A Day In The Life Of Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Dante Leon | WNO All Access

A Day In The Life Of Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Dante Leon | WNO All Access

In the video titled “A Day in the Life of Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Dante Leon” by FloGrappling, viewers are taken on a journey as Dante Leon prepares for his upcoming match against Ethan Crelinsten at Tezos WNO 19 on August 10th. Throughout the video, Dante discusses his breakfast routine, emphasizing the importance of fueling his body based on his workout intensity. From there, he shares his nervousness about his driving test, goes to his gym (Miss Jiu Jitsu in Toledo) to train with his teammates, and even makes a chicken sandwich for lunch while discussing his teaching responsibilities at the gym. The day continues with more training, including wrestling rounds and drilling techniques. Dante ends the day by expressing gratitude to his viewers and promoting his upcoming match.

This captivating and immersive glimpse into the life of a Jiu-Jitsu World Champion truly showcases the dedication, discipline, and routine that goes into preparing for a high-stakes competition. Viewers are invited to follow along and witness the behind-the-scenes moments of Dante’s training regimen as he strives for excellence in his sport.

Morning Routine


In the video, Dante Leon discusses his breakfast routine and how it varies depending on the intensity of his workout. Today, he explains that he is having a light breakfast consisting of rice cakes, a protein shake mixed with creatine, a glass of milk, and a cup of blueberries. He mentions that on days with more intense workouts, he eats a larger breakfast, including items like sandwiches and fruit pie. Dante emphasizes the importance of fueling his body properly and tailoring his breakfast to meet his specific training needs.

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Importance of Specificity in Training

Dante Leon shares his approach to training for each match and the importance of specificity. He explains that rather than simply training hard and moving on, he likes to have a plan tailored to each match. He believes in focusing on specific techniques, strategies, and conditioning exercises that will directly prepare him for the upcoming competition. He emphasizes the need to train with purpose and intention, ensuring that every training session contributes to his overall goal of winning the match.

Nervousness About Driving Test

Dante Leon expresses his nerves about an upcoming driving test he needs to take in order to get his license in America. He mentions feeling a pressure to pass the test, as it would be on camera for the video. He admits to feeling nervous all day and hopes that the presence of the camera might influence the outcome of the test. However, he also acknowledges the possibility of encountering individuals who may want to fail him due to being on camera. Despite the nerves, Dante is determined to do his best and hopes to pass the test successfully.

Training at Miss Jiu Jitsu

Going to the Gym

Dante Leon takes viewers along with him as he heads to his gym, Miss Jiu Jitsu, located in Toledo. He mentions some of the teammates he expects to train with, such as Max Hansen, Nilo Bergner, Nick Creighton, and Brad Schneider. He explains that going to the gym is an important part of his daily routine, as it provides him with the necessary training environment and the opportunity to work with skilled teammates.

Training Routine

Once at the gym, Dante Leon takes viewers through his training routine. He shows the changing room and mentions the convenience of the back door, which provides a quick escape after a rough training day. He showcases the mats and explains that the gym offers both drilling sessions and live wrestling rounds. Dante emphasizes the necessity of drilling, despite the challenging nature of the activity. He mentions that they typically have at least four rounds of drilling, with some days including up to six rounds. Additionally, Dante discusses the importance of sparring with as many different training partners as possible to enhance their skills.

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Lunch Break

After the training session, Dante Leon heads home for his lunch break. He describes his meal, which includes a salad with greens and tomatoes, four ounces of chicken, and half a cup of white rice. He acknowledges that while the meal may not be the most delicious, it is necessary for his training camp and aligns with his goal of winning a world title. Dante explains that during a training camp, it’s important to prioritize nutrition and occasionally endure some discomfort for the sake of achievement.

A Day In The Life Of Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Dante Leon | WNO All Access

Driving Test and Grocery Shopping

Driving Test Confidence

Following his lunch break, Dante Leon discusses his confidence in passing the driving test. He expresses that he has some familiarity with driving, having done the test previously in Canada. He believes that with practice and basic knowledge of driving, he should be able to pass the test. Despite feeling nervous earlier, Dante is now more optimistic about his chances of success.

Grocery Shopping

Dante Leon takes viewers along with him as he goes grocery shopping. He showcases the store and picks up items needed for his meals. While shopping, he emphasizes the importance of selecting nutritious foods that will support his training and recovery. Dante believes that proper nutrition plays a significant role in his overall performance as a jiu-jitsu athlete.

Making a Chicken Sandwich

Back at home, Dante Leon demonstrates how he makes a chicken sandwich with pickles. He explains his preference for simple, nutritious meals that fuel his body without compromising his training goals. He assembles the sandwich and takes a moment to enjoy the meal he has prepared.

Teaching at Perrysburg Gym

Teaching at the Gym

In the next part of the video, Dante Leon transitions to teaching at Perrysburg Gym. He walks viewers through the gym, explaining that it serves as the training facility for the MMA program. He emphasizes that the gym is equipped with high-end equipment to meet the needs of the athletes who train there. Dante expresses his fondness for the grungy atmosphere, which he believes aligns with the gritty nature of combat sports.

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Discussing the Technique

As a teacher, Dante Leon discusses the technique he is planning to teach in class. He mentions that the techniques he focuses on during class are tailored to the needs of the individuals or the team as a whole. Dante explains that his role, with the help of senior members, is to identify areas for improvement and design drills to address those areas. He highlights the importance of constant learning and improvement in the world of jiu-jitsu.


Thanking Viewers

At the end of the day, Dante Leon takes a moment to thank viewers for watching his day-in-the-life video. He expresses his gratitude for their support and encourages them to like, comment, and subscribe to FloGrappling for more jiu-jitsu content. Dante acknowledges that without the support of the jiu-jitsu community, he would not be able to pursue his passion and compete at the highest level.

Promoting Upcoming Match

Dante Leon concludes the video by promoting his upcoming match against Ethan Crelinsten at Tezos WNO 19 on August 10th. He encourages viewers to tune in and watch the exciting bout between two talented jiu-jitsu athletes. Dante thanks the viewers once again for their support and looks forward to showcasing his skills in the upcoming match.

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