Dan Manasoiu vs Damon Ramos | 2023 ADCC East Coast Trials

Dan Manasoiu vs Damon Ramos | 2023 ADCC East Coast Trials

In the +99kg final at the 2023 ADCC East Coast Trials, Dan Manasoiu and Damon Ramos faced off in an intense jiu-jitsu match. Dan, representing New Wave Jiu-Jitsu, had been dominating his opponents throughout the weekend, not spending more than two minutes on the mat with anyone. On the other hand, Damon, from Penzo Gracie, was considered an arch nemesis by some, but Dan didn’t seem worried. The match started with a quick takedown by Damon, catching Dan off guard, but Dan quickly recovered and showcased his skills in playing guard and entering the legs. The match was full of back-and-forth action, with Dan attempting to submit Damon with a knee bar. In the end, it was Dan’s relentless pressure and smother choke that secured him the victory, earning him a spot in the ADCC worlds in 2024.

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Dan Manasoiu vs Damon Ramos | 2023 ADCC East Coast Trials

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Introduction to the match

Dan Manasoiu and Damon Ramos faced off in the +99kg final at the 2023 ADCC East Coast Trials. This highly anticipated match showcased the skills and abilities of two talented grapplers. The event, hosted by FloGrappling, provided an exciting platform for both athletes to put their training and technique to the test. This article will provide a comprehensive analysis of the match, highlighting the performances of both Manasoiu and Ramos.

Background information on Dan Manasoiu and Damon Ramos

Dan Manasoiu, representing New Wave Jiu-Jitsu, is a formidable force in the +99kg category. With a string of dominant performances leading up to the finals, Manasoiu displayed his exceptional skill and strength on the mats. Known for his ability to break down opponents and capitalize on their weaknesses, Manasoiu was considered a strong contender in the competition.

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Damon Ramos, hailing from the Penzo Gracie team in Austin, Texas, posed a significant challenge for Manasoiu. Despite being seen as an arch nemesis by some, Manasoiu remained confident in his abilities. Having faced off before in previous tournaments, including the 8C Chicago Open, Manasoiu had consistently come out on top. However, Ramos had showcased surprising victories against tough competitors leading up to the finals, making him a formidable opponent.

Dan Manasoiu vs Damon Ramos | 2023 ADCC East Coast Trials

Exciting and anticipated match

The Manasoiu vs Ramos match was highly anticipated by jiu-jitsu enthusiasts and fans alike. With both athletes having proven themselves throughout the tournament, the showdown between these two skilled grapplers promised to deliver an exciting display of technique and strategy. The atmosphere in the Avalon room was electric, with a crowd gathering to witness the final match. As the finals were about to kick off, anticipation and excitement filled the air.

The ADCC East Coast Trials are of great importance in the world of jiu-jitsu. As a prestigious event, they serve as a stepping stone for competitors looking to qualify for the ADCC Worlds. The Trials provide a platform for athletes to showcase their skills and earn their spot in the most highly regarded grappling competition. The outcome of the Manasoiu vs Ramos match would determine who would secure a place at the ADCC Worlds 2024 at the T-Mobile Arena.

Analysis of Dan Manasoiu’s performance

Dan Manasoiu’s performance throughout the tournament showcased his dominance in the +99kg category. With effortless victories over his opponents, Manasoiu demonstrated his superior technique and strength. His ability to control and neutralize his opponents’ attacks was evident in his previous matches leading up to the finals.

Manasoiu’s efficiency in defeating his opponents was a key aspect of his success. He displayed a strategic approach, capitalizing on his opponents’ weaknesses and using his technical skills to gain advantages. His ability to break down the guard of his opponents allowed him to enter their legs and apply various submissions, such as knee bars and leg locks.

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The impact of Manasoiu’s hard work and training was evident in his performances. His dedication to honing his skills and improving his technique paid off, as he showcased a level of jiu-jitsu that had taken tremendous leaps forward. Manasoiu’s continuous development and commitment to his craft made him a formidable competitor in the +99kg category.

Analysis of Damon Ramos’s performance

Damon Ramos faced several challenges throughout the tournament, but his skill and determination led him to the finals against Dan Manasoiu. Despite being seen as the underdog, Ramos had proven himself with surprising victories against tough competitors. He displayed resilience and adaptability, which were key factors in his success leading up to the finals.

Ramos utilized effective strategies and techniques to secure victories over his opponents. His ability to read his opponents’ movements and capitalize on their weaknesses showcased his high-level grappling skills. Ramos displayed strong guard retention and showcased his guard passing abilities by effectively neutralizing his opponents’ defenses.

Having faced Manasoiu before in previous tournaments, Ramos had an understanding of his opponent’s style and strengths. This allowed him to develop strategies to counter Manasoiu’s attacks and create opportunities for his own offense. Ramos aimed to keep a more active guard in their rematch, focusing on maintaining a strong defensive position while seeking opportunities to attack.

Match recap and highlights

The Manasoiu vs Ramos match was filled with intense action and showcased the skills and determination of both athletes. From the very beginning of the match, Ramos surprised everyone by taking the fight to the ground within the first 30 seconds. Despite Manasoiu’s preference for playing guard, Ramos was able to clear his knee and create a knee shield. This forced Manasoiu to adjust his strategy and work from a disadvantageous position.

Both athletes displayed remarkable defense and submission attempts throughout the match. Ramos showcased his takedown and ground control skills, while Manasoiu utilized his guard to create off-balances and enter his opponent’s legs. The match featured notable submission attempts and close calls, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

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Ramos’s ability to retain guard and fend off Manasoiu’s attacks was commendable. However, Manasoiu’s relentless pressure and impressive passing ability allowed him to score points and maintain dominant positions. His guard passing skills proved to be a significant advantage, as he was able to maneuver past Ramos’s defenses and secure mount multiple times.


In the end, Dan Manasoiu emerged victorious in the Manasoiu vs Ramos match at the 2023 ADCC East Coast Trials. His dominant performance showcased his technical skills, strength, and ability to capitalize on his opponent’s weaknesses. Despite Damon Ramos’s challenges and surprising victories leading up to the finals, he was unable to overcome Manasoiu’s relentless pressure and guard passing abilities.

The match between Manasoiu and Ramos was a thrilling display of high-level jiu-jitsu. Both competitors demonstrated exceptional skills and resilience, contributing to an exciting and memorable event. As Manasoiu punches his ticket to the ADCC Worlds 2024, the jiu-jitsu community eagerly anticipates his future matches, as well as the continued growth and success of both athletes.

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