Unfiltered: Gordon Ryan Blasts “Loser” Andre Galvao, Tells Him To Stay Home

Unfiltered: Gordon Ryan Blasts “Loser” Andre Galvao, Tells Him To Stay Home

In the latest installment of the ongoing rivalry between jiu-jitsu athletes Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao, tensions are running high. Ryan has been vying to compete against Galvao since 2016, but Galvao has consistently declined every match offered to him. However, the tables have turned as Ryan emerged victorious in the Absolute category, putting Galvao in a difficult position. If Galvao doesn’t show up, he risks being seen as afraid, but if he does, Ryan believes he will likely be submitted. Ryan further critiques Galvao’s skills, stating that he is unimpressive in various areas, including jiu-jitsu techniques and submissions. Ryan suggests that Galvao should stay home and rebuild his brand from there, as his recent decisions and statements have tarnished his legacy.

In an interview with FloGrappling, Ryan expresses his strong opinions about Galvao, boldly calling him a loser. He accuses Galvao of ruining his 30-year legacy in just a few weeks due to his poor decision-making. Ryan goes on to analyze Galvao’s skills, claiming that he is unimpressive in many aspects of jiu-jitsu. Despite the potential backlash, Ryan believes that Galvao will likely pull out of their upcoming fight last minute to promote his brand and create another sale for Atos HQ. Ryan concludes with a message for Galvao, stating that it would be best for him to stay home and start rebuilding his brand from there.

1. Gordon Ryan’s Strong Criticism

Gordon Ryan, renowned jiu-jitsu practitioner, recently made headlines with his scathing criticism of Andre Galvao, another highly respected figure in the jiu-jitsu world. Ryan didn’t hold back, going as far as calling Galvao a loser and advising him to stay home.

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1.1 Calling Andre Galvao a Loser

In a recent interview, Ryan didn’t mince words when it came to his opinion of Galvao. Ryan referred to Galvao as a “loser,” suggesting that his recent decisions and statements have severely damaged his legacy. Ryan believes that each decision Galvao makes only serves to worsen his already tarnished reputation.

1.2 Advising Him to Stay Home

To add to the criticism, Ryan offered Galvao a piece of advice: to stay home. Ryan believes that Galvao’s best course of action at this point is to rebuild his brand from the comfort of his own home. With the upcoming match against Ryan, Galvao faces a difficult situation. If he shows up, Ryan predicts that he will be submitted, but if he doesn’t, he will be condemned as a coward. Ryan suggests that Galvao should avoid further damage to his reputation by refraining from participating in the match altogether.

2. Long History as Jiu-Jitsu Rivals

Ryan and Galvao have a longstanding history as rivals in the jiu-jitsu world. This rivalry dates back to 2016, when Ryan first expressed his desire to compete against Galvao. However, Galvao has declined every match offered to him since then.

2.1 From 2016 until Present

Since 2016, Ryan has actively pursued a match against Galvao, hoping to prove himself against the highly respected competitor. However, Galvao’s continuous refusal to compete against Ryan has left their rivalry unresolved for years.

2.2 Andre’s Declined Matches

Galvao’s decision to decline every match against Ryan has garnered attention and raised questions about his willingness to face the challenging opponent. Ryan’s persistence has only amplified the anticipation for a showdown between the two, leaving Galvao in a difficult position where he must justify his repeated rejections.

Unfiltered: Gordon Ryan Blasts Loser Andre Galvao, Tells Him To Stay Home

3. Gordon Ryan’s Recent Achievement

Despite Galvao’s reluctance to compete against Ryan, the latter has managed to reach significant milestones within the jiu-jitsu community. Most notably, Ryan emerged victorious in the Absolute category, which further solidified his status as a top competitor in the sport.

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3.1 Winning the Absolute Category

Ryan’s triumph in the Absolute category showcased his exceptional skills and dominance in the jiu-jitsu world. This achievement not only boosted his confidence but also added pressure on Galvao, as his refusal to compete against Ryan contrasts sharply with Ryan’s consistent success.

3.2 Andre’s Dilemma

Galvao now faces a dilemma. With Ryan’s recent achievement in mind, Galvao must make a decision: either face Ryan in a match where defeat seems inevitable, or continue declining matches and risk further damage to his reputation. The weight of this decision places Galvao in a challenging position, with the potential for significant consequences regardless of his choice.

