Match Breakdown: Pedro Marinho’s Iconic Choke

Match Breakdown: Pedro Marinho’s Iconic Choke

In this article titled “Match Breakdown: Pedro Marinho’s Iconic Choke,” Pedro Marinho reflects on his victory over Guthierry Barbosa at the 2022 IBJJF Pan Championship. Through the video provided by FloGrappling, Marinho offers insights on the techniques used to finish from the back. The article encourages readers to like, comment, and subscribe to FloGrappling for access to more jiu jitsu videos.

Marinho begins by discussing the challenging nature of his match against Barbosa, noting the importance of getting his knee between them to prevent a close guard. He shares his strategy of attacking Barbosa’s hand on his collar once he pulled and attempted to lift Marinho. Marinho explains how he recognized an opportunity to catch and hug Barbosa’s arm, allowing him to work his best moves. The article highlights the moment Marinho catches the choke and emphasizes the significance of one hook opening up Barbosa’s opposite leg, preventing him from escaping. Marinho provides details on the technique used to maintain a tight grip on the neck, emphasizing the importance of proper positioning and maintaining pressure to secure the victory in less than a minute.


In this article, we will be analyzing Pedro Marinho’s victory over Guthierry Barbosa in the 2022 IBJJF Pan Championship. This match showcased Pedro’s skills and techniques in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and offered valuable insights into his approach to different aspects of the game. We will break down the match and explore Pedro’s grip strategy, guard passing methods, turtle defense techniques, back control strategies, and his iconic choke technique. Throughout this article, we will gain a comprehensive understanding of Pedro Marinho’s performance and learn from his expertise in the sport.

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Match Overview

Pedro Marinho’s victory over Guthierry Barbosa

In the 2022 IBJJF Pan Championship, Pedro Marinho faced a tough opponent in Guthierry Barbosa. Pedro knew that securing a strong grip would be crucial in this match. As soon as Guthierry initiated a guard pull, Pedro made sure to insert his knee between them to prevent Guthierry from establishing a close guard. Pedro was aware of the danger posed by Guthierry’s close guard and took quick action to neutralize it. This strategic move allowed Pedro to gain an advantageous position and control the flow of the match.

Analysis of the match

Pedro Marinho showcased excellent technique and tactical awareness throughout the match. He displayed a deep understanding of grip control and utilized it to his advantage. Pedro’s guard passing was seamless, as he effectively switched sides to maintain pressure and progress towards a dominant position. His ability to defend the turtle position while conserving energy demonstrated his tactical proficiency. Pedro’s control over Guthierry’s hips in the back control position allowed him to secure a tight choke, leading to a victory in less than a minute. Overall, Pedro’s performance showcased his technical skill, strategy, and ability to adapt to his opponent’s movements.

Match Breakdown: Pedro Marinhos Iconic Choke

Grip Strategy

Importance of grip control

Grip control is a fundamental aspect of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It allows a practitioner to establish control over their opponent and dictate the pace and direction of the match. Pedro Marinho emphasized the significance of grip control in his match against Guthierry Barbosa. By securing a strong grip, Pedro was able to limit Guthierry’s offensive options and create openings for his own attacks. Grip control not only aids in initiating techniques but also provides a solid foundation for effective guard passing, submissions, and maintaining control in various positions.

Knee placement in guard pull defense

In his match against Guthierry, Pedro Marinho demonstrated the importance of knee placement in guard pull defense. When Guthierry attempted to pull guard, Pedro swiftly inserted his knee between them, preventing Guthierry from establishing a close guard. By doing so, Pedro effectively nullified Guthierry’s attacking options and gained the upper hand in the match. This strategic move showcased Pedro’s understanding of the dangers posed by close guard and his ability to neutralize them.

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Guard Passing

Pedro’s approach to passing Guthierry’s guard

Pedro Marinho’s guard passing skills were on full display during his match against Guthierry Barbosa. Pedro utilized a calculated approach to pass Guthierry’s guard, constantly switching sides to maintain pressure and control. This method allowed Pedro to disorient Guthierry and effectively advance his position. By distributing his weight and capitalizing on openings, Pedro successfully passed Guthierry’s guard and put himself in a dominant position to launch further attacks.

Switching sides in guard passing

An essential technique Pedro Marinho employed in his guard passing was switching sides. By alternating his attacks from one side to another, Pedro kept Guthierry guessing and made it challenging for him to anticipate and defend against his advances. This tactic also allowed Pedro to maintain optimal control and pressure, making it difficult for Guthierry to mount any effective counterattacks. Pedro’s ability to seamlessly switch sides showcased his versatility and tactical awareness in the realm of guard passing.

Turtle Defense

Pedro’s strategy for maintaining control in turtle position

Turtle position can be a challenging position to defend and control, but Pedro Marinho showcased an effective strategy in his match. Instead of immediately focusing on regaining back control, Pedro prioritized maintaining control over Guthierry in the turtle position. By doing so, Pedro prevented Guthierry from escaping and worked towards exhausting his energy. This strategic approach allowed Pedro to conserve his own energy while gradually setting up a dominant position.

Importance of preserving energy in turtle defense

In turtle defense, Pedro Marinho emphasized the significance of preserving energy. By focusing on controlling Guthierry’s movements and limiting his options, Pedro strategically conserved his own energy reserves. This approach enabled Pedro to capitalize on opportunities when Guthierry’s energy levels were depleted, allowing him to transition to more advantageous positions. Preserving energy in turtle defense also ensures that the practitioner is ready to launch effective attacks when the opportunity arises.

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Back Control

Controlling the opponent’s hips in back control

Back control is a highly advantageous position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Pedro Marinho excelled in controlling his opponent’s hips from this position. By exerting pressure on Guthierry’s hips and preventing them from moving away, Pedro restricted Guthierry’s ability to escape or counterattack effectively. Controlling the hips in back control provides a solid foundation for maintaining dominance and setting up various submission opportunities.

Adjusting the position to secure the back

Securing the back is a fundamental objective when in a dominant position, and Pedro Marinho showcased his expertise in accomplishing this goal. By adjusting his position and correctly positioning his hooks, Pedro prevented Guthierry from escaping or moving his hips effectively. This secured back control allowed Pedro to dominate the match and ultimately apply his choke technique with precision.

The Choke

Pedro’s choke technique

During his match against Guthierry Barbosa, Pedro Marinho executed a choke technique with great effectiveness. By maintaining a tight grip on Guthierry’s neck and utilizing one hook to open up Guthierry’s hips, Pedro created the perfect conditions for a successful choke. Pedro’s understanding of the mechanics behind chokes, combined with his control over Guthierry’s movements, allowed him to secure the choke and secure the victory.

Utilizing one hook to open up the opponent’s hips

A key detail in Pedro Marinho’s choke technique was his use of one hook to open up Guthierry’s hips. By strategically positioning his hook, Pedro prevented Guthierry from escaping and further restricted his movement. This subtle adjustment demonstrated Pedro’s attention to detail and his ability to create optimal conditions for executing a submission. By effectively immobilizing Guthierry’s hips, Pedro could apply a tight choke and force Guthierry to tap.


Pedro Marinho’s victory over Guthierry Barbosa in the 2022 IBJJF Pan Championship was a testament to his technical skill, tactical awareness, and strategic approach to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. From his grip strategy to his guard passing techniques and his mastery of back control and the choke, Pedro showcased his expertise in various aspects of the sport. By studying Pedro Marinho’s performance and analyzing his techniques, practitioners can gain valuable insights to enhance their own skills and improve their overall performance on the mat.

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