What Does Kaynan Duarte REALLY Think About Nicholas Meregali?

What Does Kaynan Duarte REALLY Think About Nicholas Meregali?

In this article titled “What Does Kaynan Duarte REALLY Think About Nicholas Meregali?” by FloGrappling, Kaynan Duarte shares his thoughts on his upcoming match against Nicholas Meregali in the Tezos WNO event on August 10th. As the two jiu-jitsu world champions prepare to face off, Duarte reflects on their previous encounters, acknowledging Meregali’s skill and aggression. However, he believes that competing in the no-gi format will present a different challenge, emphasizing his advantage in athleticism. Duarte also discusses Meregali’s progression since transitioning to no-gi, noting his strong performance in ADCC and his training with John Danaher. With a desire to win and confidence in his experience, Duarte eagerly anticipates their rematch in the no-gi setting.

The article provides an insight into the rivalry between these two accomplished athletes, highlighting the competitiveness and history they share. As both Duarte and Meregali prepare for their highly anticipated match, the article offers a glimpse into their previous encounters and their thoughts on each other’s skills. With their clash in the no-gi format fast approaching, the article sets the stage for an intense and thrilling showdown between two revered champions.


In the world of jiu-jitsu, there are few rivalries as intense as the one between Kaynan Duarte and Nicholas Meregali. These two world-class competitors have faced off multiple times, each with their wins and losses. With their upcoming match at Tezos WNO, fans are eagerly anticipating the showdown between these two talented athletes. In this article, we will delve into Kaynan Duarte’s thoughts on Nicholas Meregali, their previous matches, the advantages and disadvantages of competing in different types of gi, and the evolution of Meregali’s skills. We will also explore the origin of their rivalry, Meregali’s label as the best grappler, and the dynamics of tournaments and endurance. So let’s dive in and see what Kaynan Duarte really thinks about Nicholas Meregali.

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Background Information

Kaynan Duarte and Nicholas Meregali are both highly accomplished jiu-jitsu athletes. They have been competing against each other since Kaynan’s first year as a black belt. Over the years, they have faced off four times, with each of them tasting victory and defeat. These matches have helped shape their rivalry and fueled their desire to prove themselves as the better competitor. As they prepare to meet once again, it is important to understand the history and dynamics between these two athletes.

Kaynan Duarte’s Thoughts on Nicholas Meregali

Kaynan’s Initial Impressions of Meregali

Kaynan Duarte holds Nicholas Meregali in high regard, acknowledging him as a great athlete. Having competed against Meregali since his first year as a black belt, Duarte recognizes his aggression and his skillset, noting that Meregali possesses a lot of mobility and speed. However, Duarte believes that their upcoming match in nogi will bring a different dynamic since there won’t be any grips involved. This, according to Duarte, might level the playing field and make the match more aggressive and unpredictable.

Their Previous Matches

Duarte vividly remembers the four times he has faced Meregali in competition. Their first meeting occurred at the Brazilian Nationals, where Duarte, still relatively new to the black belt division, suffered a loss via submission. This loss proved to be a learning experience for Duarte, as it made him realize the importance of improving his defensive skills. In the same year, Duarte went on to win his first world title as a black belt, highlighting his growth and development.

Their second encounter took place at a tournament in California, with the result being a referee decision in favor of Duarte. This close match showcased the competitive nature of their rivalry, with both athletes proving their skills and determination.

Their third meeting occurred in Korea during the Spider Finals, where Duarte once again came out on top. This time, the victory had high stakes, as the cash prize was a significant $100,000. This win cemented their rivalry even further and may have contributed to Meregali’s desire to get a win over Duarte in their next match.

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Their most recent encounter was at the World Championship, where Duarte narrowly lost to Meregali by two points. This close match demonstrated the continuous back-and-forth nature of their rivalry, with both athletes showcasing their technical abilities.

What Does Kaynan Duarte REALLY Think About Nicholas Meregali?

Advantages and Disadvantages in Different Gi

Duarte acknowledges that competing in the gi provides him with advantages due to his athleticism. He believes that his physicality and athleticism give him an edge when grips are involved. However, he notes that there are times where skillful opponents can hold him back in the gi. On the other hand, competing in nogi brings about a different dynamic. Without the ability to hold and control opponents through grips, the match becomes more aggressive and fast-paced. Duarte sees this shift as an opportunity to exploit Meregali’s weaknesses and showcase his own technical skills.

Changes in Meregali’s Progression

Duarte has noticed significant progression in Meregali’s skills, especially in his transition to the nogi aspect of the sport. Meregali’s participation in the ADCC tournament and subsequent matches against high-level opponents, such as Lovato, have showcased his adaptability and improvement. Duarte acknowledges Meregali’s intelligence and ability to make strategic choices when it comes to his career. The opportunity to train with John Danaher has undoubtedly played a role in Meregali’s growth as an athlete. Despite these advancements, Duarte remains confident in his own experience and skill set, eager to win the upcoming match.

The Rivalry Between Duarte and Meregali

The Origin of the Rivalry

The rivalry between Duarte and Meregali stems from their competitive history. The initial spark can be traced back to the Spider Finals in Korea, where Duarte took home a substantial cash prize of $100,000. This victory may have instigated feelings of rivalry and a desire for revenge on Meregali’s part. Additionally, Meregali has consistently proclaimed himself as the best grappler of the moment, further fueling the fire between the two athletes.

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Meregali’s Label as the Best Grappler

Meregali’s self-proclamation as the best grappler adds an additional layer of intensity to their rivalry. However, it is important to note that Meregali did not win the World Championship in the most recent year. This omission may perhaps cast doubt on his claim as the best grappler, creating space for Duarte to challenge his status.

Tournament Dynamics and Endurance

Duarte believes that tournaments bring unique challenges that differ from super fights. While super fights determine who is the best in a specific encounter, tournaments require athletes to showcase endurance and adaptability over multiple matches. Factors such as bracket positioning and the level of competition can heavily influence the outcomes of matches. Duarte acknowledges the importance of being well-prepared and mentally focused in tournament settings, emphasizing the need for both physical and mental endurance.


The thoughts and opinions of Kaynan Duarte on Nicholas Meregali shed light on the intensity and dynamic nature of their rivalry. As both athletes prepare for their upcoming match, their history of wins and losses, the advantages and disadvantages in different types of gi, and Meregali’s progression are all factors to consider. The outcome of their match will surely have a significant impact on the legacy of these two talented jiu-jitsu competitors. Whether Duarte or Meregali emerges victorious, their rivalry will continue to captivate and inspire jiu-jitsu enthusiasts around the world.

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