4. Andre Galvao’s Ruined Legacy

Gordon Ryan shares his opinions on Andre Galvao’s recent decisions and statements, asserting that Galvao has effectively ruined his legacy as a jiu-jitsu icon. Ryan further elaborates on his assessment of Galvao’s skills and technique.

4.1 Gordon’s Opinion on Andre’s Decisions

Ryan believes that each decision Galvao has made lately has contributed to the destruction of his 30-year legacy. From initiating a fight only to back down, to issuing a lackluster apology used to promote his brand, Galvao’s actions have only served to make him appear foolish and lose credibility in the eyes of many.

4.2 Assessing Andre’s Skills

Ryan takes a critical look at Galvao’s skills as a jiu-jitsu practitioner, asserting that he is not impressive in various areas. According to Ryan, Galvao falls short in jiu-jitsu techniques, submissions, hand fighting, shot execution, and overall grappling ability. Ryan’s assessment suggests that Galvao’s reputation as a formidable competitor may be undeserved.

5. Key to Victory: Andre’s Strategy

Ryan discusses the potential strategies that Galvao could employ in an attempt to secure victory in their upcoming match. Ryan believes that Galvao’s key to success lies in keeping the fight in the standing position and winning over the judges with well-timed takedowns.

5.1 Keeping the Fight Standing

Galvao, according to Ryan, should focus on avoiding engaging in jiu-jitsu with him. Instead, Galvao should aim to keep the fight standing for as long as possible. By relying on his background in wrestling and utilizing opportunistic takedowns, Galvao could create the illusion of engagement and potentially sway the judges in his favor.

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5.2 Winning in the Judges’ Eyes

Ryan emphasizes the importance of capitalizing on the judges’ subjective judgments in a sport like jiu-jitsu. Galvao’s strategy should involve executing takedowns that may not necessarily result in scoring points, but could give him an edge in winning a decision. By employing this strategy, Galvao could potentially secure victory even if he doesn’t dominate in terms of jiu-jitsu technique.

6. Key to Victory: Gordon’s Strategy

Ryan outlines his own strategy for securing victory against Galvao. In contrast to Galvao’s approach, Ryan believes that making Galvao engage in jiu-jitsu is the key to his victory.

6.1 Making Andre Engage in Jiu-Jitsu

Ryan’s plan involves forcing Galvao into the realm of jiu-jitsu, where Ryan feels confident in his skills. Ryan aims to push Galvao out of his comfort zone and exploit any weaknesses he identifies in Galvao’s jiu-jitsu technique.

6.2 Submitting Andre

Once Galvao is engaged in jiu-jitsu with Ryan, the latter plans to utilize his superior skills to submit Galvao. Ryan believes that Galvao’s weaknesses in submissions and overall grappling ability make him vulnerable to defeat in this regard.

7. Andre’s Potential Last-Minute Cancellation

Ryan shares his belief that Galvao may ultimately back out of the fight at the last minute, speculating that this decision may aim to generate publicity and promote his brand at Atos HQ.

7.1 Gordon’s Belief in Andre’s Intentions

Ryan expresses his conviction that Galvao will claim that he is coming back for the match but will inevitably pull out closer to the fight. Ryan believes that Galvao’s motivation for doing so is rooted in his desire to create another sale for Atos HQ and generate a buzz around the event.

7.2 Promotion and Atos HQ

Ryan suggests that Galvao’s potential withdrawal from the match serves a dual purpose: promoting his brand, Atos HQ, and generating sales. Ryan sees through this potential strategy and asserts that Galvao’s presence and involvement in the event are unnecessary, further solidifying his belief that Galvao should simply stay home.

8. Advice for Andre: Rebuilding from Home

In light of the current circumstances surrounding Galvao, Ryan offers advice on how Galvao can rebuild his brand and salvage what’s left of his legacy.

8.1 Best for Andre’s Brand

Ryan proposes that Galvao should stay home and focus on rebuilding his brand from there. By removing himself from the spotlight and the upcoming match, Galvao can distance himself from the mounting negative opinions and work on rejuvenating his image.

8.2 Focusing on Rebuilding

Ryan’s advice centers on Galvao taking time away from the spotlight to reflect on his recent decisions and statements. By acknowledging his mistakes and charting a new course, Galvao has the opportunity to regain the respect and admiration he once enjoyed within the jiu-jitsu community. Ryan encourages Galvao to use this difficult period as a chance for growth and self-improvement, suggesting that a revamped approach and renewed dedication can help Galvao rebuild his brand and legacy.

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