All Access: Andre Galvao Leads Felipe Pena Through Monster Strength & Conditioning Program

All Access: Andre Galvao Leads Felipe Pena Through Monster Strength & Conditioning Program

In the latest video by FloGrappling, viewers get an all-access look at Andre Galvao leading Felipe Pena through a rigorous strength and conditioning program. With over a decade of experience, Galvao is known for being one of the best-conditioned athletes in jiu-jitsu, making him the perfect candidate to prepare Pena for his upcoming fight against Gordon Ryan. The video showcases various training exercises, with Galvao providing guidance and motivation throughout the session. Pena’s dedication and hard work are evident as he pushes through each exercise, demonstrating his commitment to being in peak physical form for the fight.

Andre Galvao’s Monster Strength & Conditioning Program

When it comes to strength and conditioning in the world of jiu-jitsu, few names carry as much weight as Andre Galvao. For over a decade, Galvao has proven himself to be among the best-conditioned athletes in the sport. So, it comes as no surprise that Felipe Pena, a highly skilled jiu-jitsu practitioner, has entrusted Galvao to manage his strength and conditioning program ahead of his upcoming match against Gordon Ryan at Tezos WNO.

Pena’s decision to work with Galvao speaks volumes about the Brazilian’s reputation as a conditioned athlete. Galvao has long been known for his dedication to physical fitness and his ability to perform at peak levels. His own achievements as a world-renowned jiu-jitsu competitor and six-time ADCC champion only further cement his expertise in this area.

The Role of Andre Galvao

As a trainer, Galvao not only brings his own experience and success to the table but also a unique perspective on strength and conditioning in jiu-jitsu. He understands the demands of the sport and knows what it takes to excel both physically and mentally. Galvao’s approach focuses on building overall strength, improving cardiovascular endurance, and enhancing specific skills required on the mat.

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Felipe Pena’s decision to work with Galvao demonstrates a high level of trust in the Atos leader. Pena recognizes Galvao’s expertise and believes that his guidance will help him reach new heights in his performance. This partnership highlights the importance of having a strong support system and seeking out the best trainers and coaches in the field to maximize potential.

Tezos WNO: Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena II

The upcoming match between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena at Tezos WNO has garnered significant attention within the jiu-jitsu community. Both athletes are highly skilled, and their previous encounter ended in a draw. With so much on the line, Pena understands the importance of being in top form physically and mentally.

To ensure Pena’s preparedness for the match, Galvao has designed a comprehensive strength and conditioning program catered specifically to his needs. This program focuses on building strength, improving stamina, and enhancing Pena’s jiu-jitsu skills. By following this program, Pena aims to gain a competitive edge over his opponent in their upcoming rematch.

Introduction to the Training Program

Galvao’s strength and conditioning program for Pena incorporates a variety of exercises, each targeting different aspects of physical fitness. The program is designed in a circle training format, with each exercise lasting approximately 15 seconds, followed by a short 5 to 10-second interval between exercises. Pena is expected to perform each exercise as many times as possible within a 50-second interval, pushing his limits and maximizing his effort.

Circle Training: Overview

Circle training is a highly effective method for conditioning in jiu-jitsu. It allows athletes to target multiple muscle groups while also improving their aerobic and anaerobic capacity. The fast-paced nature of circle training helps simulate the intensity and unpredictability of a match, preparing athletes for the challenges they may face.

Under Galvao’s guidance, Pena will go through a series of exercises in a circular format, repeating the circuit multiple times. This approach ensures that Pena gets a well-rounded workout, engaging various muscles and energy systems.

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Exercise 1: Alternating Stand Up

The first exercise in Pena’s strength and conditioning program is Alternating Stand Up. This exercise focuses on explosive power and agility, both crucial elements in jiu-jitsu. Pena will alternate standing up from a seated position, repeating this movement as quickly as possible within the 50-second interval. This exercise helps build lower body strength and improves Pena’s ability to quickly transition from a grounded position to a standing position.

All Access: Andre Galvao Leads Felipe Pena Through Monster Strength  Conditioning Program

Exercise 2: High Knees

Next up is the High Knees exercise, which targets cardiovascular endurance and lower body strength. Pena will perform high knee raises while maintaining good posture and engaging his core muscles. This exercise helps improve Pena’s overall stamina and leg strength, enabling him to sustain high-intensity movements for longer periods during the match.

Exercise 3: Push Forward

The Push Forward exercise focuses on upper body strength and core stability. Pena will execute a series of explosive and controlled push-ups, emphasizing proper form and engaging the chest, arms, and core muscles. This exercise not only builds upper body strength but also improves Pena’s ability to generate power and maintain control in various jiu-jitsu positions.

Exercise 4: Isometric Bottle

The final exercise, Isometric Bottle, targets core strength and stability. Pena will hold a static position, similar to a plank, while gripping a bottle with both hands. This exercise challenges Pena’s core muscles to maintain stability and control over an extended period. Isometric exercises like this are vital for building core strength, which is essential for generating power and maintaining balance in jiu-jitsu.

Repeating the Circuit for Optimal Conditioning

To ensure optimal conditioning, Pena will repeat the circuit multiple times throughout the training session. This approach helps build endurance and allows Pena to push his limits while simulating the demands of a match. By pushing through the fatigue and maintaining proper technique, Pena will develop the mental fortitude required to perform at his best, even when faced with physical exhaustion.

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Duration of the Training

Pena’s commitment to preparation is evident in the duration of his training sessions. Galvao expects Pena to train for approximately 40 to 45 minutes, intensely engaging in the strength and conditioning program. This time investment reflects Pena’s dedication and willingness to put in the necessary work to succeed at Tezos WNO.

Felipe Pena’s Dedication

Pena’s dedication to his craft is admirable. He understands the importance of investing time and effort into his physical fitness and conditioning, knowing that it will ultimately translate to improved performance on the mat. By committing to Galvao’s program and training for extended periods, Pena demonstrates the discipline and determination required to compete at the highest level.

Andre Galvao’s Influence

The impact that Andre Galvao has had on Felipe Pena is undeniable. Galvao’s expertise and reputation as a conditioned athlete have not only earned Pena’s trust but also instilled in him a champion’s mindset. Pena sees Galvao as not just a trainer, but also as a symbol of excellence and success. Galvao’s influence motivates Pena to push beyond his limits and constantly strive for improvement.

Importance of Strength & Conditioning in Jiu-Jitsu

Strength and conditioning play a vital role in the overall success of a jiu-jitsu practitioner. The physical demands of the sport require athletes to have not only technical proficiency but also a high level of physical fitness. Strength and conditioning help improve endurance, power, agility, and core stability – all essential components in executing techniques effectively and with precision.


Andre Galvao’s monster strength and conditioning program for Felipe Pena highlights the importance of physical fitness in jiu-jitsu. Pena’s trust in Galvao’s training methods and his dedication to the program reflect the commitment required to succeed at the highest level. As the Tezos WNO match between Pena and Ryan approaches, Pena’s physical preparedness will undoubtedly play a significant role in his performance. With Galvao by his side, Pena is ready to face the challenges that lie ahead and showcase his skills on the jiu-jitsu stage.

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