11-Minutes Of Brianna Ste-Marie’s World-Class Closed Guard Armbar

11-Minutes Of Brianna Ste-Marie’s World-Class Closed Guard Armbar

Brianna Ste-Marie is gearing up to compete against Lis Clay at Tezos WNO 20: Night of Champions for the Women’s 145lbs WNO Championship Belt. The highly anticipated match is set to take place on October 1st, and fans are eager to witness the action unfold. In preparation for the event, FloGrappling has released a captivating 11-minute video showcasing Ste-Marie’s exceptional closed guard armbar technique. This must-watch video provides a glimpse into Ste-Marie’s world-class skills, offering viewers a chance to see her in action and gain valuable insights into her grappling style. From controlling the head and posture to looking for triangle opportunities, the video highlights the nuances of Ste-Marie’s strategy and leaves viewers eager for more exciting jiu jitsu content.

Brianna Ste-Marie vs Lis Clay

The upcoming match between Brianna Ste-Marie and Lis Clay at Tezos WNO 20: Night of Champions is highly anticipated. Both fighters are skilled and experienced, making this a battle to watch. In particular, Ste-Marie is known for her impressive closed guard armbar technique, which has garnered attention and admiration in the jiu jitsu community. In this article, we will explore Ste-Marie’s closed guard armbar in detail, including her technique breakdown, the importance of grips, and her strategies for controlling and transitioning from the closed guard.

Experience and Competitiveness

Ste-Marie’s experience and competitiveness are evident in her performance on the mat. She has honed her skills and developed a strong attack game, especially from the closed guard position. Ste-Marie is comfortable and confident in executing her techniques, making her a formidable opponent for any fighter. Her dedication and hard work shine through in her matches, and it will be exciting to see her showcase her skills against Lis Clay.

Technique Breakdown

Ste-Marie’s closed guard armbar is a thing of beauty. She utilizes precise technique and timing to secure the submission. One key aspect of her technique is her ability to control her opponent’s head, which helps to control their posture and limit their options for escape. By maintaining control over the head, Ste-Marie is able to set up her attacks effectively and maintain a dominant position.

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Importance of Grips

The grip game is crucial in Ste-Marie’s closed guard armbar. The right grips can make or break the success of her technique. With a collar tie and wrist tie, Ste-Marie opens up her guard and gains the necessary hip extension to clear the way for a triangle submission. The nuances of gripping play a significant role in the technical exchanges of the grappling game, and Ste-Marie’s understanding and execution of this aspect of the armbar is impressive.

High Guard

Ste-Marie is known for her high guard, which is a staple in her closed guard armbar. Her high guard allows her to execute various attacks, including armbars and triangles, with precision and effectiveness. Ste-Marie’s comfort and mastery of the high guard make her a dangerous opponent from the bottom position. It will be interesting to see how she employs her high guard against Lis Clay in their upcoming match.

Stacking Forward

One strategy that Lis Clay may employ against Ste-Marie is stacking forward to create pressure and limit Ste-Marie’s options. However, there are dangers associated with stacking forward, and Ste-Marie will need to be aware of these risks. By driving her head down and lifting her hips up, Clay can put Ste-Marie in a vulnerable position. Ste-Marie will have to be cautious and proactive in countering Clay’s stacking forward to maintain control and prevent her opponent from taking advantageous angles.

Controlling the Head

An essential component of Ste-Marie’s closed guard armbar is her ability to control her opponent’s head. By establishing control over the head, Ste-Marie can dictate the pace and flow of the match. This control allows her to limit her opponent’s mobility and make it more difficult for them to escape or defend against her attacks. By maintaining a solid grip on the head, Ste-Marie can effectively neutralize her opponent’s posture and set up her submission techniques.

Wrist Control

In addition to controlling the head, Ste-Marie also focuses on wrist control as part of her closed guard armbar technique. By securing her opponent’s wrist, she can further restrict their movement and make it challenging for them to defend against her attacks. Wrist control provides Ste-Marie with the leverage and control she needs to execute her submissions with precision and effectiveness.

