Andre Galvao Shares How Felipe Pena Came To Do His WNO Camp At Atos

Andre Galvao Shares How Felipe Pena Came To Do His WNO Camp At Atos

In a recent video by FloGrappling, Andre Galvao, the team leader of Atos, shares the intriguing story of how Felipe Pena ended up doing his WNO (Who’s Number One) camp at Atos. Despite their intense rivalry after Pena defeated Galvao in 2014, they were able to set aside their differences and mend their relationship. Galvao highlights the growth they both experienced as fighters through their rivalry and expresses his admiration for Pena’s skills and character. It was Pena who reached out to Galvao, expressing his interest in training at Atos and seeking Galvao’s help. After discussions with the team, they all agreed to have Pena join them, recognizing the opportunity for mutual growth and learning from each other. The unexpected partnership between Galvao and Pena is a testament to the unpredictable nature of the sport and the willingness of competitors to put their differences aside in pursuit of improvement and success.

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History and Rivalry with Felipe Pena

Introduction to the rivalry

In the world of jiu jitsu, rivalries are often fierce and intense. One such rivalry that captivated the sport’s fans was the matchup between Andre Galvao and Felipe Pena. Their rivalry began after Pena defeated Galvao in 2014, a loss that ignited a competitive fire between them. Their rivalry extended beyond the mat, with tension and animosity becoming apparent even in their interactions off the mat.

Defeat in 2014

The defeat at the hands of Felipe Pena in 2014 was a turning point in Andre Galvao’s career. Galvao had been one of the top competitors in his weight division, and Pena’s victory marked a significant upset. The defeat fueled a desire within Galvao to improve and regain his standing in the sport. Their rivalry intensified as Galvao sought to prove himself and reclaim his title as the best in their weight class.

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Off-the-mat tension

After their initial encounter, Galvao and Pena found themselves unable to maintain a cordial relationship. The tension between them extended beyond the competition, and it became apparent that their rivalry had become personal. The two would often exchange hostile glances, and their interactions were characterized by animosity and silence. The rift between them seemed insurmountable, leaving little hope for reconciliation.

Reconciliation and friendship

Despite the intense rivalry and bitter history, a surprising turn of events occurred. Galvao and Pena found themselves engaged in a conversation after one of their matches. This conversation served as a catalyst for reconciliation and the start of a newfound friendship. Galvao also had the opportunity to meet Pena’s father, a kind and friendly man who played a significant role in bridging the gap between the two fighters. The conversation and subsequent meeting laid the foundation for a relationship built on mutual respect and understanding.

Meeting Felipe’s Father

Positive impression

When Galvao first met Felipe Pena’s father, he was struck by the man’s warmth and kindness. Pena’s father made an effort to establish a genuine connection with Galvao, recognizing the importance of mending the strained relationship between his son and Galvao. Galvao felt that Pena’s father was a person of integrity and sincerity, which left a lasting positive impression on him.

Building trust and friendship

As Galvao and Pena’s father got to know each other better, a sense of trust began to develop. Pena’s father played a vital role in bridging the gap between the two fighters, facilitating conversations and encouraging them to put their differences aside. Through their interactions, Galvao and Pena’s father built a foundation of friendship and camaraderie, laying the groundwork for the eventual reconciliation between Galvao and Pena.

Andre Galvao Shares How Felipe Pena Came To Do His WNO Camp At Atos

Developing a Friendship

Mutual respect and admiration

Once Galvao and Pena put their rivalry behind them, they discovered a shared admiration for each other’s skills and achievements. They recognized the immense talent and dedication it took to reach the top of their respective weight divisions and began to respect one another’s abilities. This mutual respect served as a solid foundation for their friendship.

Common opponents

Galvao and Pena realized that they shared a considerable number of common opponents in the sport. As they discussed their past matches and experiences, they found themselves bonding over the challenges they faced and the strategies they employed to overcome their opponents. Their shared experiences as rivals now became an avenue for learning and growth, as they exchanged insights and techniques.

