Ffion Davies Hunts Tarikoplatas In The Training Room

Ffion Davies Hunts Tarikoplatas In The Training Room

In the exciting video titled “Ffion Davies Hunts Tarikoplatas In The Training Room,” FloGrappling presents a thrilling display of Ffion Davies executing smooth tarikoplatas as she gears up for her upcoming title match against Jasmine Rocha on August 10th. The video showcases Ffion’s impressive skills and serves as a captivating preview of what she has in store for her opponent. Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to FloGrappling to catch all the latest action-packed jiu jitsu videos. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to follow FloGrappling on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates and thrilling content.

Taking the jiu jitsu world by storm, Ffion Davies’s intense preparation for her title match is captured in the exhilarating video “Ffion Davies Hunts Tarikoplatas In The Training Room” by FloGrappling. Demonstrating her mastery of the tarikoplata technique with seamless execution, Ffion proves she is a formidable force in the upcoming bout against Jasmine Rocha. Stay up to date with all the latest jiu jitsu action and ensure you don’t miss out on any nail-biting moments by liking, commenting, and subscribing to FloGrappling. For a comprehensive experience, be sure to follow FloGrappling on their social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Ffion Davies Hunts Tarikoplatas In The Training Room


In the quest for excellence in any sport, training plays a vital role. It is in the training room where athletes push their limits, fine-tune their techniques, and prepare themselves mentally and physically for the challenges they will face on the mat. Ffion Davies, a skilled jiu jitsu practitioner, understands the significance of training and its direct impact on her performance. As she prepares for her title match against Jasmine Rocha, Ffion Davies hones her skills, focusing particularly on the elusive and highly effective submission move known as Tarikoplatas.

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Background information on Ffion Davies

Ffion Davies is no stranger to the world of jiu jitsu. With a career spanning several years, she has proven herself to be a formidable competitor in both national and international competitions. Her dedication and passion for the sport have propelled her to numerous accomplishments and accolades. Known for her technical prowess and exceptional grappling skills, Davies has become recognized as a specialist in the art of Tarikoplatas. This unique and challenging submission move sets her apart from her opponents and makes her a force to be reckoned with on the mat.

Background information on Tarikoplatas

Tarikoplatas, a submission technique originating from Brazil, has gained popularity in the jiu jitsu community for its effectiveness and versatility. The move involves trapping the opponent’s arm and leg while applying pressure to their shoulder, forcing them into a precarious and vulnerable position. This maneuver allows the practitioner to gain control over their opponent and potentially secure a submission victory. Tarikoplatas, with its intricate technical aspects and various modifications, has become a sought-after move in competitive jiu jitsu.

Importance of training

Training is the backbone of any successful athlete’s journey. In the realm of jiu jitsu, training is crucial for developing fundamental skills, enhancing techniques, and building physical and mental endurance. Consistent and focused training not only sharpens an athlete’s abilities but also prepares them for the rigors of competition. For Ffion Davies, training provides the foundation upon which she can refine her Tarikoplatas technique, enabling her to execute this move with precision and efficiency.

Ffion Davies Hunts Tarikoplatas In The Training Room

Benefits of Tarikoplatas in jiu jitsu

Tarikoplatas offers a myriad of benefits for jiu jitsu practitioners. Firstly, this submission move provides effective control over the opponent, restricting their movement and limiting their options for escape. The surprise factor and versatility of Tarikoplatas also give the practitioner an edge, catching their opponents off guard and providing opportunities for unexpected transitions and sweeps. Additionally, Tarikoplatas allows the practitioner to neutralize their opponent’s attacks, effectively immobilizing them and setting the stage for a potential submission. Understanding the mechanics of Tarikoplatas is crucial for maximizing its effectiveness in competitive jiu jitsu.

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Preparing for the title match against Jasmine Rocha

As Ffion Davies gears up for her highly anticipated title match against Jasmine Rocha, meticulous preparation is essential. Davies must carefully analyze Rocha’s strengths and weaknesses to develop a game plan that capitalizes on her own Tarikoplatas expertise. By identifying Rocha’s tendencies and vulnerabilities, Davies can strategically utilize the Tarikoplatas to gain an upper hand during their encounter and potentially secure a victory.

Training methods used by Ffion Davies

Ffion Davies employs a variety of training methods to sharpen her skills and improve her Tarikoplatas technique. Her training regimen is structured and organized, encompassing both technical training and physical conditioning. Davies devotes significant time to drilling and repetition, ensuring that her movements become second nature. Additionally, she incorporates specific Tarikoplatas scenarios into her training, applying the move in various situations to enhance her understanding and execution of the technique.

Challenges faced during training

Training at an elite level is not without its challenges. Ffion Davies has experienced her fair share of obstacles along her training journey. The physical demands of intense training sessions necessitate immense dedication and perseverance. Pushing the body to its limits can result in injuries and setbacks, requiring resilience and adaptability. Moreover, the mental aspect of training can present its own hurdles, as athletes grapple with self-doubt and maintain motivation and focus. Overcoming these challenges is essential for Davies to continue progressing in her Tarikoplatas mastery.

Training strategies for executing Tarikoplatas

Executing Tarikoplatas requires a combination of technical skill, timing, and precision. Ffion Davies has fine-tuned her training strategies to optimize her ability to execute this move effectively. She focuses on drilling Tarikoplatas from various positions, ensuring that she can seamlessly transition into the submission when the opportunity arises. Davies also emphasizes the importance of understanding the mechanics of Tarikoplatas, allowing her to anticipate her opponent’s reactions and adjust her technique accordingly. By honing these training strategies, Davies has seen significant improvement in her execution of Tarikoplatas.

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Improvement in technique and skill

Through dedicated training and countless hours on the mat, Ffion Davies has witnessed remarkable improvements in her Tarikoplatas technique and overall skill set. The repetition and drilling have ingrained the necessary muscle memory, enabling Davies to execute the move with fluidity and precision. Additionally, her understanding of the mechanics and strategy behind Tarikoplatas has deepened, empowering her to adapt and adjust her approach as necessary. These improvements in technique and skill have undoubtedly contributed to Davies’ success in the world of jiu jitsu.


Ffion Davies’ journey in the world of jiu jitsu is a testament to the power of training and the effectiveness of the Tarikoplatas submission move. Through consistent training and a focused approach, Davies has honed her skills and become a force to be reckoned with on the mat. As she prepares for her title match against Jasmine Rocha, the culmination of her training journey, Davies exemplifies the dedication and passion required to excel in the sport. Her expertise in Tarikoplatas, combined with her unwavering commitment to training, sets her apart and solidifies her as a formidable opponent. The jiu jitsu community eagerly awaits the showdown between these two talented athletes, and the outcome is sure to be nothing short of thrilling.

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