The Pros Drop Their Predictions For The Main Event | Tezos WNO: Pena vs Rodriguez

The Pros Drop Their Predictions For The Main Event | Tezos WNO: Pena vs Rodriguez

In a recent video released by FloGrappling, several jiu jitsu professionals, including JT Torres, Nick Rodriguez, Giancarlo Bodoni, and Pedro Marinho, shared their predictions for the main and co-main events at Tezos WNO: Pena vs Rodriguez. The fighters discussed their thoughts on the upcoming match between Philippe Pena and Nick Rodriguez, with most leaning towards Pena as the potential winner. They noted Pena’s intense training and preparation leading up to the event, as well as his past performance against Rodriguez at ADCC. While acknowledging Rodriguez’s strength and previous victory over Pena, the experts believed that Pena’s preparation and experience might give him the edge. The video also featured predictions for the co-main event between Giancarlo Bodoni and Pedro Marinho, with opinions leaning slightly towards Bodoni as the potential winner, given his recent success and well-rounded skills. However, the fighters acknowledged the unpredictable nature of the sport and the possibility of an unexpected outcome. Overall, the video provided an intriguing glimpse into the fighters’ thoughts and predictions for the upcoming matches.

The Pros Drop Their Predictions For The Main Event

The Pros Drop Their Predictions For The Main Event | Tezos WNO: Pena vs Rodriguez

Prediction of Philippe Pena Winning

The pros have weighed in on their predictions for the main event, and many of them believe that Philippe Pena will come out on top. Despite acknowledging Nick Rodriguez’s toughness and previous victory over Pena at ADCC, they believe that Pena’s preparation and training leading up to the match give him the advantage. Pena has been training hard and taking the super fight against Gordon Ryan seriously, making sure he is in top shape for the upcoming match. With his dedication and focus, the pros believe Pena has what it takes to secure a victory.

Different rule set for the match

One factor that the pros consider when making their predictions is the different rule set for the match. Unlike their previous encounter at ADCC, this match does not have any points. This rule change can significantly impact the dynamics of the match and give Pena an opportunity to showcase his skills without the pressure of scoring points. The pros believe that this rule change could work in Pena’s favor and potentially lead to a different outcome compared to their previous match.

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Philippe Pena’s preparation and training

Pena’s preparation and training leading up to the match have not gone unnoticed by the pros. They have been following his journey closely and have witnessed his dedication and hard work. Pena has been training intensely and has taken the super fight against Gordon Ryan seriously, demonstrating his commitment to perform at his best. The pros believe that Pena’s preparation and training will pay off in the main event and give him the edge over his opponent.

Nicky Rod’s toughness

While the pros predict Pena’s victory, they acknowledge Nick Rodriguez’s toughness and ability to give any opponent a tough challenge. Rodriguez, also known as Nicky Rod, is a formidable competitor who has proven himself in various matches. Despite his loss to Pena at ADCC, the pros recognize Rodriguez’s skills and toughness, making them hesitant to completely write him off. They believe that Rodriguez will bring his A-game to the main event, which will make it an exciting and closely contested match.

Possibility of a similar match to ADCC

Many of the pros envision the upcoming match to be similar to their previous encounter at ADCC. While they acknowledge the rule change and its potential impact, they believe that the match could still follow a similar trajectory. They anticipate that it will be challenging for Pena to put Rodriguez down or sweep him within the limited time frame. However, they also consider the possibility of Rodriguez getting a body lock and potentially passing Pena’s guard. While a submission is not necessarily expected, it remains a possibility in the minds of the pros.

Difficulty of putting Rod down or sweeping him

The pros recognize the difficulty of putting Rodriguez down or sweeping him during the match. Rodriguez’s toughness and resilience make it challenging for opponents to control him or gain advantageous positions. They anticipate that Pena will face a significant challenge in terms of taking Rodriguez down or successfully executing sweeps. However, they also acknowledge Pena’s skills and training, which could provide him with the necessary tools to overcome Rodriguez’s resistance.

Possibility of body lock and passing

One potential scenario that the pros envision is Rodriguez getting a body lock on Pena and using it to his advantage. They believe that if Rodriguez can secure a body lock, he will have a good chance of passing Pena’s guard and gaining control over the match. While this outcome is not guaranteed, it is a possibility that the pros consider as they make their predictions. They believe that Rodriguez’s skill set and physicality make this scenario a plausible one.

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Unforeseen submission possibilities

In addition to the potential outcomes discussed, the pros also acknowledge the possibility of unforeseen submission opportunities arising during the match. Given the high level of skill and technique displayed by both Pena and Rodriguez, the pros believe that either competitor could capitalize on a submission opportunity and secure a victory. While they do not necessarily foresee a submission occurring, they understand that anything can happen in jiu-jitsu, and both Pena and Rodriguez possess the skills to pull off a surprise submission.

