Gordon Ryan: ‘Nicholas Is Single-Handedly Saving Gi Jiu-Jitsu’

Gordon Ryan: ‘Nicholas Is Single-Handedly Saving Gi Jiu-Jitsu’

Gordon Ryan, also known as “The King,” sits down to discuss the recent WNO event in this video hosted by FloGrappling. He talks about the impressive performance of his teammates Nicholas Meregali and Davis. Davis had a convincing win against a high-level wrestler, while Nicholas stood out with his prediction of a submission and his remarkable match. Gordon praises Nicholas for taking gi Jiu-Jitsu to a new level by spray painting a triangle on the back of his gi and executing it perfectly. The interview covers the importance of valuing skill in Jiu-Jitsu, as well as the experience of watching younger members of the team compete on big stages. Gordon also reveals that he will undergo surgery and have a one-month recovery period before returning to competition.

Overall, this article highlights the success of Gordon Ryan’s teammates at the WNO event and emphasizes the impact of Nicholas Meregali on gi Jiu-Jitsu. The conversation touches on Davis’ win against a high-level wrestler, Nicholas’ impressive performance, and the significance of skill in Jiu-Jitsu. The article also mentions other standout performances during the event and concludes with Gordon’s upcoming surgery and recovery period.

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Gordon Ryan discusses the WNO event and highlights Nicholas Meregali’s performance

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Gordon “The King” Ryan sits down to talk about the WNO event that just ended, including the performances of Nicholas Meregali and more!

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Nicholas Meregali’s Impressive Performance at WNO

Gordon Ryan reflects on the recent WNO event and specifically highlights the outstanding performance of his teammate, Nicholas Meregali. The interview takes place on FloGrappling, where viewers are encouraged to like, comment, and subscribe for access to the latest jiu jitsu videos.

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Davis’ Convincing Win Against a High-Level Wrestler

Gordon Ryan goes into detail about Davis’ match at the WNO event against a top-level wrestler. Davis demonstrated his skills by pulling guard, attempting leg locks, and securing positions on his opponent’s back. Despite facing some challenges, Davis managed to secure a convincing win, proving that he is a force to be reckoned with.

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Discussing Nicholas Meregali’s Impressive Performance

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Nicholas Meregali’s Unique Prediction and Performance

Gordon Ryan praises Nicholas Meregali for his ability to predict submissions and take his performance to a new level. Ryan mentions how Meregali spray painted a triangle on the back of his gi before the match, and then went on to showcase incredible techniques, including sweeping his opponent and finishing with a triangle submission. Ryan even suggests that Meregali may have taken inspiration from one of his own techniques, expressing his pride in Meregali’s execution.

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Confidence and Preparation for Nicholas Meregali’s Match

As the interviewer asks about Meregali’s confidence and preparation leading up to his match, Ryan speaks highly of Meregali’s skills and knowledge of his opponent, Pedro. Ryan reveals that Meregali’s confidence stems from his understanding of Pedro’s game and their previous experience competing against each other. Ryan expresses his confidence in Meregali’s ability to perform at such a high level and mentions Meregali’s substantial bet after the match, highlighting his significance in the world of jiu jitsu.

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The Rise of Young Talent: Davis and Nicholas Meregali

Ryan discusses the experience of watching younger members of the team compete on big stages like WNO. He explains that Davis, despite his lower belt and limited experience, has the potential to become a star in the world of jiu jitsu. Ryan attributes Davis’ nerves to his lack of competitive experience and emphasizes the importance of getting used to competing. He also reflects on the sudden fame that Davis received after a post on Instagram, showcasing Davis’ skill in actually submitting Ryan himself.

Gordon Ryan: Nicholas Is Single-Handedly Saving Gi Jiu-Jitsu

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Impressive Performances from Isaac, Dante Leon, and William Tackett

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Isaac’s Impressive Guard Passing

Ryan praises Isaac for his impressive guard passing techniques during his match at the WNO event. He commends Isaac for his ability to stay past the hip line and apply pressure on his opponent, Jacob Couch. Ryan mentions that Isaac’s success was in part due to the techniques they have been working on together, specifically referencing “the Kamping stuff and Tori on the work.” Overall, Ryan is impressed with Isaac’s performance and predicts his continued success.

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Dante Leon’s Back Take

Ryan acknowledges Dante Leon’s superb back take during his match at the event. Although he doesn’t go into much detail, he commends Leon for executing a smooth and effective technique. This further highlights the impressive performances from the younger members of the team, emphasizing their potential and skill in jiu jitsu.

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William Tackett’s Exciting Match

Ryan briefly mentions William Tackett’s super exciting match without going into much detail. Although he doesn’t provide specific information about the match, his mention of Tackett highlights the overall impressive nature of the matches throughout the WNO event. Ryan acknowledges that while there were only two submissions, there was plenty of action throughout all the matches.

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Valuing Skill in Jiu Jitsu Over Championships

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The Difference Between Winning and Skill in Jiu Jitsu

Ryan agrees with Nicholas Meregali’s statement that fans should value skilled grapplers rather than just focusing on champions. He explains that being good at winning doesn’t necessarily mean being good at jiu jitsu, and vice versa. Ryan emphasizes the importance of pushing the sport forward and valuing both skill and winning. While champions bring experience and tactics, the growth of the sport relies on recognizing and appreciating individuals who showcase exceptional technical jiu jitsu, even if they haven’t won championships.

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Gordon Ryan’s Personal Update

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Gordon Ryan’s Upcoming Surgery and Return to Competition

During the interview, Ryan reveals that he will undergo surgery and will need a month of recovery before returning to competition. This personal update offers insight into Ryan’s own journey and serves as a testament to his dedication and commitment to the sport.

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Reflecting on the WNO Event and Future Competitions

In conclusion, Gordon Ryan discusses various aspects of the WNO event and highlights the exceptional performances of his teammates, Davis and Nicholas Meregali. He expresses his admiration for the rising young talent within his team, emphasizing their potential and growth. Ryan also acknowledges impressive performances from Isaac, Dante Leon, and William Tackett throughout the event. Lastly, Ryan touches on the importance of valuing skill in jiu jitsu rather than solely focusing on championships. Overall, the interview provides valuable insights into the world of jiu jitsu from Ryan’s perspective.

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