Gordon Ryan vs Patrick Gaudio | Tezos WNO 20: Night of Champions

Gordon Ryan vs Patrick Gaudio | Tezos WNO 20: Night of Champions

In this video titled “Gordon Ryan vs Patrick Gaudio | Tezos WNO 20: Night of Champions,” viewers are treated to an intense match between two skilled Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighters. Gordon Ryan, representing New Wave and currently holding the heavyweight champion title, faces off against Patrick Gaudio, making his debut for GF Team. Gaudio is known for his wrestling and toe hold techniques, while Ryan is undefeated and has multiple championships under his belt. The match showcases Ryan’s tactical approach and his ability to shut down his opponent’s movements. Ultimately, Ryan executes a takedown and finishes with a double, winning by submission with an armbar. The video highlights the improvements Ryan has made in his game and his dominance in the sport.

Match Overview

Background of the Match

The match between Gordon Ryan and Patrick Gaudio took place at Tezos WNO 20: Night of Champions. Gordon Ryan, representing New Wave, was the current heavyweight champion, while Patrick Gaudio, representing GF Team, was making his debut at this event. Gaudio was known for his wrestling skills and toe holds, and he was one of the few opponents that Gordon Ryan had not submitted in previous matches. Tactics played a crucial role in Gordon Ryan’s game, and he was looking to showcase his improved skills in this matchup.

Participants and Their Background

Gordon Ryan, the current who’s Number one heavyweight champion, hails from Austin, Texas, and was representing New Wave at the event. He had an undefeated record and had won multiple championships, including ADCC and the World Nogi Championships. Ryan’s corner consisted of renowned coaches John Danaher and Gary Tonon, who provided guidance throughout the match.

Patrick Gaudio, fighting out of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, represented GF Team and was making his debut at who’s Number one. Gaudio was known for his wrestling and toe holds, making him a challenging opponent for Ryan. He had trained extensively for this match and was determined to give his best performance.

Tactics and Strategies

Tactics were an essential aspect of Gordon Ryan’s game, and he aimed to display his improved skills in this matchup. Ryan had a history of using tactics to outwit his opponents and make them look foolish. His tactics were the last layer of his game, built upon his exceptional submission skills. He had the ability to surprise his opponents with unexpected moves and submissions, which made him a formidable force in the sport.

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Match Result and Ending

The match ended with Gordon Ryan executing a takedown and finishing with a double. Despite Patrick Gaudio’s efforts to defend himself, Ryan’s dominant position and relentless pressure proved too much for him. The match showcased Ryan’s superior skills and tactics, as he was able to control the flow of the match and secure a victory. Winning by submission with tactics was a key objective for Ryan, and he achieved his goal in this match.

Match Details

Gaudio’s Foot Sweeps

The match started with Patrick Gaudio attempting foot sweeps on Gordon Ryan. Gaudio was looking to walk Ryan to the left side to catch his foot with a foot sweep called “yashi.” However, Ryan was aware of the technique and defended against it effectively. Gaudio’s foot sweeps were a part of his wrestling arsenal, but Ryan was well-prepared to counter them.

Gordon Ryan’s Undefeated Record

Gordon Ryan had an impressive undefeated record and had established himself as one of the best grapplers in the world. He had won multiple championships, including ADCC and the World Nogi Championships. His dominance in the sport made him a feared opponent, and competitors were eager to challenge him and be the first to submit him. Gaudio was one of the few opponents who had come close to defeating Ryan in previous matches.

Corner Support

Throughout the match, Gordon Ryan had the support of his coaches, John Danaher and Gary Tonon, in his corner. Their guidance and expertise played a crucial role in Ryan’s performance. Coaches have a unique perspective and can provide valuable advice and strategy during the match. Danaher and Tonon’s presence in Ryan’s corner further added to his advantage in the matchup.

Winning by Submission with Tactics

For Gordon Ryan, winning by submission with tactics was a key objective in this match. His ability to surprise his opponents and utilize innovative techniques made him a force to be reckoned with. Ryan’s tactical approach allowed him to control the flow of the match, shut down his opponent’s offense, and secure victory. His submission skills, combined with his strategic mindset, proved to be a winning combination.

Gordon Ryan vs Patrick Gaudio | Tezos WNO 20: Night of Champions

Techniques and Movements

Ghost Technique Cross Face

One of the techniques utilized by Gordon Ryan was the ghost technique cross face. He placed his hand in the middle of his opponent’s back and used his weight to control and immobilize them. The cross face was an effective way to shut down his opponent’s movements and minimize their ability to escape or mount an offense.

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Using Weight to Control

Gordon Ryan utilized his weight effectively to control his opponent, Patrick Gaudio. By placing his weight strategically and exerting pressure in the right areas, Ryan was able to limit Gaudio’s movement and make it difficult for him to escape or defend. This technique allowed Ryan to maintain a dominant position and dictate the pace of the match.

Creating Distance and Scrambling

Patrick Gaudio attempted to create distance and scramble to escape from Gordon Ryan’s control. Creating distance is a common strategy employed by grapplers to regain control and create opportunities for offense. However, Ryan was quick to shut down Gaudio’s attempts to create distance and scramble, using his cross face and weight to maintain control.

