Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena | Vlog Ep. 2: Felipe Training Session in Houston

Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena | Vlog Ep. 2: Felipe Training Session in Houston

In the latest vlog episode by FloGrappling, viewers are given an inside look into the training session of Gordon Ryan as he prepares for his upcoming match against Felipe Pena. Set to take place at WNO on Sunday, August 7th, this highly anticipated no time limit match has garnered a lot of attention in the world of jiu jitsu. Gordon Ryan is known for his technical abilities and is widely regarded as one of the best in the sport. On the other hand, Felipe Pena also possesses impressive skills and has a calm and collected demeanor, even in challenging situations. As the training session unfolds, the video captures the intense preparation and offers a glimpse into the mindset of both fighters leading up to this epic showdown.

Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena | Vlog Ep. 2: Felipe Training Session in Houston

Preparations for the No Time Limit Match

In this vlog episode, we get a behind-the-scenes look into Felipe Pena’s training session in Houston as he prepares for his highly anticipated no time limit match against Gordon Ryan. Pena is focused and determined, putting in the hard work and preparation required for such a high-stakes match. His training sessions are intense and rigorous, showcasing his commitment and dedication to the sport of jiu jitsu.

Glimpse into Gordon Ryan’s Life

While this vlog episode primarily focuses on Felipe Pena’s training session, we also get a glimpse into the life of Gordon Ryan. Though we may only know him through his online presence, this behind-the-scenes footage reminds us that he is an athlete who dedicates himself to his craft. Ryan is known for his technical abilities, and this vlog episode gives us a brief insight into his training regime and the effort he puts into honing his skills.

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Importance of the Match

The match between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena carries significant importance in the world of submission grappling. Both athletes are considered among the very best in the sport, and their clash is eagerly anticipated by fans and fellow athletes alike. This match has captured the attention of the grappling community due to the high skill level and reputation of both competitors. It represents a showdown between two giants of the sport, and the outcome will undoubtedly have an impact on the future of jiu jitsu.

Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena | Vlog Ep. 2: Felipe Training Session in Houston

Relationship Between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena

Despite the anticipation and rivalry surrounding their upcoming match, it is clear that there is a relationship between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena, even if it is not a personal one. Pena acknowledges Ryan’s technical abilities and recognizes their shared lineage in terms of coaching and training. This acknowledgment shows a level of respect and appreciation for each other’s skills, setting the stage for a competitive and highly skilled match between two great athletes.

Technical Abilities of Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan is widely recognized for his technical abilities in the world of submission grappling. His skill set is often praised and admired by his peers and fans alike. Ryan possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of jiu jitsu and demonstrates an ability to execute complex techniques with precision and fluidity. His technical prowess in various positions, as well as his ability to transition seamlessly between them, makes him a formidable opponent on the mats.

Pressure on Gordon Ryan

As one of the most well-known figures in the world of submission grappling, Gordon Ryan faces a significant amount of pressure going into this match against Felipe Pena. Ryan’s outspoken nature and confidence can often attract attention and scrutiny. The outcome of this match will not only impact his reputation but may also influence how he is perceived within the grappling community. The pressure to perform and prove himself will undoubtedly be an added weight on his shoulders.

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Philippe’s Guard

Felipe Pena’s guard is often considered one of his strengths in the world of jiu jitsu. He has shown an incredible ability to remain calm and collected even in precarious situations. Pena’s guard has proven to be effective in many of his previous matches, allowing him to neutralize his opponent’s attacks while setting up his own submissions. It is likely that we will see Pena relying heavily on his guard during his match against Gordon Ryan, showcasing his technical prowess and defensive abilities.

Prediction for the Match

Predicting the outcome of a high-level match between two elite grapplers is no easy task. Both Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena possess tremendous skill and technique, making this match difficult to call. It is likely to be a long and grueling battle, with both athletes showcasing their abilities and resilience on the mats. Whoever can impose their game plan effectively and capitalize on their opponent’s mistakes will likely come out on top. Ultimately, only time will tell who will emerge victorious in this highly anticipated matchup.

Personal Feelings About the Match

From the vlog episode, it is evident that Felipe Pena does not hold any personal animosity towards Gordon Ryan. While he acknowledges the significance of their upcoming match and the pressure on Ryan, Pena remains focused on his own preparation and performance. Pena has experienced victories and defeats in the past, and he understands the importance of approaching each match with a personal drive to succeed. His own experiences have shaped his perspective, and he no longer takes losses personally. Instead, Pena focuses on using those losses as motivation to improve and come out victorious in his future matches.


The vlog episode highlighting Felipe Pena’s training session in Houston offers viewers a rare glimpse into the life and mindset of a top-level athlete preparing for an important match. The match between Pena and Ryan holds immense significance within the world of submission grappling, and both athletes are aware of the pressure and expectations placed upon them. The technical abilities and grappling prowess of both Pena and Ryan are undeniable, setting the stage for an exciting and highly anticipated showdown. Only time will reveal who will emerge victorious in this clash between two of the sport’s best, but one thing is certain – the grappling community eagerly awaits the outcome of this monumental match.

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