All Access: Gordon Ryan Trains For Felipe Pena

All Access: Gordon Ryan Trains For Felipe Pena

Get an inside look at Gordon Ryan’s training routine in Austin, Texas as he prepares for his highly anticipated match against Felipe Pena. In this video by FloGrappling, viewers are treated to a glimpse of Ryan’s morning routine, including his breakfast made by Sunny, his anti-acid medicine routine, and his drive to training in his trusty Corolla. Ryan’s focus on jiu jitsu is evident as he explains that his only priority in life now is the sport, and he embraces the suffering that comes with it. With dedicated training sessions, lifting, sauna, and ice baths, Ryan’s rigorous routine reflects his commitment to succeeding in his match against Pena.

As the day progresses, Ryan’s training intensifies with a more challenging session in the afternoon. Viewers get a taste of the drills and techniques Ryan incorporates into his training, focusing on arm drags, hand positioning, and countering techniques. With a clear goal in mind, Ryan is determined to give his all in his preparation for the upcoming match. So, follow along with Ryan’s journey as he prepares to face off against Pena, and get an exclusive look into the world of jiu jitsu training at the highest level.

Gordon Ryan’s Morning Routine

Gordon Ryan, one of the most renowned figures in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, has a well-established morning routine that sets the tone for his day. His routine revolves around his training schedule, ensuring that he maximizes his physical and mental abilities to excel in the sport he loves.

Morning Class at Eight

Every morning, Gordon Ryan attends a training class at eight o’clock. This class serves as a foundation for his day, allowing him to sharpen his skills, learn new techniques, and engage with fellow practitioners. By starting his day with a training session, Ryan kickstarts his body and mind, priming himself for the challenges that lie ahead.

Breakfast Routine

Before his morning class, Ryan ensures that he fuels his body with a nutritious breakfast. His breakfast is meticulously prepared by his partner, Sunny. This meal provides him with the necessary energy to sustain a rigorous training session and supports his overall performance on the mats. Ryan understands the importance of proper nutrition in optimizing his athletic abilities, and his breakfast routine reflects this commitment.

Anti-Acid Medication

As part of his morning routine, Ryan takes anti-acid or antacid medication. This medication is necessary for him as it helps manage his acid reflux condition. It is crucial for Ryan to allow some time to pass before eating after taking this medication, hence the need to plan his breakfast accordingly. By addressing his health issues proactively, Ryan ensures that he can train and perform at his best without any hindrances or discomfort.

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Lifting After Class

Following his morning training session, Ryan often incorporates weightlifting into his routine. While he may feel fatigued after the intense training, he recognizes the importance of strength and conditioning in Jiu-Jitsu. By dedicating time to lifting weights, Ryan aims to enhance his physical power, build muscle endurance, and improve his overall performance on the mats.

Gordon Ryan’s Training Schedule

To achieve his exceptional level of skill and dominance in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Gordon Ryan maintains a comprehensive training schedule. This schedule is designed to allow him to maximize his training hours, focusing on different aspects of his athleticism and technical prowess.

Morning Class

Ryan’s training schedule starts with his morning class, as previously mentioned. This session serves as the foundation for his day and accompanies a specific focus on warm-up exercises, drilling techniques, and engaging in lighter rounds of sparring. The purpose of this lighter training in the morning is to prepare his body for the more intense afternoon session while still allowing for skill refinement and technical practice.

Afternoon Class

In the afternoon, Ryan immerses himself in another training session. This session is typically more rigorous, involving longer sparring rounds and a higher intensity of training. It is during these afternoon classes that he pushes his physical and mental limits, testing his skills against formidable opponents and constantly striving for improvement.


Intertwined with his training classes is Ryan’s dedication to lifting weights. Weightlifting plays a pivotal role in his training schedule, aiding in the development of functional strength, explosive power, and injury prevention. By incorporating lifting into his routine, Ryan seeks to enhance his grappling performance, optimizing his ability to execute techniques with precision and effectiveness.

Sauna and Ice Bath

To aid in his recovery and overall physical well-being, Ryan includes time for sauna and ice bath sessions. Saunas help him to relax and unwind, promoting the release of toxins through sweating. Ice baths, on the other hand, reduce inflammation and muscle soreness, facilitating faster recovery and minimizing the risk of injuries. By incorporating these recovery methods into his routine, Ryan ensures that his body is primed for consistent and effective training.


Sleep is a crucial component of Gordon Ryan’s training schedule. Recognizing the importance of rest and recovery, Ryan prioritizes getting enough sleep each night. Adequate sleep enables his body to repair and rejuvenate, facilitating muscle growth and optimizing his cognitive function. By making sleep a priority, Ryan enhances his overall performance and maintains the necessary energy levels to excel in his training sessions.

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All Access: Gordon Ryan Trains For Felipe Pena

Gordon Ryan’s Car Choice

While Gordon Ryan is known for his excellence in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he also has a unique perspective on his choice of transportation. Unlike many professional athletes who opt for luxury sports cars, Ryan’s daily driver is a Corolla. This choice reflects his commitment to simplicity, routine, and his unwavering focus on his training.

