Diogo Reis On Why He Is The Baby GOAT And Calls Out Gordon Ryan

Diogo Reis On Why He Is The Baby GOAT And Calls Out Gordon Ryan

In an exclusive interview with FloGrappling, Diogo Reis opens up about his recent success at Who’s Number One Night of Champions and his aspiration to face off against jiu jitsu superstar Gordon Ryan. Diogo, also known as “Dogo baby shark,” reflects on his journey and the challenges he has overcome to reach this point in his career. With two impressive victories against top-ranked opponents, including a rematch with Gabriel Souza, Diogo showcases his tactical approach and dominant fighting style. As the reigning ADCC and Who’s Number One champion, Diogo declares himself as the “baby GOAT” and calls out Gordon Ryan for a highly anticipated showdown between two grappling legends. Stay tuned to witness this epic clash in the world of jiu jitsu.

Pulling no punches, Diogo expresses his gratitude to his sponsors and acknowledges the support of his family, team, and girlfriend, emphasizing the importance of a positive mindset. His remarkable performance at Who’s Number One Night of Champions marks the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. Looking ahead, Diogo believes he has conquered his division and now sets his sights on challenging Gordon Ryan, showcasing his unwavering confidence and determination. With the possibility of this matchup becoming a reality, jiu jitsu fans around the world have something to eagerly anticipate.

Diogo Reis Interview on FloGrappling

Introduction to the interview

In this exclusive interview with Diogo Reis on FloGrappling, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt shares his thoughts and feelings about his recent win at the Night of Champions event. Diogo, also known as “Baby GOAT,” discusses the significance of this win for his team and reflects on the years of hard work that led him to this moment. He also talks about his tactical approach to dominating his opponents and compares his recent match with Gabriel Souza to their previous encounter at ADCC. Diogo also calls out the renowned jiu-jitsu practitioner Gordon Ryan for a future fight and expresses his confidence in defeating him. Throughout the interview, Diogo expresses his gratitude to his sponsors and supporters and sends a message to his fans.

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Diogo Reis’ feelings about his recent win

When asked about his feelings following his recent win at the Night of Champions, Diogo Reis expresses sheer happiness and a sense of accomplishment. He describes waking up on the day of the event with a champion’s mindset and believes that his positive mentality played a significant role in his success. Diogo acknowledges that he faced challenges in his personal life but was able to overcome them and be an example for his team. He feels grateful for the opportunity to compete and give back to his supporters, considering it a gift from a higher power. Diogo emphasizes the importance of this win in his life, as it validates the years of relentless training and dedication he has put into his craft.

The significance of the win for his team

Diogo Reis recognizes that his win at the Night of Champions holds great significance, not just for himself but for his entire team. He explains that their project to build a strong jiu-jitsu team has faced its fair share of obstacles. Being able to achieve such a major victory demonstrates the team’s strength, resilience, and ability to overcome challenges. Diogo sees his win as a way to pay back his team for their support and belief in him. He believes that his success serves as an inspiration to his teammates and motivates them to continue working hard towards their goals.

The culmination of years of hard work

Diogo Reis reflects on the journey that led him to this moment of triumph. He shares that he has been training diligently since day one and has never stopped working to improve his skills. After ten years of rigorous training, he made the decision to pursue his dreams and compete at the highest level. Diogo recognizes that his recent win is a culmination of the unwavering dedication and sacrifices he has made throughout his journey. He expresses his deep gratitude for being able to experience the fulfillment of his lifelong passion and emphasizes that this win is a testament to his years of hard work.

Diogo Reis’ thoughts on his final match against Gabriel Souza

When asked about his final match against Gabriel Souza, a familiar opponent, Diogo Reis admits that he knew it would be a tough fight. The two had previously faced each other twice, and Gabriel had emerged as the victor in their first encounter. However, Diogo was determined to turn the tables in their recent match and was able to dominate Gabriel throughout the fight. Although Gabriel had some strong moments, including near submissions, Diogo’s tactical approach and mindset allowed him to maintain control and prevent his opponent from capitalizing on those opportunities. Diogo expresses satisfaction with his performance and feels proud to have beaten a formidable opponent like Gabriel.

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Diogo Reis’ tactical approach to dominating his opponents

Diogo Reis describes himself as a tactical and strategic fighter who aims to dominate his opponents. While he acknowledges that some fighters focus more on submissions, he prioritizes maintaining control and preventing his opponents from executing their game plans. Diogo believes that a powerful mindset and belief in his strategy are crucial in becoming a tactical fighter. By constantly staying on the offensive and denying his opponents any opportunities, Diogo ensures that he maintains dominant positions throughout the fight. Through his approach, he aims to control the pace and outcome of the match, ultimately leading to victory.

