Funky Come From Behind SUBMISSION | Rene Sousa vs Kieran Kichuk | Tezos WNO: Pena vs Rodriguez

Funky Come From Behind SUBMISSION | Rene Sousa vs Kieran Kichuk | Tezos WNO: Pena vs Rodriguez

In the highly anticipated match between Rene Sousa and Kieran Kichuk at the Tezos WNO event, both fighters showcased their impressive skills in jiu-jitsu. Kichuk, known for his dynamic grappling and leglock abilities, faced off against Sousa, a creative and unorthodox fighter famous for his buggy choke technique. Despite a height and weight discrepancy, Sousa’s strategy involved avoiding leg attacks by diving over the top. While Kichuk controlled most of the match, Sousa capitalized on one opportunity to secure a kneebar submission, resulting in an unexpected win. Expressing gratitude for the victory and the support of his teammates, Sousa’s win highlighted the talent within the jiu-jitsu community.

In a captivating battle on the WNO stage, Rene Sousa and Kieran Kichuk displayed their skills and techniques in jiu-jitsu. Sousa, known for his buggy choke technique, faced off against Kichuk, who showcased his dynamic grappling and leglock abilities. Despite a height and weight difference, Sousa’s strategy of avoiding leg attacks paid off when he secured a kneebar submission, leading to an unexpected victory. Sousa expressed his appreciation for the support of his teammates and the jiu-jitsu community as a whole, highlighting the talent and dedication within the sport.


The fight between Rene Sousa and Kieran Kichuk was a back and forth battle that took place on the WNO stage. Both fighters showcased their skills in jiu jitsu, with Kichuk known for his dynamic grappling and leglock abilities, and Sousa known for his creative and unorthodox fighting style, particularly his buggy choke technique. The fight garnered high anticipation and highlighted the talent in the jiu jitsu community.

Fighter Background

Rene Sousa, a 25-year-old fighter, represents the 10th Planet System and hails from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He gained popularity as a fan favorite on the reality show “Who’s Next” and is known for his buggy choke technique. On the other hand, Kieran Kichuk, 27 years old and training out of Toronto, Canada, represents Team Lloyd Irvin. He has made a name for himself with his dynamic grappling skills and leglock abilities.

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Skills Displayed

During the fight, both fighters displayed their expertise in various aspects of jiu jitsu. Sousa showcased his proficiency in Jiu Jitsu and grappling techniques, while Kichuk demonstrated his superior leglock abilities. Sousa’s buggy choke technique also caught the attention of viewers, showing his creativity and unorthodox fighting style.

Funky Come From Behind SUBMISSION | Rene Sousa vs Kieran Kichuk | Tezos WNO: Pena vs Rodriguez

Physical Discrepancy

There was a noticeable difference in height and weight between the two fighters. Sousa stood three inches taller than Kichuk, creating a physical advantage for him in terms of reach and leverage. Additionally, their weight difference might have played a role in the match, as it factors into the strength and the ability to control one’s opponent.

Anticipation and Showcase

The fight between Sousa and Kichuk was highly anticipated within the jiu jitsu community due to the skills and reputation of both fighters. It served as a platform to showcase their talent and skills to a wider audience. The jiu jitsu community eagerly awaited this match to witness the creative and unorthodox style of Sousa and the dynamic grappling of Kichuk.

Fighter Records

Kieran Kichuk boasted an impressive record of 63 wins and 14 losses, with an outstanding 77% submission rate. This indicated his efficiency as a grappler and his ability to finish fights. On the other hand, Rene Sousa was known for his submission defense, which would prove to be crucial in this fight against a submission specialist like Kichuk.

Training and Experience

Sousa’s affiliation with the 10th Planet System brought him valuable training with top-level grapplers. He had the opportunity to train with renowned leglock specialists and gain experience in high-level competitions. This training and experience equipped him with the necessary skills and knowledge to face formidable opponents like Kichuk.

Sousa’s Strategy

Knowing Kichuk’s expertise in leg attacks, Sousa’s strategy revolved around avoiding leg attacks by diving over the top. By maintaining a safe distance and quickly transitioning between positions, Sousa aimed to neutralize Kichuk’s leglock abilities and prevent him from gaining control over the fight.

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Match Highlights

Throughout the match, Kichuk displayed exceptional control over Sousa, implementing his dynamic grappling skills and attempting various leg attacks. Sousa, however, showcased his resilience and skill in defending against these attacks. An unexpected highlight of the match came when Sousa capitalized on an opportunity and secured a kneebar submission, turning the tide of the fight.


In the end, Rene Sousa’s unorthodox style and submission defense proved to be a formidable challenge for Kieran Kichuk. Although Kichuk displayed superior control and attempted multiple leg attacks, Sousa’s unexpected kneebar submission showcased his adaptability and ability to capitalize on opportunities. Sousa expressed gratitude for the victory and acknowledged the support of his teammates in his journey to success. This fight served as a testament to the talent and skill within the jiu jitsu community, leaving viewers impressed with the level of competition and the display of various techniques.

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