Driving the Corolla

Ryan explains that he drives the Corolla on weekdays, reserving weekends for more high-performance and testosterone-inducing cars. Despite the Corolla being a “miserable” car in his eyes, he acknowledges that it is actually quite reliable and comfortable to drive. The choice to drive the Corolla aligns with his goal of simplifying his life and minimizing distractions, allowing him to fully devote himself to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Weekend vs. Weekday Cars

On weekends, Ryan indulges in the excitement of driving high-performance cars. However, during weekdays, he consciously chooses the Corolla to maintain a sense of routine and discipline in his life. This decision signifies his dedication to his craft and the understanding that a consistent routine contributes to his success and fulfillment.

Routine and Focus

Driving the Corolla is not merely an arbitrary choice for Ryan. It symbolizes his commitment to routine and focus. By removing the decision-making process in choosing which car to drive every morning, he can eliminate unnecessary distractions and allocate his mental energy solely to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The Corolla represents the simplicity and singular-mindedness that fuels Ryan’s dedication to his sport.

8 A.M. Training Session

Gordon Ryan’s morning training session at 8 a.m. follows a different structure compared to his afternoon sessions. This lighter training session serves as a warm-up and preparation for the more intense training that lies ahead later in the day.

Lighter Training in the Morning

In the morning session, Ryan and his training partners engage in lighter training drills and rounds. This approach allows them to focus on refining their techniques, sharpening their movements, and honing their timing without exerting themselves to the same degree as in the afternoon. By gradually ramping up the intensity throughout the day, Ryan ensures that his body is adequately prepared for the demands of the sport.

No Standing Position Drill

One distinct aspect of the morning session is the absence of standing position drills. Unlike in the afternoon, where takedowns and wrestling techniques are a prominent part of the training, the morning session prioritizes positional drills on the ground. This emphasis allows Ryan to fine-tune his ground game and deepen his understanding of various positions crucial to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Shorter Rounds

To accommodate the lighter nature of the morning training session, the rounds of sparring are typically shorter. These shorter rounds enable Ryan and his training partners to focus on specific aspects of their game, refining their techniques and experimenting with different strategies. This deliberate approach to training helps foster a deeper understanding of the principles and intricacies of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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Warm-Up Session

The morning session also doubles as a warm-up session for Ryan. By engaging in lighter drills and rounds, his body gradually acclimates to the physical demands of the sport, reducing the risk of injury and preparing him for the more intensive training later in the day. This warm-up provides a solid foundation for Ryan to perform at his best and make the most of his training sessions.

Technique Training

With multiple World Championship titles to his name, Gordon Ryan’s training sessions encompass a wide range of techniques aimed at enhancing his grappling skills and dominance in the sport.

Arm Drag Drill

The arm drag drill is a fundamental technique that Ryan and his training partners frequently practice. This technique involves strategically grabbing and controlling the opponent’s arm, providing an opportunity to gain an advantageous position or execute a submission. By incessantly drilling this technique, Ryan ingrains the arm drag into his muscle memory, enabling him to apply it instinctively during live sparring and competitions.

Ombre Technique

Another technique frequently incorporated into Ryan’s training sessions is the Ombre technique. This technique, which involves circling up and around the opponent, provides an effective means of transitioning between different positions and gaining control in the grappling exchanges. By mastering the Ombre technique, Ryan broadens his offensive and defensive capabilities, allowing him to adapt to various situations during a match.

World Championship Level Training

Ryan’s training sessions are characterized by the intensity and level of skill present, mirroring the demands of world championship competitions. By consistently training at this high level, Ryan prepares himself mentally and physically for the pressure and challenges he encounters during major tournaments. The inclusion of world championship level training allows him to stay ahead of the curve and continuously evolve his game.

Gordon Ryan’s Confidence

Gordon Ryan exudes confidence both on and off the mats. This confidence stems from his unwavering belief in his abilities and his focus on mental preparation.

Feeling Good

After his morning sessions, Ryan expresses his confidence by stating that he feels good. This positive affirmation reflects his mindset and self-assurance in his skills. Feeling good is an essential component of Ryan’s overall mental preparation, contributing to his ability to perform at his peak and exploit his opponents’ weaknesses.

Sending Messages to Opponent

Ryan’s confidence is also demonstrated through his actions and interactions with his opponents. While training and competing, he strategically sends messages to his opponents, whether through dominant performances or psychological techniques. This psychological warfare serves to assert his dominance, instill doubt in his opponents, and tilt the mental scales in his favor. Ryan’s confidence is a key element in his success, allowing him to maintain a competitive edge in high-stakes matches.


Gordon Ryan’s morning routine, training schedule, car choice, and approach to technique training and confidence provide insights into his world as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. His commitment to routine, simplicity, and focus are evident in his daily life, allowing him to excel in the competitive realm of his chosen sport. Through his unwavering dedication to training and self-improvement, Gordon Ryan has established himself as one of the most dominant figures in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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