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Hip Extension

Hip extension is a crucial component of Ste-Marie’s closed guard armbar. By extending her hips, she creates the necessary space and angle to secure the submission. Ste-Marie’s understanding of the importance of hip extension allows her to clear her opponent’s posture and set up her attacks effectively. It is a key element in her success with the closed guard armbar.

Triangle Setup

One potential submission that Ste-Marie looks for from her closed guard armbar is the triangle. By utilizing her grips and hip extension, she can punch through for a triangle submission. The triangle offers another avenue for Ste-Marie to attack her opponent and secure a victory. Her technique and timing in setting up the triangle from the closed guard demonstrate her skill and strategic thinking on the mat.

Dangers of Stacking Forward

As Lis Clay attempts to stack forward to pressure Ste-Marie, she must be cautious of the potential dangers associated with this strategy. Stacking forward places Clay in a vulnerable position, as Ste-Marie can take advantage of the angles created and potentially secure a submission. Ste-Marie must capitalize on these opportunities and use her technical proficiency to defend against Clay’s stacking forward effectively.

Creating Angles

To counter Clay’s stacking forward, Ste-Marie will need to focus on creating angles. By adjusting her position and cutting corners, Ste-Marie can avoid being caught in a disadvantageous position. Creating angles allows her to maintain control and potentially transition to a more advantageous position. Ste-Marie’s ability to create angles will be crucial in neutralizing Clay’s stacking forward and maintaining her dominance in the match.

Counter Strategies

In addition to creating angles, Ste-Marie will need to implement counter strategies to defend against Clay’s stacking forward. By utilizing her grips and maintaining control, Ste-Marie can prevent Clay from effectively pressuring her and limit her opponent’s options. Ste-Marie’s experience and adaptability will come into play as she navigates Clay’s attacks and seeks opportunities to counter and secure submissions of her own.

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Transitioning to Back Control

One potential transition that Ste-Marie may look to employ is moving from the closed guard to back control. By clearing her opponent’s head and gaining control of their back, Ste-Marie can significantly increase her chances of securing a submission. Transitioning to back control requires precise technique and timing, and Ste-Marie’s mastery of this transition will be crucial in her match against Lis Clay.

Clearing the Head

To transition to back control, Ste-Marie must first clear her opponent’s head. By using her grips and hip movement, she can create the necessary space and angle to maneuver her opponent’s head out of the way. Clearing the head opens up opportunities for Ste-Marie to establish control and execute her transitions effectively.

Gift Wrap Technique

Once Ste-Marie has cleared her opponent’s head, she may employ the gift wrap technique to control their upper body. By wrapping her arm around her opponent’s back and securing their far arm, Ste-Marie gains a significant advantage in controlling her opponent and setting up her attacks. The gift wrap technique is a powerful tool in Ste-Marie’s arsenal and will be crucial in her transition to back control.

Camera Grip

Another potential grip that Ste-Marie may utilize in her transition to back control is the camera grip. This grip involves controlling her opponent’s wrist and arm, allowing her to maintain control and potentially secure a submission from the back. The camera grip is an effective way for Ste-Marie to manipulate her opponent’s upper body and maintain dominance in the match.

Taking the Back

With her grips and techniques firmly in place, Ste-Marie can look to take her opponent’s back. By maneuvering herself around her opponent and securing various hooks, Ste-Marie can establish a dominant position and increase her chances of securing a submission. Taking the back is a powerful tactic in jiu jitsu, and Ste-Marie’s ability to execute this transition will be instrumental in her match against Lis Clay.

11-Minutes Of Brianna Ste-Maries World-Class Closed Guard Armbar


Brianna Ste-Marie’s closed guard armbar is a masterpiece of technique and skill. Her experience and competitiveness make her a force to be reckoned with in the jiu jitsu world. Her control, grips, and understanding of angles allow her to dominate from the bottom position and transition to advantageous positions such as the back. As she prepares to face Lis Clay at Tezos WNO 20: Night of Champions, fans can expect an exciting and technical display of jiu jitsu skills.

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