‘To Be Better You Have To Dominate More’ Gui Mendes On Tainan’s Evolution

‘To Be Better You Have To Dominate More’ Gui Mendes On Tainan’s Evolution

In this article entitled “‘To Be Better You Have To Dominate More’ Gui Mendes On Tainan’s Evolution,” Gui Mendes shares his thoughts on the Tezos IBJJF GP event in Austin. He praises Tainan Dalpra’s impressive performance in the 30-minute match against Zachary, highlighting his desire to break records and dominate his division. Mendes underscores the importance of studying opponents and strategizing to perform at a high level. He also discusses the strong team at AOJ, their pursuit of perfection in training and competition, and Jonathan Alves’ victory in the GP. Mendes emphasizes that Dalpra and Alves are young champions who will continue to improve with each tournament.

The video, filmed by FloGrappling, provides an opportunity to hear directly from Gui Mendes about the event. Mendes expresses his excitement about the growth and success of the jiu-jitsu community, stating that events like the Tezos IBJJF GP are crucial for pushing and motivating competitors. He commends Tainan Dalpra’s winning performance and talks about the amount of strategy and preparation that went into it. Mendes also discusses Jonathan Alves’ victory and the areas where they can continue to improve. Overall, Mendes believes that both Dalpra and Alves are on a path to becoming legends in the sport and that their dedication and pursuit of dominance will lead to further success.

Gui Mendes Discusses Tezos IBJJF GP Event in Austin

Gui Mendes, a highly respected figure in the jiu jitsu community, recently shared his thoughts on the Tezos IBJJF GP event that took place in Austin. Mendes believes that events like this are of great importance for the jiu jitsu community as they help to push and motivate competitors to continue striving for excellence. As someone who is deeply invested in the growth of the sport, Mendes expressed his excitement for seeing events like this grow and provide opportunities for athletes to showcase their skills and dedication.

Importance of Events Like Tezos IBJJF GP

According to Gui Mendes, events like the Tezos IBJJF GP are crucial for the jiu jitsu community. They not only provide a platform for athletes to compete and showcase their skills, but they also serve as a source of motivation for competitors to continue pushing themselves to be the best. Mendes believes that competition is necessary for growth, both individually and as a community. It pushes athletes to constantly improve their techniques, strategize, and study their opponents.

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Keeping Pushing and Motivating Competitors

In the view of Gui Mendes, events like the Tezos IBJJF GP play a vital role in keeping athletes motivated. When competitors see their peers competing at a high level and achieving success, it creates a healthy sense of competition and drive within the community. Seeing fellow athletes excel pushes others to work harder and strive for their own accomplishments. Mendes emphasized the importance of this motivation in the pursuit of excellence and growth in the sport.

Tainan Dalpra’s Performance in the 30-Minute Match Against Zachary

Gui Mendes took the time to praise Tainan Dalpra’s outstanding performance in the 30-minute match against Zachary. Dalpra’s performance was a display of dominance and showcased his desire to break records and dominate his division. Mendes expressed his belief that Dalpra has the potential to surpass the achievements of previous generations and become one of the greats in the sport.

Breaking Records and Dominating Division

Tainan Dalpra’s victory in the 30-minute match against Zachary was not only a success in terms of points and advantages, but also in terms of performance. Gui Mendes remarked that Dalpra’s goal is to break the record held by Marcelo Garcia in the Middleweight Division. Dalpra’s determination and ambition to surpass the accomplishments of previous champions exemplify his mindset and commitment to continuous improvement.

Gui Mendes’ Praise for Dalpra’s Performance

Gui Mendes spoke highly of Tainan Dalpra’s performance, stating that Dalpra was able to truly display his skills and abilities in the match. Mendes acknowledged the difference in scenario that Dalpra faced compared to his previous fights, noting that Dalpra’s focus has shifted from solely winning to showcasing his abilities and striving for exceptional performances. Mendes commended Dalpra’s commitment to growth and his desire to provide the same level of performance that legends of the sport such as Terry and Marcelo did in their time.

The Importance of Studying Opponents and Strategizing

Gui Mendes emphasized the importance of studying opponents and strategizing in order to perform at a high level in competitions. Mendes shared insights into his approach to opponent analysis and strategy, highlighting the need to identify an opponent’s strengths, weaknesses, and patterns in their game. According to Mendes, this level of preparation and analysis is necessary for athletes to have a competitive edge in their matches.

Performing at a High Level

Gui Mendes stressed the significance of performing at a high level in competitions. He shared that winning alone is no longer enough for Tainan Dalpra, as he strives to showcase his skills and leave a lasting impact on the sport. Mendes encouraged athletes to focus on performance and to constantly seek improvement. He believes that this mindset is what fuels the progression of the sport and allows athletes to surpass the achievements of previous generations.