JT Torres’ prediction for Pena winning

JT Torres, one of the pros weighing in on the main event, predicts that Pena will come out on top and secure a victory. Torres has trained extensively with Pena in the past and believes in his skills and abilities. He witnessed Pena’s dedication and preparation leading up to this match, which further solidifies his prediction. Torres believes that Pena’s training and focus will give him the edge needed to defeat Rodriguez and secure a win.

Training experience with Pena

Torres has had the opportunity to train with Pena in the past, allowing him to witness the Brazilian’s work ethic and determination firsthand. He recalls Pena’s relentless pursuit of training partners, always asking for more rolls even after intense training sessions. This level of dedication and drive gives Torres confidence in Pena’s ability to maintain a high pace throughout the match and potentially wear down Rodriguez. Based on their training experiences together, Torres predicts that Pena will come out on top in the main event.

The Pros Drop Their Predictions For The Co-Main Event

Giancarlo Bodoni’s previous performance at ADCC

The pros also share their predictions for the co-main event, featuring Giancarlo Bodoni and Pedro Marinho. Many of them refer to Bodoni’s previous performance at ADCC as a determining factor in their predictions. Bodoni had an impressive showing at ADCC, defeating top competitors and showcasing his skills. The pros believe that Bodoni’s success at ADCC gives him the momentum and confidence needed to secure a win in the co-main event.

Potential for Pedro Marinho’s strategic and patient game

Despite Bodoni’s strong performance at ADCC, the pros recognize the potential for Pedro Marinho’s strategic and patient game to pose a challenge. Marinho is known for his methodical approach and ability to capitalize on opportunities. The pros believe that Marinho’s style of play could create difficulties for Bodoni and potentially lead to a closely contested match. They anticipate that Marinho will bring his A-game and make the fight an exciting one.

Prediction of a war and a full 15-minute match

The pros envision the co-main event between Bodoni and Marinho to be a war, with both competitors giving it their all. They predict that the match will go the full 15 minutes, showcasing the skills and determination of both fighters. The evenly matched nature of the contest is expected to make it an intense and entertaining bout for the audience.

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Bedoni’s momentum and potential win

Based on Bodoni’s previous performance at ADCC and his current momentum, many of the pros predict that he will come out on top in the co-main event. They believe that Bodoni’s improved skills and well-roundedness, coupled with his recent successes, will give him the advantage needed to secure a victory. They see Bodoni as a rising star in the sport and view this match as an opportunity for him to further solidify his position.

Potential for a close match

While the pros lean towards predicting a win for Bodoni, they also acknowledge the potential for a close match. They recognize Marinho’s abilities and strategic approach, which could make it challenging for Bodoni to dominate the match completely. The pros anticipate a highly competitive and closely contested fight, where both competitors have an equal chance of coming out on top.

Giancarlo’s improved skills and well-roundedness

Another factor influencing the pros’ predictions is Giancarlo Bodoni’s improved skills and well-roundedness. They believe that Bodoni has developed as a fighter and has filled in any potential gaps in his game. The combination of his technical abilities and well-rounded skill set makes him a formidable opponent in the co-main event. The pros believe that Bodoni’s continued growth and development will give him an advantage over Marinho.

Weaknesses that Pedro may not be able to exploit

While Marinho is a skilled competitor, the pros also recognize that there are potential weaknesses in his game that he may not be able to exploit against Bodoni. They believe that Bodoni’s well-roundedness and improvements in his skills make it challenging for Marinho to find significant openings or vulnerabilities. This factor further strengthens their prediction of a win for Bodoni in the co-main event.

Giancarlo’s prediction for a back-take and strangle

Giancarlo Bodoni himself weighs in on the co-main event, sharing his prediction for the match. He believes that he will be able to secure a victory by executing a back-take and securing a strangle on Marinho. Bodoni’s confidence in his abilities and his understanding of Marinho’s game plan inform his prediction for the outcome of the match. He anticipates a strategic and technical fight, with him coming out on top through his planned approach.

Possibility of a time-limited win for Pedro

On the other hand, there is also the possibility of a time-limited win for Pedro Marinho. While the pros lean towards predicting a win for Bodoni, they acknowledge Marinho’s skills and recognize that he could secure a win within the time limit. Marinho’s patience and strategic game plan may enable him to capitalize on opportunities and secure a victory before the full 15 minutes elapse. This outcome is seen as a potential upset by the pros, but it does not discount Marinho’s abilities as a competitor.

In conclusion, the predictions from the pros are split between the two main events at Tezos WNO. While many of them lean towards predicting a win for Philippe Pena in the main event, they also acknowledge Nick Rodriguez’s toughness and recognize the potential for a closely contested match. Similarly, in the co-main event, Giancarlo Bodoni is favored by the pros due to his previous performance at ADCC and momentum, but Pedro Marinho’s strategic and patient game also poses a challenge. Ultimately, these matches are eagerly awaited by fans and experts alike, as they promise to be thrilling displays of skill and determination in the world of jiu-jitsu.

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