete himself, Mica Galvao supports his teammate Yoga’s journey in the tournament. He is confident in Yoga’s abilities and believes that he will be a strong contender in the 145-pound bracket. Mica appreciates Yoga’s unique approach to the sport and the strategies he employs in his matches. He sees Yoga as a favorite in the bracket and is excited to witness his success.

Mica’s Support and Excitement

Mica Galvao expresses his excitement for Yoga’s matches in the tournament. As both a teammate and a fan of Yoga, Mica is curious to see how Yoga performs and looks forward to the possibility of Yoga facing off against familiar opponents from previous tournaments. He appreciates the opportunity to watch the matches and learn from his teammates’ performances.

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Strong Representation from Hometown

Mica Galvao takes pride in representing his hometown in the Tezos WNO tournament. He jokes about the strength and resilience of fighters from his hometown, emphasizing the camaraderie and support they offer each other. Mica is grateful for the opportunity to showcase his skills and make his hometown proud. He acknowledges that regardless of the team or school they come from, everyone shares a common bond in their love for jiu-jitsu.

Promoting Hometown and Event Support

Mica Galvao acknowledges the support and excitement from his hometown regarding the Tezos WNO tournament. He appreciates the energy and enthusiasm of the local fans, recognizing their contribution to the success of the event. Mica takes pride in being able to represent his hometown in such a prestigious tournament and hopes to inspire younger aspiring fighters in his community.


Mica Galvao’s return to the Tezos WNO tournament brings with it a sense of excitement and determination. He is confident in his abilities and prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. With a supportive teammate in Yoga and strong representation from his hometown, Mica is ready to give his all in each match and strive for victory. The Tezos WNO tournament promises to be an exhilarating event, and Mica Galvao is eager to make his mark and secure the welterweight title.

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