Tezos WNO 20: Night of Champions Official Weigh In Video

Tezos WNO 20: Night of Champions Official Weigh In Video

The 20th edition of Tezo’s WNO is just around the corner, and the athletes gathered to weigh in ahead of the big event on October 1st. The night promises an exciting lineup, with two undercard matches that can be watched for free on YouTube, followed by the rest of the matches available for pay-per-view on flowgrappling.com. With five title belts on the line, including men’s heavyweight, women’s heavyweight, women’s 145, and two brackets for men’s 145 and 170, it’s sure to be a night of thrilling grappling action. Plus, there’s the added excitement of some seasoned veterans of the sport coming together to clash once again. The weigh-in ceremony kicked off with the undercard matches, featuring Stefan Bonta and Thomas Bratcher in the men’s heavyweight division, as well as Tynara Victoria and Tiffany Butler in the women’s flyweight division. With the preliminary matches available for free on YouTube and the main card pay-per-view event on flowgrappling.com, fans won’t want to miss out on all the high-level jiu-jitsu action and the crowning of the new “who’s number one” champions. Tezos WNO 20: Night of Champions Official Weigh In Video

Welcome to the Tezos WNO 20: Night of Champions Official Weigh In Video! This event, presented by Fat Tire, is set to be an exciting night of grappling with incredible matches on the line. The athletes from the 20th edition of Tezos WNO hit the scales ahead of the big event on Oct 1. Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe to access all of the latest jiu-jitsu videos!

Undercard Matches

We kick off the night with two undercard matches, which will be available for free on our YouTube channel. Stefan Bonta and Thomas Bratcher will face off in a men’s heavyweight match. Stefan weighed in at 227.2 pounds, while Thomas came in at 218.6 pounds. These two competitors are ready to put on a show, and we’re excited to see them in action.

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Next, we have a women’s flyweight match between Tynara Victoria and Tiffany Butler. Tynara weighed in at 124.2 pounds, while Tiffany came in at 124.6 pounds. These talented athletes will surely bring their A-game and deliver an intense match.

Preliminary Matches on YouTube

After the undercard matches, we move on to the main card, but before that, we have some preliminary matches that you can watch for free on our YouTube channel. These matches serve as a great warm-up before the highly anticipated main card.

Main Card Matches on Flow Grappling

The main card matches, however, will be available exclusively on Flow Grappling. These are the matches that you won’t want to miss, and they are worth the pay-per-view. We have five title belts on the line, including the men’s heavyweight, women’s heavyweight, women’s 145, men’s 145 bracket, and men’s 170 bracket.

Men’s Heavyweight Match: Stefan Bonta vs Thomas Bratcher

In the men’s heavyweight match, Stefan Bonta, weighing in at 227.2 pounds, will go head-to-head against Thomas Bratcher, who weighed in at 218.6 pounds. Both athletes are ready to bring their strength and skills to the mat, and we can expect an intense battle between these two competitors.

Women’s Flyweight Match: Tynara Victoria vs Tiffany Butler

Tynara Victoria, weighing in at 124.2 pounds, will face off against Tiffany Butler, who weighed in at 124.6 pounds. These two talented women will showcase their agility and technique in this flyweight match, and we can anticipate a display of skillful grappling from both athletes.

Men’s Heavyweight Match: Rafael Lovato Jr vs Ricardo Evangelista

Rafael Lovato Jr, weighing in at 218 pounds, will take on Ricardo Evangelista, who weighed in at 261.6 pounds, in the men’s heavyweight match. These two experienced fighters bring years of training and expertise to the match, and we can expect a thrilling showdown between them.

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Men’s 145 Pound Bracket Match 1: Diego Hayes vs Keith Krikorian

Diego Hayes and Keith Krikorian will go head-to-head in the first match of the men’s 145-pound bracket. Diego weighed in at 144.6 pounds, while Keith also weighed in at 144.6 pounds. This match promises to be a highly competitive clash between two top contenders in the division.

Men’s 145 Pound Bracket Match 2: Gabriel Souza vs Ash Williams

Gabriel Souza, weighing in at 144.2 pounds, will face off against Ash Williams, who weighed in at 144.8 pounds, in the second match of the men’s 145-pound bracket. Both fighters are known for their incredible skills and determination, and this match will surely be a nail-biter.

Men’s 170 Pound Bracket Match 1: Mika Galvao vs Jay Rodriguez

Mika Galvao, weighing in at 169.0 pounds, will compete against Jay Rodriguez, who weighed in at 168.6 pounds, in the first match of the men’s 170-pound bracket. These two grapplers possess impressive techniques and will undoubtedly put on a show for the audience.

Men’s 170 Pound Bracket Match 2: Andrew Tackett vs PJ Barge

Andrew Tackett will face off against PJ Barge in the second match of the men’s 170-pound bracket. Andrew weighed in at 170.0 pounds, while PJ weighed in at 169.4 pounds. Both fighters have proven their skills in the grappling world, and this match is sure to be intense.

Women’s 145 Pound Title Match: Brianna St Marie vs Elizabeth Clay

Brianna St Marie, weighing in at 143.0 pounds, will compete against Elizabeth Clay, who weighed in at 144.4 pounds, in the women’s 145-pound title match. This match will determine the champion in the division, and both athletes will leave no stone unturned in their quest for victory.

Women’s Heavyweight Title Match: Rafaela Gettys vs Nachali De Jesus

The women’s heavyweight title match will see Rafaela Gettys, who weighed in at 175.4 pounds, defending her title against Nachali De Jesus, who weighed in at 184.4 pounds. This match features two powerful and skilled athletes vying for the championship, and it is sure to be an electrifying encounter.

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Men’s Heavyweight Title Match: Gordon Ryan vs Patrick Gaudio

In the main event of the evening, the men’s heavyweight title will be on the line as Gordon Ryan, weighing in at 228 pounds, takes on Patrick Gaudio, who weighed in at 225.4 pounds. These two giants of the sport will battle it out for the prestigious title, and the match promises to be a clash of titans.


The Tezos WNO 20: Night of Champions is set to be a thrilling and action-packed event. With a stacked card featuring top-level competitors and multiple title matches, fans can expect an unforgettable night of grappling. Make sure to tune in on October 1st at 6 PM to witness all the excitement unfold.

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