Z-Locks, Heel Hooks & More: Every Submission From WNO: Bastos Vs Ste-Marie

Z-Locks, Heel Hooks & More: Every Submission From WNO: Bastos Vs Ste-Marie

In the video titled “Z-Locks, Heel Hooks & More: Every Submission From WNO: Bastos Vs Ste-Marie” by FloGrappling, viewers can witness four impressive submissions from the match between Mayssa Bastos and Brianna Ste-Marie. The video showcases a variety of submission techniques, including Z-Locks and Heel Hooks. Throughout the video, the commentator provides analysis and insights into the techniques used, creating an engaging viewing experience. Viewers are encouraged to like, comment, and subscribe to access more jiu-jitsu videos on the FloGrappling channel.

From the first submission attempt to the final thrilling conclusion, this video offers a comprehensive display of the skills and techniques showcased in the Mayssa Bastos vs Brianna Ste-Marie match. With its informative commentary and high-quality footage, it is sure to captivate jiu-jitsu enthusiasts and fans of combat sports alike.

Z-Locks, Heel Hooks  More: Every Submission From WNO: Bastos Vs Ste-Marie


Joseph Chen’s counter – In a jiu jitsu match, Joseph Chen was able to counter his opponent’s moves and gain an advantageous position. With just under six minutes left on the clock, Chen found himself in a familiar position, trying to reverse his opponent’s attack. He executed a false reap action and successfully got in on his opponent’s leg. However, his opponent managed to slip his heel, making it difficult for Chen to secure a submission. Despite the setback, Chen continued to chase his opponent and eventually locked down his position. This display of skill and determination made Chen a dangerous opponent to face.

Ethan’s single leg takedown – During a jiu jitsu match, Ethan demonstrated a powerful single leg takedown. He expertly wrapped his body around his opponent, taking him down to the ground. This move was reminiscent of Fabricio Andre’s technique, showing that Ethan had studied and incorporated techniques from top-level athletes. With one hook in and an over-under grip, Ethan was in an optimal position to submit his opponent. He trapped his opponent’s arm with his right leg, securing a strong position. He then applied a rear naked lock, targeting his opponent’s chin. Although it may seem difficult to submit someone from this position, Ethan stretched and adjusted his hold, ultimately securing a submission and showcasing his skill.

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Heel Hooks

Luke Griffith’s fast submission – Luke Griffith wasted no time in his jiu jitsu match, immediately going for a heel hook submission. Within seconds of the match starting, he attacked his opponent’s legs and secured the heel hook. This display of speed and precision led to a quick victory for Griffith, highlighting his expertise in executing submissions.

Offering a hint to a stalling call – In the midst of a match, a participant offered a hint to the referee to make a stalling call against their opponent. Stalling is when a fighter intentionally avoids engaging or progressing the match, which can result in penalties. By providing a hint, the participant hoped to prompt the referee to take action against their opponent, potentially gaining an advantage in the match.

Bruno’s attempt to break the grip – Bruno found himself caught in a tight grip during his jiu jitsu match. He desperately tried to break free from his opponent’s hold, understanding the danger he was in. Breaking the grip is crucial in jiu jitsu, as it allows the fighter to regain control and avoid being submitted. Despite his efforts, Bruno was unable to escape, leading to a submission by his opponent.

Jacob Couch’s tight Guillotine choke – Jacob Couch executed a tight Guillotine choke, also known as the Army Guillotine. He secured an over-under grip on his opponent, positioning himself for a successful submission. The choke was applied tightly, causing his opponent, Bruno Matthias, to be in a significant amount of trouble. Although Bruno attempted to break the grip, it was futile, and Jacob Couch emerged victorious with a beautiful Guillotine choke.

Other Submissions

Mayssa Bastos vs Brianna Ste-Marie – In a match between Mayssa Bastos and Brianna Ste-Marie, four stunning submissions took place. These submissions showcased the skill and technique of both athletes and added excitement to the match. While specific details of these submissions are not provided, the video captures the intensity and talent displayed by both Bastos and Ste-Marie.

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Fabricio Andre’s Book – Ethan Krellson mentioned taking a page out of Fabricio Andre’s book during his match. This reference indicates that Ethan incorporated techniques or strategies used by Fabricio Andre, a highly skilled jiu jitsu practitioner. By studying and emulating the techniques of top-level athletes, Ethan was able to enhance his own jiu jitsu skills.

Arm trapped with rear naked locked – Ethan Krellson managed to trap his opponent’s arm with his right leg while simultaneously applying a rear naked lock. This position allowed Ethan to further control his opponent and set up a potential submission. The rear naked lock, when applied correctly, can be a highly effective submission hold, causing significant discomfort or rendering the opponent unconscious.

Luke waste chasing a leg – Luke, in one of his matches, wasted no time in chasing after his opponent’s leg. This aggressive approach demonstrated Luke’s determination to secure a victory. By targeting his opponent’s leg, Luke aimed to set up a submission hold and end the match in his favor.

Jacob Couch’s successful Guillotine choke – Jacob Couch executed a successful Guillotine choke during his match. This technique involves trapping the opponent’s neck and applying pressure to force a submission. Jacob’s execution of the Guillotine choke was flawless, resulting in a submission and a well-deserved victory.


The matches featured in WNO: Bastos vs Ste-Marie showcased a variety of submissions, from heel hooks to Z-Locks and more. Fighters like Joseph Chen, Ethan Krellson, Luke Griffith, and Jacob Couch displayed their skills and techniques, resulting in exciting and captivating matches. These submissions not only demonstrated the fighters’ expertise but also highlighted the effectiveness of various submission holds. Jiu jitsu enthusiasts can learn from these matches, studying the techniques used and incorporating them into their own practice. Overall, WNO: Bastos vs Ste-Marie provided an exhilarating display of talent and the artistry of jiu jitsu.

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