2022 Pans Day 4 Recap: The Black Belts Moving On

2022 Pans Day 4 Recap: The Black Belts Moving On

It’s day four of the 2022 IBJJF Pan Championship, and the black belts have taken the mats. This recap video by FloGrappling highlights the best results and reveals which competitors are moving on to day two of the competition. One of the standout moments of the day was in the middleweight division, where Tynan was on fire. He went up against Roberto Jimenez and managed to submit him in less than three minutes. With this win, Tynan is on track to claim his second Pans title as a black belt. Other notable performances include Deandra Lowe in the middle heavyweight division, Paige Moura in the heavyweight division, and the dominance of Gabby Bassania and Yarasaurus in the women’s black belts division. It’s shaping up to be an exciting competition, so be sure to tune in for the finals tomorrow at Flowgraphing.com.

Middleweight Division

2022 Pans Day 4 Recap: The Black Belts Moving On

Tynan vs Roberto Jimenez

In the middleweight division, all eyes were on Tynan as he took the mats against Roberto Jimenez. This match was highly anticipated, as both fighters had displayed impressive skills throughout the tournament. Jimenez, known for his wild and aggressive style, put on quite the opening act. However, it was Tynan who ultimately came out on top, submitting Jimenez in less than three minutes. This win sets Tynan on a trajectory to potentially claim his second Pan title as a black belt. With three matches ahead of him, all eyes will be on Tynan as he moves up the weight class.

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Middle Heavyweight Division

Deandra Lowe’s performance

Deandra Lowe had a great performance in the middle heavyweight division. He showcased his skills and determination as he secured a submission win in his match. Lowe’s victory was impressive, but his next opponent, Jansen Gomez, also won his quarterfinal match by submission. Tomorrow, these two talented fighters will meet in the quarterfinals, and it promises to be an exciting matchup. Gomez, a rookie black belt, expressed his excitement about facing a childhood hero in this match.

Heavyweight Division

Paige Mourinho’s outstanding showing

Paige Mourinho had an outstanding showing in the heavyweight division. He impressed spectators with two submission wins, one in the absolute category and another in his weight class. Mourinho’s exceptional performance has positioned him to face Andre Popart from White Sports in the next round. Popart is determined to capture his second Pan title, making this matchup one to watch out for. Confidence is high in the heavyweight division, and fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming bouts.

Pedro Machado’s gritty performance

Pedro Machado made a memorable debut in the black belt division with a gritty performance. He secured a submission win against Felipe, who had given a tough fight. Tomorrow, Machado will face Ryder Zucchini, and the matchup promises to be intense. Machado’s determination and skills have impressed both fellow competitors and spectators alike, making him one to watch in this division.

Opening Rounds of the Absolute

One of the most important parts of the first day of black belts at the Pan Championships is the opening rounds of the absolute category. Felipe Andrews fought through tough competition to claw his way to the final. On the opposite side of the bracket, Eric Reese awaited him. These two fighters have previously faced each other in a rematch from Worlds, and fireworks are expected in their upcoming match. The opening rounds of the absolute showcased the talent and drive of these competitors as they fought to secure their spots in the final.

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Women’s Black Belts

Gabby Bassania and Yarasaurus dominance

Gabby Bassania and Yarasaurus demonstrated their dominance in the women’s black belt division. Both fighters have been consistently impressive, and they have now advanced to the final of the absolute category. Additionally, in their respective weight class of super heavy, they have also made it to the final. These two fighters have showcased their skills and determination throughout the tournament, and it will be interesting to see if their performances differ from their previous matches at Worlds.

Gabby Bassania and Yarasaurus in the absolute final

Gabby Bassania and Yarasaurus are set to face off in the final of the absolute category. Both fighters have proven themselves as dominant forces in their division, and this matchup promises to be intense. The clash of their styles and techniques will undoubtedly make for an exciting and competitive final.

Natalie Hibero vs Fion Davis in the Lightweight final

In the lightweight division, Natalie Hibero and Fion Davis will meet in the final. Hibero secured her spot in the final with a win via armbar, while Davis fought a back and forth match against Janina Meyer. These two fighters have showcased their skills and determination throughout the tournament, and their upcoming matchup promises to be a thrilling showdown.

Amanda Monteiro vs Anna Rodriguez in the featherweight final

The featherweight final will feature a matchup between Amanda Monteiro and Anna Rodriguez. Monteiro, a veteran in the sport, will be facing the reigning world champion at light featherweight, Rodriguez. This matchup represents a clash of generations, with Monteiro’s experience and Rodriguez’s recent success. The fight for the featherweight title is sure to be intense as both fighters look to make their mark in the division.


The black belt competition at the Pan Championships has been filled with impressive performances and exciting matchups. From Tynan’s trajectory in the middleweight division to the dominance of Gabby Bassania and Yarasaurus in the women’s division, the tournament has showcased the skill and determination of these elite grapplers. As the tournament progresses, fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming finals, where the best of the best will battle it out for the Pan titles. Stay tuned for the conclusion of the competition at Flowgraphing.com.

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