John Danaher Analyzes WNO 19 And Upcoming IBJJF Grand Prix

John Danaher Analyzes WNO 19 And Upcoming IBJJF Grand Prix

John Danaher provides insightful analysis on New Wave’s performance at WNO 19 and shares his thoughts on the upcoming IBJJF Grand Prix. The video, which can be found on FloGrappling, covers various topics such as the training camp for Nicholas Meregali, the shift towards creativity drills, and Nicholas’ successful performance against Canon Duarte at the recent event “Who’s Number One”. John also discusses the impressive debut of Helena Craver at WNO and highlights the remarkable performance of Giancarlo Bodoni at a tournament in Kazakhstan. With Nicholas switching gears to gi competition and preparing to face Victor Hugo, the path to the final will be challenging for both athletes as there are other strong competitors in the bracket. John reflects on Nicholas’ ability to rise to the occasion and the unique challenges of training with unfamiliar athletes but remains confident in his team’s capabilities.

In a captivating video provided by FloGrappling, John Danaher breaks down New Wave’s performance at WNO 19 and offers insights into the upcoming IBJJF Grand Prix. With a focus on Nicholas Meregali’s training, including a short camp due to his previous Nogi match with Canon Duarte, the team is now prioritizing creativity drills over set techniques. John also discusses Nicholas’ impressive performance at “Who’s Number One” and highlights the outstanding debut of Helena Craver at WNO, as well as Giancarlo Bodoni’s noteworthy performance in Kazakhstan. With Nicholas preparing for the gi competition and facing Victor Hugo, both athletes face a tough road to the final, considering the strong competitors in their bracket. John touches on the importance of flexibility in training and the ability to adapt to different contexts and athletes.

John Danaher Analyzes WNO 19 And Upcoming IBJJF Grand Prix

Analysis of New Wave’s Performance at WNO 19

Introduction to John Danaher’s analysis

In a recent video by FloGrappling, jiu jitsu coach John Danaher provided an analysis of New Wave’s performance at WNO 19 (Who’s Number One 19) and discussed the upcoming IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) Grand Prix. The video serves as a comprehensive breakdown of the team’s achievements and future challenges. Viewers are encouraged to like, comment, and subscribe to FloGrappling for access to more jiu jitsu content.

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Discussion of FloGrappling’s recent activities

Before diving into the analysis of New Wave’s performance, Danaher briefly discussed the recent activities of FloGrappling. As a platform dedicated to jiu jitsu, FloGrappling provides a valuable resource for practitioners and enthusiasts. By showcasing jiu jitsu events and offering training videos, FloGrappling helps spread awareness and knowledge of the sport. Danaher emphasizes the importance of supporting and engaging with platforms like FloGrappling to contribute to the growth and development of jiu jitsu.

Training camp for Nicholas Meregali

Danaher then shifts his focus to the training camp for Nicholas Meregali, one of New Wave’s prominent athletes. Due to Meregali’s previous Nogi match with Canon Duarte, the training camp was relatively short. Meregali had to dedicate most of his attention to preparing for the aforementioned match, which took place at WNO. After the match, there was a quick turnaround, with Meregali transitioning from Nogi to Gi competition. The condensed training camp posed a challenge for the team, but they made the most of the limited time available.

Focus on creativity drills

During the training camp, New Wave shifted its focus from working on set techniques to incorporating creativity drills. Rather than simply practicing specific moves, the athletes were given scenarios and objectives to work with, along with a particular key element to focus on. For example, an objective may be getting chest to chest, with the key element being head position. This approach allows the athletes to develop their ability to adapt and think creatively on the mats, translating their training into live sparring situations.

Successful performance against Canon Duarte

Danaher reflects on Meregali’s successful performance against Canon Duarte at WNO 19. Many people viewed the match as a determining factor in establishing the second-best Nogi athlete in the world. Despite Duarte’s impressive track record, including multiple ADCC gold medals, Meregali showcased his skills and emerged victorious. This outcome surprised many, as Duarte was expected to have the advantage in Nogi. The wrestling exchanges played a crucial role in the match, with Meregali’s ability to hold his own in this aspect proving pivotal. Overall, Meregali’s performance against Duarte is considered one of his best and demonstrates his growth as an athlete.

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Impressive debut of Helena Craver at WNO

Danaher also praises the impressive debut of Helena Craver, a 16-year-old athlete, at WNO. Despite her young age and blue belt status, Craver displayed professionalism and composure in her performance. She faced a tough opponent and showcased immense potential. As Craver continues to train and improve, she is expected to make a significant impact in the sport.

Giancarlo Bodoni’s impressive performance in Kazakhstan tournament

Aside from Meregali and Craver, Giancarlo Bodoni’s performance in a recent tournament in Kazakhstan is highlighted by Danaher. Bodoni’s notable performance marks another success for the New Wave team, showcasing their overall strength and skill. This accomplishment further solidifies New Wave’s status as a force to be reckoned with in the jiu jitsu world.

Upcoming IBJJF Grand Prix

Nicholas Meregali switching gears to gi competition

In the latter part of the video, Danaher shifts his focus to the upcoming IBJJF Grand Prix and Nicholas Meregali’s transition to gi competition. After his success in Nogi, Meregali is preparing to compete in the gi category. This transition poses unique challenges as the rules, strategies, and techniques differ between Nogi and gi jiu jitsu. However, Meregali is known for his ability to adapt and perform well in different contexts.

Facing Victor Hugo in the upcoming match

Meregali’s first opponent in the IBJJF Grand Prix will be Victor Hugo. The match against Hugo promises to be a tough challenge for Meregali, as both athletes are skilled and experienced. Their styles and strengths will be put to the test in this high-stakes competition.

Tough path to the final for Nicholas and Victor

Danaher acknowledges that both Meregali and Hugo face a challenging path to the final of the IBJJF Grand Prix. The bracket consists of other strong competitors who will undoubtedly provide stiff competition. Both athletes will need to bring their A-game and perform at the highest level to secure victory.

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Insight from previous matches between Nicholas and Victor

Previous matches between Meregali and Hugo in the gi provide insight into their upcoming competition. Danaher suggests that Meregali may have a slight edge based on their past encounters. While their matches in the gi have been close and competitive, Meregali has consistently performed well against Hugo. However, the outcome of their upcoming match remains uncertain, as anything can happen in a competitive setting.

Nicholas Meregali’s ability to perform well and rise to the occasion

Danaher praises Meregali’s ability to perform well under pressure and rise to the occasion. Throughout his career, Meregali has faced numerous challenges and has consistently showcased his skills and resilience. This ability to perform at his best in high-pressure situations sets Meregali apart and strengthens his chances in the upcoming competition.

Challenges of juggling training with unfamiliar athletes

Finally, Danaher acknowledges the challenges of training with unfamiliar athletes, especially in the context of international competitions like the IBJJF Grand Prix. Juggling different training partners and adjusting to their styles and techniques can be difficult. However, Danaher expresses confidence in Meregali’s ability to adapt and thrive in such circumstances, highlighting his experience and versatility as an athlete.


In conclusion, John Danaher’s analysis of New Wave’s performance at WNO 19 and the discussion of the upcoming IBJJF Grand Prix provide valuable insights into the jiu jitsu world. The video by FloGrappling offers viewers an opportunity to gain knowledge, appreciate the sport, and witness the growth and achievements of New Wave’s athletes. From training camp preparations to successful performances and upcoming challenges, the analysis covers various aspects of the jiu jitsu journey. As fans and enthusiasts of the sport, we can look forward to the IBJJF Grand Prix and the continued success of New Wave in the future.

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