Gordon Ryan Talks Proper Prediction, WNO Win, And Nov 30th Match With Lucas ‘Hulk’ Barbosa

Gordon Ryan Talks Proper Prediction, WNO Win, And Nov 30th Match With Lucas ‘Hulk’ Barbosa

In an exclusive interview with FloGrappling, Gordon Ryan opens up about his recent victory and his highly anticipated match against Lucas ‘Hulk’ Barbosa on November 30th. Ryan talks about how his prediction for the match came true, using a unique arm bar setup involving a baby doll arm attached to a bottle of whiskey. He also shares insights into his instructional video on arm bars, where he covers various setups and positions. Ryan reveals that he wanted to showcase his progress and dominance in the match, and expresses his gratitude to his team, sponsors, and fans, both supporters and haters. Despite a long break from Jiu Jitsu competitions, Ryan feels good and is excited to be healthy and competing again.

In his candid conversation with FloGrappling, Gordon Ryan provides a glimpse into his recent win and upcoming match with Lucas ‘Hulk’ Barbosa. Ryan discusses his successful prediction for the match and shares details about his instructional video on arm bars. He sheds light on his opponent’s tactics during the match and how he dealt with them. Ryan expresses his desire to show his progress and dominance, and acknowledges the support of his team, sponsors, and fans. He also mentions Lucas ‘Hulk’ Barbosa’s call-out and expresses his excitement for their match in November.

Gordon Ryan Talks Proper Prediction, WNO Win, And Nov 30th Match With Lucas Hulk Barbosa

Introduction to Gordon Ryan’s recent win and upcoming match

Gordon Ryan, the renowned jiu-jitsu practitioner, has recently achieved a significant win at the Woodley vs. Paul event. This victory has further solidified his position as the number one nogi grappler on Earth. But Ryan doesn’t plan on taking a break anytime soon. He has announced an upcoming match with Lucas ‘Hulk’ Barbosa on November 30th, a highly anticipated event that holds great importance for Ryan’s career.

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Discussion on Gordon Ryan’s prediction for the match

Ryan is known for his ability to make accurate predictions about the outcome of his matches. For his upcoming bout with Barbosa, Ryan employed a unique and creative method to make his prediction. He took a baby doll’s arm, symbolizing an armbar, and attached it to a bottle of proper whiskey. He believed that this unconventional visual representation embodied the essence of a proper armbar. Ryan’s prediction came true during the match, proving once again his ability to read the game and make accurate judgments.

Ryan’s instructional video on arm bars

In addition to his match preparation, Ryan released an instructional video focused on arm bars. Unlike his previous instructionals that covered various arm bar setups, this video starts directly with the arm bar position and then explores different arm bars from both top and bottom positions. Ryan highlights different leg positions, grip breaks, and various options contingent upon the partner’s hand position. This video has been well-received by the jiu-jitsu community, as it offers valuable insights into Ryan’s expertise in executing arm bars.

Analysis of opponent’s tactics and how Ryan dealt with them

Lucas ‘Hulk’ Barbosa, Ryan’s upcoming opponent, is known for his relentless attacking style and effective use of passing positions. Ryan extensively studied Barbosa’s tactics, allowing him to formulate a strategy to counter and neutralize them. Ryan anticipated that Barbosa would dig his hands underneath Ryan’s legs to try to escape from guard and employ d-passes. Although it took Ryan some time to deal with these tactics, he eventually managed to gain control by using double unders technique and overcoming Barbosa’s strength. Ryan’s ability to adapt and find solutions on the spot played a crucial role in securing his victory.

Ryan’s desire to show progress and dominance in the match

Ryan entered his recent match with Barbosa not only aiming for a win but also seeking to showcase his growth and development as a jiu-jitsu practitioner. He wanted to demonstrate that he is progressing faster than his contemporaries. Ryan achieved this by dominating the match, constantly transitioning between guard and passing positions, and ultimately securing a mounted armbar. Maintaining mental and physical dominance throughout the match was essential for Ryan to establish his superiority over his opponent.

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The feeling of returning to Jiu Jitsu competitions after a long break

After a 290-day hiatus from jiu-jitsu competitions, Ryan expressed his excitement and enthusiasm about returning to the mat. He admitted to experiencing nerves before the match but explained that they were not any stronger than his previous competitive experiences. Ryan’s confidence and belief in his abilities remained intact even after a long break. The win against Barbosa was of particular significance because it solidified his return and boosted his confidence for future competitions.

Lucas ‘Hulk’ Barbosa calling out Gordon Ryan

During the recent event, Lucas ‘Hulk’ Barbosa called out Gordon Ryan, expressing his desire for a rematch. Ryan initially responded with indifference, stating that Barbosa was likely rambling about unrealistic beliefs in his ability to defeat Ryan. Despite Barbosa’s call-out, Ryan maintains a relaxed and confident stance, fully prepared to face him once again. The upcoming match between Ryan and Barbosa holds considerable anticipation and excitement for both competitors and fans.

Expressing gratitude to team and supporters

Ryan took the opportunity to express his gratitude to his team and supporters. He acknowledged the importance of having a strong support system throughout his career. From his longtime coach Gary to his training partners and teammates, Ryan recognized their unwavering support and dedication. He also extended his appreciation to his friends, sponsors, and fans, both supporters and critics alike. Ryan emphasized how thankful he is for their continued support and emphasized that it plays a significant role in his success.

Acknowledging sponsors and fans

Ryan took a moment to acknowledge his sponsors, who have played a crucial role in his journey. He mentioned the gear he wears, such as Future, and expressed his gratitude for their support. Ryan also expressed his happiness at being in good health and able to compete again. He emphasized the importance of having fans, including both supporters and haters, who watch and closely follow his matches. Their interest and engagement motivate him to perform at his best and push his limits.

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In conclusion, Gordon Ryan’s recent win and upcoming match with Lucas ‘Hulk’ Barbosa have generated immense interest and excitement within the jiu-jitsu community. Ryan’s accurate prediction, instructional video, and analysis of his opponent’s tactics showcase his expertise and strategic mindset. He remains focused on progress and dominance, while his return to competition after a long break brings forth a renewed sense of enthusiasm. With gratitude for his team, supporters, and sponsors, Gordon Ryan looks forward to future matches and a promising future in the world of jiu-jitsu.

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