Andre Galvao Describes His History With Gordon Ryan

Andre Galvao Describes His History With Gordon Ryan

In this article titled “Andre Galvao Describes His History With Gordon Ryan,” the focus is on Andre Galvao and his relationship with Gordon Ryan before their superfight at ADCC 2022. The article offers insights into Galvao’s first memories of Ryan, including how he first heard about him and the early impressions he had. Galvao discusses Ryan’s use of social media to promote himself and challenge people from different teams, noting that it was a unique approach in the world of jiu-jitsu. The article also touches on the trash talk that started to surround Ryan and how it affected Galvao’s perception of him. Overall, the article explores the personal and competitive dynamics between Galvao and Ryan, building anticipation for their upcoming superfight.


Gordon Ryan, a prominent figure in the world of jiu-jitsu, has gained significant popularity and attention in recent years. However, his rise to fame hasn’t been without controversy. In this article, we will explore Andre Galvao’s early memories of Gordon Ryan, his observations of Ryan’s social media presence, and delve into the negative impact it had on Galvao. We will also discuss Galvao’s realization of the toxic nature of social media, his decision to change his attitude, and the lessons he learned from this experience. Lastly, we will examine Galvao’s acceptance of a possible future fight with Ryan and his commitment to embracing a healthier and more positive mindset in relation to the sport.

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Early Memories of Gordon Ryan

First hearing about Gordon Ryan

Andre Galvao first heard about Gordon Ryan when he fought the trials against Perez, one of Galvao’s students. Although Ryan did not win the trials, he began using social media as a platform to build his name and challenge people from different teams.

First impressions of Gordon Ryan

Galvao recalls that Ryan had a unique personality and used social media to cause drama and gain attention. This type of behavior was relatively uncommon in jiu-jitsu, but Ryan excelled at self-promotion and garnered significant interest.

The start of Gordon Ryan’s social media presence

Ryan’s social media presence gained momentum after he defeated his opponent, Kina, in a no-time limit fight. This victory propelled Ryan’s name into the spotlight and caught the attention of many within the jiu-jitsu community.

Andre Galvao Describes His History With Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan’s Rise in Popularity

Defeating Kina and gaining attention

Ryan’s victory over Kina marked a turning point in his career. The unorthodox no-time limit format showcased Ryan’s abilities and left many in awe of his skills. This win played a crucial role in establishing his reputation in the jiu-jitsu world.

Trash-talking and drama on social media

Ryan’s skill in jiu-jitsu was not the only factor contributing to his rise in popularity. His propensity for trash-talking and causing controversy on social media helped him gain even more attention and followers. This approach was a departure from the traditional conduct within the sport.

Comparisons to other athletes in different sports

Ryan’s ability to generate buzz and create drama through social media drew comparisons to athletes outside of jiu-jitsu, such as Cassius Clay, Chelsony, and Conor McGregor. These comparisons highlighted Ryan’s unique marketing approach and further solidified his position as a prominent figure in the sport.

Andre Galvao’s Response

Using social media for self-promotion

Inspired by Ryan’s success, Galvao also began using social media to promote himself and his training sessions. Ryan even extended training invitations to Galvao during his visits to New York. Galvao saw this as an opportunity to further grow his own reputation and brand.

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Interactions and training invitations from Gordon Ryan

Galvao reveals that he received numerous training invitations from Ryan, showing a level of camaraderie between the two athletes despite their differing approaches to self-promotion. Initially, Galvao saw these interactions as a positive opportunity to connect with a talented athlete in the sport.

Getting personal and aggressive

As time went on, however, Ryan’s trash-talking on social media took a personal and aggressive turn. Galvao felt that Ryan’s intention was no longer to promote the sport but rather to harm Galvao’s reputation and character. This shift in behavior left Galvao feeling trapped and spiritually affected.

Feeling trapped and spiritually affected

Galvao acknowledges that Ryan’s aggressive behavior and personal attacks had a detrimental effect on his spiritual well-being. The combination of the pandemic, stress, and the negative environment created by Ryan’s actions led Galvao down a dark path, straying him away from his connection with God.

Recognizing the Negativity

Realization of the negative impact of social media

Through self-reflection and introspection, Galvao recognized the negative impact that excessive use of social media was having on his life. He realized that spending countless hours on his phone, consumed by social media, was both financially and emotionally draining.

Financial and emotional toll of excessive phone use

Galvao came to understand that his obsession with social media was taking a toll on his finances and emotional well-being. The excessive phone use and lack of quality sleep were affecting his performance, both as an athlete and as an individual.

Questioning personal actions and behavior

Acknowledging his own failures, Galvao began questioning his actions and behavior regarding his engagement with Ryan and his use of social media. He realized that he needed to reassess his priorities and values to regain control of his life and align them with his true goals.

Change in Attitude

Acknowledging personal failure

Galvao humbly admits his failure in succumbing to the negative influence of social media. He recognized that he had allowed himself to be swayed by the toxicity of the environment, losing sight of his true purpose and values in the process.

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Reassessing priorities and values

Determined to change, Galvao embarked on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. He reassessed his priorities and values, emphasizing the importance of mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being over external validation and social media trends.

Moving away from negative environment

Galvao made the conscious decision to distance himself from the negative environment perpetuated by Ryan and social media. He understood that he needed to create a healthier and more positive space for himself to grow both as an athlete and as an individual.

Commitment to personal growth and improvement

Galvao demonstrated his commitment to personal growth and improvement by ceasing to engage in the social media drama perpetuated by Ryan. He chose to focus on his own journey and personal development, striving to become the best version of himself, both physically and mentally.


Despite the tumultuous relationship between Andre Galvao and Gordon Ryan, Galvao accepts the possibility of a future fight with Ryan. However, he does so with a healthier and more positive mindset. Instead of being consumed by the negativity surrounding the sport, Galvao embraces personal growth and a shift in values, motivated by a desire to excel in both his athletic endeavors and his own spiritual journey.

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