Road to Worlds Vlog: Tainan Dalpra Has A Target On His Back

Road to Worlds Vlog: Tainan Dalpra Has A Target On His Back

In this episode of the Road to Worlds Vlog, FloGrappling takes viewers on a journey to Costa Mesa to catch up with Gui Mendes, Tainan Dalpra, Cole Abate, and other talented athletes at AOJ. The training sessions at AOJ are intense, with a large class size of around 100 people on the mat. The video showcases the drills and techniques being practiced, emphasizing the importance of grip control, sweeps, and back attacks. Tainan Dalpra, with his target on his back, expresses his determination to prove himself as the best in his division and continue raising his level in preparation for the biggest tournament of the year.

Throughout the vlog, the energy and excitement among the athletes is evident, with rivalry, camaraderie, and a shared goal of reaching the black belt level. The episode also includes a team fight between Argentina and Australia, highlighting the competitiveness and determination of both sides. The vlog ends with a sign-off from Tainan Dalpra, who states that the work is not over and that there is still more to come.

Road to Worlds Vlog: Tainan Dalpra Has A Target On His Back

Training at AOJ

At Art of Jiu Jitsu (AOJ), the class sizes are incredibly large, with around 100 people in each class. To accommodate such a large number, they have split the classes between the main mats and the secondary mats. The training starts with the participants working on their preferred grips and practicing sweeps. They then move on to drilling techniques. The instructors emphasize the importance of adjusting the intensity of the drills based on individual preferences. They encourage participants to communicate with their drilling partners and ask them to increase the intensity if they feel that the partner is going too easy on them.

One specific aspect that AOJ focuses on is bank attacks. These attacks are a trademark of their style, and they emphasize the importance of being sharp in executing them. Their sweeps and passing techniques often lead to back attacks, so they dedicate time to perfecting this aspect of their game.

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Goal of Raising Level

Training with black belts is highly valued at AOJ. They believe that training with higher belts can bring the lower belts closer to their goal of becoming black belts themselves. The camaraderie and shared goal of reaching the black belt level create a supportive environment where everyone helps each other improve. For example, a juvenile blue belt might drill with a black belt, while another blue belt might drill with a brown belt. This collaboration allows them to learn and grow together, with each belt level contributing to the advancement of their skills.

Tainan Dalpra, in particular, has been preparing for the Worlds competition. He has been training hard and dedicating himself to reaching the highest level possible. Tainan understands that the Worlds competition is the biggest event of the year and has been preparing for it for months. He believes that continuously pushing himself and proving himself in competition will naturally raise his level and bring him closer to achieving his ultimate goal of becoming a black belt.

Inspiration from Cole Abate

Tainan Dalpra draws inspiration from his teammate, Cole Abate. Tainan appreciates Cole’s unique style and skillset. He admires how Cole can effortlessly execute flying submissions, making quick work of his opponents. Cole’s style and success serve as an inspiration to Tainan, motivating him to improve his own game.

Tainan is particularly excited for his upcoming match against Uoren Lalatolo. Tainan and Uoren haven’t faced each other before, so the match promises to be an exciting clash of talent and skill. Tainan looks forward to the opportunity to compete against someone new and test himself in the competition.

Team Fight: Argentina vs Australia

In the team battle between Argentina and Australia, there are predictions and expectations from both sides. The Brazilian team expects Argentina to come out on top, considering the Brazilian national champion and two-time World Pro Champions on the Argentine team. The Brazilian coach believes that Argentina has what it takes to win.

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On the other hand, the Australian team is confident in their chances. They express their belief that they will come out on top in the team fight. While the predictions and expectations vary, both teams are prepared to give it their all and fight for victory.


The training at Art of Jiu Jitsu is intense and focused on raising the level of each participant. The large class sizes and drilling sessions allow for collaboration and growth among the students. Training with black belts is highly valued as it brings the lower belts closer to their goal of becoming black belts themselves.

Tainan Dalpra finds inspiration in his teammate, Cole Abate, and looks forward to his upcoming match against Uoren Lalatolo. The team battle between Argentina and Australia holds predictions and expectations from both sides, with each team confident in their chances of victory.

Overall, the training at AOJ is rigorous and aimed at pushing each individual to their limits. The dedication and passion shown by Tainan and his teammates serve as a testament to their commitment to the sport of jiu jitsu.

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