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Helping each other grow

Despite their past rivalry, Galvao and Pena recognized the value in helping each other improve as athletes. They began training together, sharing their knowledge and expertise to push each other to new heights. Galvao saw Pena’s potential and was determined to assist him in becoming an even better fighter. The exchange of techniques and the friendly competition between the two started a journey of growth and improvement for both fighters.

Felipe Pena’s Decision to Train at Atos

Felipe’s initial request

After some time had passed since their reconciliation, Felipe Pena expressed a desire to train at Atos, the gym led by Andre Galvao. Pena approached Galvao with the request, hoping to immerse himself in a new training environment to further develop his skills. The request came as a surprise to Galvao, as he never anticipated that Pena would seek to train alongside him.

Approval from the team

Galvao took Pena’s request to the rest of the team at Atos, seeking their input and approval. The team members were welcoming and open to the idea of Pena training with them. Recognizing the potential benefits of having a skilled athlete like Pena join their ranks, the team unanimously agreed to allow Pena to train at Atos.

Becoming part of the team

With the team’s approval, Felipe Pena became a member of Atos. He joined the training sessions and quickly integrated himself into the team dynamic. The transition was smooth, thanks in large part to the positive attitude and willingness of both Pena and the Atos team members to embrace the opportunity for growth and mutual benefit.

Benefits of Felipe’s Presence at Atos

Skill exchange

Felipe Pena’s presence at Atos brought forth numerous advantages for both him and the team. One of the key benefits was the opportunity for a skill exchange between Pena and the other team members. Pena’s unique techniques and insights allowed the team to expand their repertoire and gain a fresh perspective on their training.

Learning from each other

The collaboration between Pena and the Atos team created an environment of learning and growth for everyone involved. Pena shared his knowledge and experiences, enabling the team to enhance their understanding of jiu jitsu. At the same time, Pena absorbed the wisdom and expertise of his new training partners, further refining his own skills.

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Felipe’s technical prowess

Felipe Pena’s technical prowess was unquestionable, and his training at Atos only served to enhance his abilities. As he trained alongside some of the best athletes in the world, Pena continued to refine his technique and elevate his game to new heights. His presence in the gym inspired his teammates and pushed them to strive for excellence.

Positive impact on the team

Felipe Pena’s integration into the Atos team had a profoundly positive impact on the overall dynamic of the gym. His presence brought a renewed sense of camaraderie and unity, with everyone working towards a common goal of excellence. The team members found themselves motivated by Pena’s dedication and passion for the sport, creating a supportive and uplifting training environment.

Comparisons to a Rocky Movie

An unexpected turn of events

The story of Andre Galvao and Felipe Pena bears some resemblance to the plot of a Rocky movie. What once started as a fierce rivalry eventually transformed into a partnership built on mutual respect and friendship. The unexpected turn of events created a narrative similar to the heartwarming stories often depicted in the Rocky film series.

Helping each other succeed

Just like the characters in a Rocky movie, Galvao and Pena realized the value of helping each other succeed. They recognized that their individual journeys were connected, and by supporting and uplifting one another, they could both achieve greatness. Their collaboration became a source of motivation and inspiration, much like the relationships portrayed in the iconic film franchise.

A unique and inspiring story

The story of Galvao and Pena’s transformation from rivals to friends is unique and inspiring. It serves as a reminder that even in the world of intense competition, friendships can be forged, and mutual growth can be achieved. The tale captures the essence of sportsmanship and the capacity for change and personal growth, captivating fans of jiu jitsu around the world.


Reflecting on the journey of Andre Galvao and Felipe Pena, it is evident that their history and rivalry have had a profound impact on their lives and the world of jiu jitsu. Despite their initial animosity, they were able to put their differences aside and develop a genuine friendship. The influence of Felipe Pena’s presence at Atos has been overwhelmingly positive, benefiting both him and the team. Their story resembles that of a Rocky movie, with its unexpected turns and inspiring themes of growth and camaraderie. As they continue to support and uplift each other, Galvao and Pena hold a positive outlook for their future in the sport. Their journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of friendship and the lasting impact it can have on the world of jiu jitsu.

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