Shutting Down with Cross Face

By applying a cross face, Gordon Ryan effectively shut down his opponent’s offense. The cross face made it difficult for Gaudio to initiate any movements or submissions, as Ryan’s control and pressure restricted his mobility. Shutting down his opponent’s offense allowed Ryan to maintain a dominant position and continue to advance towards victory.

Good Position with Underhook

Gordon Ryan maintained a good position with an underhook, which further enhanced his control over Patrick Gaudio. The underhook allowed Ryan to control Gaudio’s movements and limit his options for escape. By maintaining this advantageous position, Ryan was able to dictate the flow of the match and set up his attacks effectively.

Back Position and Mount

Throughout the match, Gordon Ryan was able to secure his opponent’s back position and mount. The back position and mount are dominant positions in grappling, allowing the attacker to apply various submissions and control their opponent effectively. Ryan’s ability to secure these positions demonstrated his technical skill and strategic thinking.

Applying Mother’s Milk Choke

Gordon Ryan was known for his arsenal of submissions, and one technique that he attempted was the mother’s milk choke. This submission involves applying pressure to the opponent’s neck to force them to tap out. While Ryan did not fully execute this technique in the match, he showcased his ability to threaten his opponent with a wide range of submissions.

Countering Movements

Throughout the match, Gordon Ryan displayed his ability to counter his opponent’s movements effectively. He anticipated Gaudio’s attempts to create distance and scramble, and he countered these movements with precision and control. Ryan’s ability to read his opponent’s actions and respond accordingly showcased his high-level grappling skills.

Running Out of Steam

As the match progressed, Patrick Gaudio began to show signs of fatigue. The physical demands of grappling can be draining, and Gaudio’s efforts to escape from Ryan’s control took a toll on his energy reserves. Running out of steam made it increasingly difficult for Gaudio to mount a comeback and turn the tide of the match in his favor.

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Improvement and Comparisons

Proving Improvement from Previous Match

Gordon Ryan aimed to prove his improvement from his previous match against Patrick Gaudio. In their previous encounter, Gaudio had pushed Ryan to the limit, and Ryan acknowledged that he could have been defeated if Gaudio had a few extra grips or advantages. The rematch was an opportunity for Ryan to showcase how much better he had become in the years since their last match.

Winning by Submission with Armbar

In this match, Gordon Ryan secured victory by submission with an armbar. The armbar is a classic grappling submission that involves hyperextending the opponent’s elbow joint. Ryan’s ability to capitalize on this opportunity and secure a submission victory showcased his technical prowess and ability to finish matches decisively.

Promoting BJ Fanatics Instructional

During the match, Gordon Ryan promoted an instructional by BJ Fanatics on armbar techniques. This promotion highlighted Ryan’s commitment to sharing his knowledge and techniques with the grappling community. By endorsing instructional materials, Ryan aimed to help others improve their grappling skills and contribute to the growth of the sport.

Difference from 2018 Match

The match between Gordon Ryan and Patrick Gaudio in 2022 showcased a difference in Ryan’s game compared to their previous encounter in 2018. Ryan had improved his skills significantly, and he was able to assert his dominance over Gaudio in a more decisive manner. The match demonstrated Ryan’s growth as a grappler and provided evidence of his continuous improvement.

Speaker’s Performance and Future Plans

Speaker’s Performance Overview

The speaker, representing Gordon Ryan, was pleased with their performance in the match. They were able to execute their game plan effectively, shutting down their opponent’s offense and securing a submission victory. The speaker acknowledged the importance of tactics in their game and demonstrated their ability to utilize tactics successfully in the match.

Potential Opponents and Matches

Looking ahead, the speaker mentioned potential opponents and matches they were interested in. They expressed a desire to fight a Russian competitor who had been calling them out. In addition, they mentioned the possibility of facing opponents they had not competed against or submitted before. The speaker highlighted Victor and Lucas as potential opponents, with Lucas Barbosa being the likely choice for their next match.

Watching and Responding to Lucas Barbosa’s Video

The speaker planned to watch a video by Lucas Barbosa and respond to it later. This gesture indicated their commitment to studying their opponents and adjusting their game plan accordingly. By analyzing their opponents’ techniques and strategies, the speaker aimed to prepare effectively for their upcoming matches.

Expectations for the Next Match

The speaker had expectations for their next match, which could potentially be against Hulk. They anticipated seeing their opponent spazzing around on the mat and getting exhausted before eventually being submitted. The speaker believed that this match would be indicative of the typical matchups they encountered, highlighting their confidence in their abilities and their dominance in the sport.


In conclusion, the match between Gordon Ryan and Patrick Gaudio showcased the skills and tactics of both athletes. Gordon Ryan’s tactical approach and superior grappling abilities allowed him to secure a victory by submission. The match highlighted Ryan’s growth as a grappler and his ability to continuously improve his game. Moving forward, Ryan had plans to face new opponents and continue his dominance in the sport. The speaker was congratulated on their victory, acknowledging the hard work and dedication they put into their training and preparation for the match.

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