Diogo Reis On Why He Is The Baby GOAT And Calls Out Gordon Ryan

Comparison of the ADCC match with Gabriel to the recent one

When asked about the comparison between his match with Gabriel Souza at the Night of Champions and their previous encounter at ADCC, Diogo Reis expresses that he is much better now. He emphasizes the improvements he has made in his wrestling and overall attack, which allowed him to dominate Gabriel in their recent match. Diogo points out that he was able to pass Gabriel’s guard, execute sweeps, and successfully defend against his opponent’s attacks. He believes that his growth as a grappler has made a significant difference, resulting in a much more one-sided performance in their recent fight.

Improvements made by Diogo Reis

Diogo Reis highlights the specific areas in which he has made significant improvements in his game. He credits his dedicated focus on his wrestling and attack as the main factors that have elevated his performance. Diogo notes that he was able to pass Gabriel Souza’s guard multiple times, execute sweeps effectively, and defend against his opponent’s attacks. He also mentions his ability to counter-attack and take his opponent’s back as key elements of his progress. Diogo’s continued growth and development as a grappler have allowed him to dominate his matches and achieve the success he has today.

Diogo Reis’ first-round matchup against Keith Koran

Diogo Reis reflects on his first-round matchup against Keith Koran at the Night of Champions. He admits that Keith surprised him with his focus on wrestling, aiming to counter Diogo’s game. Despite the unexpected strategy, Diogo was able to dominate Keith throughout the fight. He showcased his dominance by passing Keith’s guard, taking him down multiple times, and executing successful attacks. Diogo acknowledges that the fight went relatively easy for him and attributes his victory to his superior skills and ability to adapt to his opponent’s strategy.

Diogo Reis’ dominance in the fight

Throughout his matches at the Night of Champions, Diogo Reis demonstrates his dominance as a jiu-jitsu practitioner. Against both Gabriel Souza and Keith Koran, Diogo maintains control and outperforms his opponents. He showcases his tactical approach, constantly attacking while denying his opponents any openings to retaliate. Diogo’s ability to dictate the pace of the fight, execute sweeps and passes, and defend against submissions solidifies his dominance. He takes pride in his ability to dominate his opponents and states that it is his preferred style of fighting.

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Looking ahead to the future

As the reigning champion and holding the number one spot, Diogo Reis discusses what the future holds for him. He indicates that he has already defeated all the top-ranked competitors in his division and believes it is time to move up. Diogo expresses his desire to challenge the widely celebrated jiu-jitsu practitioner Gordon Ryan, referring to himself as the “baby GOAT” and Ryan as the “GOAT.” He confidently calls out Gordon for a fight, expressing his eagerness to test his skills against one of the best in the sport. Diogo is determined to continue his success and aims to make an impact at the highest level.

Diogo Reis calling out Gordon Ryan for a fight

In a bold move, Diogo Reis calls out Gordon Ryan, seeking to challenge him in a future fight. Diogo, referring to himself as the “baby GOAT,” expresses his desire to take on the renowned and highly skilled Gordon Ryan. He sees this potential fight as an opportunity to prove himself and solidify his status as one of the top jiu-jitsu practitioners in the world. Diogo is confident in his abilities and maintains that he will be able to defeat Gordon. This call-out showcases Diogo’s ambitious nature and his hunger for new challenges.

Diogo Reis’ confidence in defeating Gordon Ryan

When asked about his confidence in defeating Gordon Ryan, Diogo Reis exudes an unwavering belief in his abilities. He expresses that his game plan and tactical approach will enable him to control the fight and ultimately come out as the victor. Diogo’s emphasis on domination and his past successes against high-level opponents give him the confidence to believe that he can defeat someone as skilled as Gordon Ryan. He remains focused and determined to prove himself in a potential fight against Ryan.

Acknowledging gratitude to sponsors and supporters

Diogo Reis takes a moment to express his gratitude towards his sponsors and supporters. He highlights the important role they have played in his journey, acknowledging their continuous support and belief in his abilities. Diogo recognizes Kings as one of his sponsors and thanks them for their consistent backing. He also expresses gratitude to the newly acquired sponsor, Assai Republic, for their belief in him. Additionally, Diogo thanks his family, team (MG), and his head coach, Mal. He acknowledges that their unwavering support and guidance have been instrumental in his success.

Diogo Reis’ message to his fans

As the interview concludes, Diogo Reis sends a heartfelt message to his fans, particularly those in Brazil. He expresses his gratitude for their unwavering support, emphasizing that their belief in him serves as a driving force. Diogo acknowledges the rumors and calls for a fight, urging his fans to stay tuned as he continues to strive for greatness. He wants his fans to know that he is dedicated to putting on memorable performances and promises to keep pushing himself to reach new heights in the sport of jiu-jitsu.

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