Bruno Matias vs Jacob Couch Tezos WNO: Ste-Marie vs Bastos by Fat Tire

Bruno Matias vs Jacob Couch Tezos WNO: Ste-Marie vs Bastos by Fat Tire

In this video, titled “Bruno Matias vs Jacob Couch Tezos WNO: Ste-Marie vs Bastos by Fat Tire,” viewers are treated to an exciting matchup between two talented jiu-jitsu practitioners. Jacob Couch, also known as “The Hillbilly Hammer,” represents Pedigo Submission Fighting, while Bruno Matias represents Gracie Baja West Chase. With a 15-minute time limit, this co-main event promises to be an action-packed display of skill and technique. Couch is known for his impressive leg locks, but he also possesses a dangerous closed guard. Matias, on the other hand, brings his physicality and positional awareness to the table. As both fighters showcase their abilities, viewers are in for a thrilling matchup.

Bruno Matias vs Jacob Couch Tezos WNO: Ste-Marie vs Bastos by Fat Tire


In the world of jiu-jitsu, there are always highly anticipated matchups that capture the attention of fans and practitioners alike. One such matchup was between Bruno Matias and Jacob Couch. Both fighters had established themselves as formidable competitors in their respective divisions, making this a highly anticipated fight. In this article, we will delve into the background of both fighters, analyze their techniques and strategies, and discuss the details and outcome of their fight.

Background Information on Bruno Matias and Jacob Couch

Bruno Matias, a black belt from Team Gracie Baja under O Piano Malachias, made his debut on Who’s Number One (WNO) in this fight. Known for his physicality, finesse, and positional awareness, Matias had proven himself as a skilled and talented fighter in various competitions.

On the other hand, Jacob Couch, also known as “The Hillbilly Hammer,” represented Pedigo submission Fighting and Daisy Fresh. Couch had gained international recognition and was one of the most active and rising stars in the domino circuit. He was highly regarded for his leg locks and impressive closed guard skills.

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Pre-fight Analysis

Before the fight, both fighters were analyzed and evaluated. Jacob Couch, at 23 years old and weighing 184.8 pounds, held the number 13 ranking. His strength lay in his exceptional leg locks and impressive closed guard. His opponents often underestimated his guard, which allowed him to catch them off-guard and secure submissions.

Bruno Matias, also 23 years old, weighed in at 184.2 pounds and made his WNO debut. With a black belt under O Piano Malachias, Matias boasted a physical fighting style and remarkable positional awareness. This fight against Couch was seen as a significant test for Matias, as it showcased his skills against a high-caliber opponent.

Match Details

The fight between Matias and Couch took place in the co-main event at WNO. With a time limit of 15 minutes, both fighters had a chance to showcase their techniques and skills. Matias, representing Gracie Baja West Chase, wore the red gear, while Couch, representing Pedigo submission Fighting and Daisy Fresh, donned the blue gear.

Jacob Couch’s Technique and Strategy

Jacob Couch was renowned for his exceptional leg locks, which often caught his opponents off-guard. His closed guard skills were also impressive and frequently overlooked by his competitors. Couch’s strategy was to utilize his leg lock expertise and closed guard to his advantage, creating openings and opportunities to secure submissions. His opponents had to be cautious and not underestimate the potential danger he posed from both his guard and leg attacks.

Bruno Matias’s Technique and Strategy

Bruno Matias’s fighting style was characterized by his physicality, finesse, and unparalleled positional awareness. His technique was solid, and his strategy focused on controlling the distance and timing his attacks and entries strategically. Matias aimed to frustrate his opponents by maintaining control and finding the correct opening to exploit and close the distance. With his exceptional positional awareness, Matias aimed to avoid dangerous situations and capitalize on his opponent’s weaknesses.

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The Fight: Bruno Matias vs Jacob Couch

As the fight began, it became evident that both fighters were well-prepared and determined to give their best performance. Couch, known for his aggressive style, wasted no time and pulled guard early on, showcasing his confidence in his closed guard and leg lock attacks. Matias, fully aware of Couch’s strengths, focused on controlling the distance and evading any potential leg connections, thereby nullifying the immediate threat.

Throughout the fight, the exchanges between Matias and Couch were intense, with both fighters displaying their skills and techniques. Matias remained vigilant, using his positional awareness to stay in control while evading any dangerous situations. Couch, on the other hand, showcased his versatility by transitioning between different attacks, including an arm-in guillotine attempt.

Jacob Couch’s Impressive Performance

In a stunning turn of events, Jacob Couch managed to secure a beautiful guillotine choke on Bruno Matias. Despite Matias’s efforts to break the grip, Couch’s squeeze was relentless, and he ultimately forced the submission. This impressive victory showcased Couch’s confidence in his technique and his ability to seize the opportunity when it presented itself.

Couch’s performance further solidified his reputation as a rising star in the jiu-jitsu world. His skill set, including his leg locks, closed guard, and ability to capitalize on openings, made him a force to be reckoned with in the sport.

Jacob Couch’s Future Plans

Following his victory against Matias, Jacob Couch expressed his excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to compete on Who’s Number One. He mentioned his plans to compete in the UK and the upcoming No-Gi Worlds. Couch’s impressive performances on the WNO stage had granted him recognition, and he looked forward to continuing to build his career and compete against top-level opponents.


The fight between Bruno Matias and Jacob Couch was a highly anticipated matchup that showcased the skills and strategies of two exceptional jiu-jitsu fighters. Couch’s impressive leg lock attacks and closed guard skills, coupled with Matias’s physicality and positional awareness, made for an intense and exciting fight. In the end, Couch emerged victorious, securing a guillotine choke submission. This victory further solidified Couch’s status as a rising star in the jiu-jitsu world, and fans and practitioners eagerly anticipated his future matches.

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