Nicholas Meregali Works Positional Rounds From Mount At New Wave

Nicholas Meregali Works Positional Rounds From Mount At New Wave

In this high-energy video from FloGrappling, viewers get an up-close look at the intense training regimen of jiu-jitsu star Nicholas Meregali. As he prepares for his upcoming WNO match against Kaynan Duarte, Meregali engages in rigorous positional sparring rounds, all while under the expert tutelage of John Danaher. Throughout the video, Meregali showcases his exceptional skills from the mount position, highlighting his strategic and technical approach to the sport. For fans of jiu-jitsu, this video provides valuable insights into Meregali’s training methods and offers an exciting glimpse into the world of professional grappling.

Nicholas Meregali Works Positional Rounds From Mount At New Wave

Nicholas Meregali Works Positional Rounds From Mount At New Wave

Introduction to Nicholas Meregali’s preparation for WNO match against Kaynan Duarte

In preparation for his upcoming match against Kaynan Duarte at WNO (Who’s Number One), Nicholas Meregali, an accomplished Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) competitor, engages in positional sparring rounds at the New Wave training facility. These rounds serve as an essential component of Meregali’s training regimen, helping him refine his skills and develop effective strategies for his upcoming match. With the guidance of renowned BJJ coach John Danaher, Meregali is able to strengthen his abilities and secure a competitive edge against his opponent.

Description of positional sparring rounds

Positional sparring rounds in BJJ involve training specific positions and movements within the context of a controlled environment. For each round, competitors begin in a predetermined position, such as the mount, and aim to maintain or improve their position while their training partner attempts to escape or counter. This focused approach allows practitioners to isolate and refine their techniques, transitions, and submissions from a particular position, providing a more targeted training experience.

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Importance of positional rounds in jiu-jitsu training

Positional rounds play a pivotal role in the development of a well-rounded BJJ practitioner. By focusing on specific positions, individuals can deepen their understanding and mastery of fundamental techniques, as well as explore advanced strategies. Moreover, positional rounds offer practitioners the opportunity to simulate real-life scenarios, honing their ability to react effectively and think strategically during actual competitions. This type of training helps build a strong foundation and enhances overall proficiency in BJJ.

Overview of Nicholas Meregali’s approach to positional rounds

Nicholas Meregali possesses a meticulous approach to positional rounds, ensuring he maximizes the benefits of this training method. Meregali understands the importance of mastering the mount position, which offers significant control over an opponent while providing various offensive opportunities. By spending dedicated rounds focusing specifically on the mount, Meregali aims to refine his techniques, transitions, and submissions from this advantageous position. His dedication to positional rounds demonstrates his commitment to continuous improvement and his relentless pursuit of excellence in BJJ.

Benefits of positional rounds from mount

Working from the mount position offers numerous advantages in BJJ. Firstly, the mount affords the practitioner superior control over their opponent, as they can utilize their body weight and leverage to restrict their opponent’s movements. This control allows for effective submission opportunities, such as armlocks, chokes, and transitions to other dominant positions. Additionally, practicing positional rounds from mount enhances one’s ability to maintain control and balance, as well as develop a strong top game. These skills are invaluable in competition scenarios where every advantage counts.

Techniques demonstrated by Nicholas Meregali during positional rounds

During the positional rounds at New Wave, Nicholas Meregali exhibits a wide range of techniques from the mount position. He showcases his ability to maintain control by applying effective pressure with his hips and knees, making it difficult for his training partners to escape. Meregali also demonstrates the utilization of grips and hand placement to further solidify his position and set up submissions. His arsenal of techniques includes various armlocks, chokes, and transitions to the back, highlighting his versatility and ingenuity in attacking from the mount.

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John Danaher’s role in overseeing the training

Renowned BJJ coach John Danaher plays a crucial role in overseeing Nicholas Meregali’s training at New Wave. As a highly respected figure in the world of BJJ, Danaher brings his vast knowledge and experience to the training sessions. He provides valuable insights, guidance, and technical corrections to Meregali, helping him fine-tune his techniques, develop effective strategies, and optimize his overall performance. Danaher’s expertise and attention to detail contribute greatly to Meregali’s training, ensuring he is well-prepared for his upcoming match against Kaynan Duarte.

Insights into Nicholas Meregali’s training routine

Nicholas Meregali’s training routine is characterized by dedication, discipline, and consistency. Alongside positional rounds, he incorporates a balanced blend of physical conditioning, drilling, and live rolling sessions into his training schedule. Meregali recognizes the importance of building a strong foundation through drilling fundamental techniques, as well as the necessity of pushing his limits through intense live rolling sessions. This comprehensive approach allows him to address both technical proficiency and physical endurance, ensuring he is well-rounded and prepared for any challenges he may face on the competition mats.

Analysis of Nicholas Meregali’s strategies during positional rounds

Nicholas Meregali’s strategies during positional rounds reflect his deep understanding of the intricacies of BJJ. He employs a patient and methodical approach, prioritizing control and maintaining advantageous positions. Meregali focuses on immobilizing his opponents, restricting their movements, and capitalizing on any openings for submissions or transitions. He anticipates his opponents’ reactions and adjusts his techniques accordingly, displaying a high level of adaptability and strategic thinking. These strategies, combined with his technical prowess and physical strength, make Meregali a formidable competitor in the BJJ community.


Nicholas Meregali’s dedication to positional rounds from mount exemplifies his commitment to excellence in BJJ. By focusing on refining techniques, transitions, and submissions from this advantageous position, Meregali enhances his control, offensive capabilities, and overall proficiency in the sport. With the guidance of renowned coach John Danaher and a comprehensive training routine, Meregali is well-prepared to face Kaynan Duarte at WNO. His strategic approach, technical prowess, and relentless pursuit of improvement make him a formidable force in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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