Gordon Ryan Breaks Down 88kg ADCC Final: Giancarlo vs Hulk

Gordon Ryan Breaks Down 88kg ADCC Final: Giancarlo vs Hulk

In the video analyzed by Gordon Ryan, he breaks down the 88kg final at the ADCC World Championships between Giancarlo Bodoni and Lucas Barbosa. Having competed against Lucas twice in the past, Gordon shares his knowledge of Lucas’ skills. The match features Hulk competing in the 88kg division against Giancarlo, who has made significant technical improvements. Gordon predicts that Giancarlo will be too much for Lucas, despite the latter’s physicality and experience. As the match unfolds, Hulk shows an aggressive pace but struggles with his passing technique, while Giancarlo executes a beautiful double leg takedown. With Hulk visibly tired, Giancarlo scores points and ultimately finishes him with a rear-naked choke. Gordon is excited for the match and believes that if Giancarlo performs at his best, he will secure the win.

The 88kg final at the ADCC World Championships between Giancarlo Bodoni and Lucas Barbosa has gathered a lot of expectations after witnessing great finals in the 2022 tournament. Having competed against Lucas in the past, Gordon Ryan shares his knowledge of Lucas’ skills and predicts that Giancarlo will be too much for him, given the significant technical improvements Giancarlo has made. Throughout the match, viewers see Hulk’s aggressive start, but he struggles with his passing technique and grows visibly tired as the match progresses. On the other hand, Giancarlo scores points, controls the match from the back, and ultimately finishes Hulk with a rear-naked choke. Gordon Ryan is thrilled for the match and believes that if Giancarlo performs at his best, he will secure the victory in this highly anticipated final.


In this video by FloGrappling, Gordon Ryan provides a detailed analysis of the 88kg final at the ADCC World Championships between Giancarlo Bodoni and Lucas Barbosa. As someone who has competed against Lucas twice in the past, Gordon Ryan shares his knowledge of Lucas Barbosa’s techniques and strengths. He notes that Hulk, competing in the 88kg division, dropped down from a heavier weight class, while Giancarlo has shown significant technical improvements. Gordon Ryan predicts that Giancarlo will be too much for Lucas due to his skill development since moving to Austin and training with their team. With this background in mind, let’s dive into Gordon Ryan’s breakdown of the final match.

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Gordon Ryan’s Knowledge of Lucas Barbosa

Gordon Ryan begins by sharing his personal experience competing against Lucas Barbosa in the past. Despite not submitting him in their two encounters, Ryan reflects on the satisfaction he felt when Giancarlo Bodoni was able to finish Lucas in the competition. Gordon Ryan acknowledges Lucas’ skill as an amazing competitor who is physically strong and capable of winning matches. However, he believes that Giancarlo, although less experienced in fighting high-level opponents compared to Lucas, has made significant technical improvements since joining their training team in Austin. This sets the stage for an interesting match between the two competitors.

Giancarlo’s Technical Improvements

Gordon Ryan praises Giancarlo’s progress in terms of technical development. He mentions that Giancarlo has consistently improved his skills in leaps and bounds since joining their training team. This growth in technique and proficiency makes Gordon Ryan believe that Giancarlo will be a formidable opponent for Lucas Barbosa. Despite acknowledging Lucas’ experience and physicality, Gordon Ryan expresses confidence in Giancarlo’s ability to perform at his best and potentially secure a victory in the match.

Gordon Ryan’s Prediction

Based on his analysis of the competitors and their respective skills, Gordon Ryan predicts that Giancarlo will come out on top in the 88kg final match. He emphasizes the changes he has observed in Giancarlo’s technical abilities and suggests that Lucas may struggle to match Giancarlo’s improvements. While Lucas is undoubtedly a skilled competitor, the combination of Giancarlo’s technical growth and his training with their team in Austin gives him the edge in Gordon Ryan’s prediction.

Expectations for the 88kg Final

After witnessing impressive finals in the ADCC 2022, the expectations for the 88kg final between Giancarlo Bodoni and Lucas Barbosa are high. Gordon Ryan expresses his excitement for the match, highlighting the potential for Giancarlo to perform at his best and secure a victory. He mentions that Giancarlo’s success in the competition has been inconsistent, with some days showcasing exceptional performance while other days resulting in losses against opponents he shouldn’t have lost to. With this in mind, Gordon Ryan hopes that Giancarlo will be fully prepared and in peak condition to take on Lucas in the final.

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Giancarlo’s Impressive Performance

As the match begins, it becomes evident that Giancarlo is performing flawlessly. Gordon Ryan notes the impressive pace and technique displayed by Giancarlo in his exchanges with Lucas. Giancarlo’s training and technical improvements are on full display, allowing him to maintain his position and control throughout the match. Gordon Ryan mentions that when Giancarlo is on top of his game, he can defeat any opponent in the world. This knowledge fuels Gordon Ryan’s belief in Giancarlo’s potential victory.

Hulk’s Aggressive Pace

On the other hand, Hulk, also known as Lucas Barbosa, sets an aggressive pace at the beginning of the match. His movements and feints aim to tire out his opponent and create openings for attacks. However, Gordon Ryan points out that Hulk’s early energy expenditure may work against him in the long run. As the match progresses, Hulk’s aggressive approach causes visible fatigue, which Gordon Ryan believes will have a significant impact on the outcome.

Gordon Ryan Breaks Down 88kg ADCC Final: Giancarlo vs Hulk

Match Duration and Hand Fighting

Considering the potential duration of the match, which could last up to 40 minutes, Gordon Ryan pays attention to the hand fighting and collar tie defense displayed by both competitors. He notes that both Giancarlo and Hulk do a commendable job of stripping collar ties and preventing their opponents from establishing a strong grip. Gordon Ryan explains that this style of play, aimed at tiring the opponent, is commonly employed by members of their training team. Hulk’s familiarity with this strategy does not deter Giancarlo, who shows exceptional defense throughout the match.

Hulk’s Tiring Fainting and Motion

Gordon Ryan observes that Hulk’s fainting and rapid motion tactics begin to take a toll on his stamina as the match progresses. He points out that Hulk’s continuous movement and energy expenditure lead to a more upright stance, indicating fatigue. Gordon Ryan believes that Hulk’s overly aggressive approach may ultimately backfire, giving Giancarlo an advantage in terms of endurance and control.

Hulk’s Struggles with Passing Technique

One area where Hulk encounters difficulties is with his passing technique. Gordon Ryan explains that Hulk typically relies on long-stepping movements to pass his opponents’ guards, which works effectively in gi competitions. However, without the gi, this technique becomes less reliable. Gordon Ryan notes that without the fabric of the gi to grab onto, the long step-style of passing loses its effectiveness. Hulk attempts to adapt, but his passing lacks the technical finesse required to successfully pass Giancarlo’s guard.

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Giancarlo’s Excellent Double Leg Takedown

Despite Hulk’s attempts at passing, Giancarlo surprises him with an excellent double leg takedown. Gordon Ryan praises Giancarlo’s execution and recognizes the technique as a testament to his advanced grappling skills. The takedown showcases Giancarlo’s ability to seamlessly transition between positions and secure advantageous situations.

Hulk’s Visible Fatigue

As the match progresses, Hulk’s fatigue becomes increasingly evident. Gordon Ryan highlights Hulk’s struggles to recover and maintain his energy levels. The combination of Hulk’s early energy expenditure and Giancarlo’s technical control contributes to his mounting exhaustion. Gordon Ryan believes that Hulk’s fatigue will continue to work in Giancarlo’s favor as the match goes on.

Giancarlo’s Control and Point Advantage

With his technical prowess and control, Giancarlo begins to accumulate points in the match. Gordon Ryan notes Giancarlo’s ability to effectively control Hulk’s movements and maintain a point advantage. He commends Giancarlo’s strategy and execution, particularly in light of Hulk’s diminishing energy levels.

Hulk’s Increasing Fatigue

Despite his best efforts, Hulk’s energy continues to wane. Gordon Ryan emphasizes the impact of Hulk’s fatigue on his performance and ability to mount a comeback. As the match progresses, Gordon Ryan acknowledges the increasing likelihood of Giancarlo securing a victory over Hulk.

Giancarlo’s Finishing Move

With six minutes remaining in the match, Giancarlo seizes the opportunity to finish Hulk with a rear-naked choke. Gordon Ryan highlights the execution of the finishing move as a testament to Giancarlo’s grappling skills. This final move solidifies Giancarlo’s control and dominance throughout the match.

Giancarlo’s Advanced Grappling Skills

Gordon Ryan concludes his analysis by praising Giancarlo’s advanced grappling skills and attributes his victory to his relentless training and technical improvements. He credits Giancarlo’s dedication and training with their team in Austin for his success in the 88kg final match against Hulk.


Gordon Ryan’s analysis of the 88kg ADCC final between Giancarlo Bodoni and Lucas Barbosa highlights the technical advancements and control displayed by Giancarlo. While acknowledging Lucas’ strengths as a competitor, Gordon Ryan predicts Giancarlo’s victory based on his skills and improvements as a result of training with their team. Through his breakdown of the match, Gordon Ryan emphasizes the impact of Hulk’s aggressive pace and visible fatigue on the outcome. Giancarlo’s control, point advantage, and finishing move ultimately secure his victory, highlighting his advanced grappling skills. Overall, Gordon Ryan’s analysis provides valuable insights into the techniques and strategies employed by the competitors in this highly-anticipated final match.

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