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To Be Better You Have To Dominate More Gui Mendes On Tainans Evolution

Gui Mendes’ Insights on Opponent Analysis and Strategy

Gui Mendes revealed that he and his team put in extensive work and preparation for the match between Tainan Dalpra and Zachary. Mendes stated that they studied the matches of Zachary, analyzing his strengths, weaknesses, and recurring patterns in his game. To best prepare Dalpra for this match, they brought in training partners who were skilled in emulating Zachary’s game and created a training camp to simulate match scenarios. This level of preparation and attention to detail demonstrates the importance of opponent analysis and strategy in high-level competitions.

The Strong Team at AOJ

Gui Mendes discussed the strong team at AOJ (Art of Jiu Jitsu), expressing his admiration for the pursuit of perfection in both training and competition. Mendes praised the passion and hard work of his team members, highlighting their dedication to constantly improving their skills. He stated that they strive for perfection every day, acknowledging that while perfection may be unattainable, the constant pursuit of it is what sets them apart and propels them to the next level.

Pursuit of Perfection in Training and Competition

Gui Mendes explained that the team at AOJ is focused on building quality students and competitors rather than solely aiming for victories. He emphasized the importance of training with intention and purpose, always striving for the best version of themselves. The pursuit of perfection in training translates into their performances during competitions, enabling them to showcase their skills at the highest level. Mendes highlighted the solid foundation they have built for their students and expressed his confidence in their ability to produce future world champions.

Gui Mendes’ Recognition of AOJ’s Strength

Gui Mendes acknowledged the growth and strength of the AOJ team, noting the significant progress they have made in a relatively short period of time. He mentioned that AOJ has only been competing on its own for around a year or two, yet they have already made a strong impact in the jiu jitsu community. Mendes attributed this success to the passion and dedication of the team members, who constantly strive to improve and push the boundaries of their abilities.

Jonathan Alves’ Victory at the GP

Gui Mendes spoke about Jonathan Alves’ victory at the GP, praising his performance. Mendes mentioned that the plan for Alves was to give his best without being solely focused on winning or losing. The first match saw Alves dominate his opponent, showcasing his skills and earning an impressive number of points. While the second match did not go as smoothly, losing to Andy in the 50/50 position, Mendes expressed his belief that Alves has the potential to perform even better in future matches.

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Continued Areas for Improvement

Gui Mendes acknowledged that there are areas for improvement in Jonathan Alves’ game. He remarked that it is normal for young athletes to face challenges and encounter areas that need further development. Mendes mentioned specific aspects of Alves’ game that they will be working on, such as submissions from side control and creating opportunities to take the opponent’s back. He expressed confidence in Alves’ ability to grow and improve as he continues to gain experience and develop his skills.

Gui Mendes’ Thoughts on Alves’ Win

Gui Mendes deemed Jonathan Alves’ victory at the GP as an amazing achievement. He emphasized that this win is just the beginning of Alves’ journey and that there is still much room for growth and improvement. Mendes emphasized the importance of seeing Alves as a young champion who is constantly building his career and gaining experience. He expressed his confidence that Alves, along with Tainan Dalpra, will continue to improve with each tournament, showcasing their dedication and commitment to the sport.

Dalpra and Alves as Young Champions

Gui Mendes highlighted the fact that Tainan Dalpra and Jonathan Alves are young champions who are still in the early stages of their careers. He expressed his excitement for the future of these talented athletes and their potential to make a significant impact on the sport. Mendes emphasized that their focus should be on continuous improvement and building their skills, rather than solely on winning. He expressed his belief that with time and dedication, they will become household names in the jiu jitsu community and leave a lasting legacy.

Building Careers and Continuous Improvement

Gui Mendes emphasized the importance of building careers and continuously striving for improvement. He described the path to becoming a high-level athlete as a process that requires dedication, hard work, and continuous growth. Mendes expressed his commitment to helping his students and team members achieve their goals and reach their full potential. He sees his role as not only a coach but also a mentor, guiding and supporting them on their journey to becoming world-class athletes.

Future Outlook for Dalpra and Alves

Gui Mendes believes that the future is bright for Tainan Dalpra and Jonathan Alves. He anticipates that they will continue to improve and achieve even greater success in future tournaments. Mendes expressed his confidence in their abilities and their commitment to the sport. He sees them as the future stars of jiu jitsu and envisions them becoming legends in the sport. Mendes stated that he looks forward to witnessing their growth and the impact they will have on the jiu jitsu community in the years to come.


Gui Mendes’ insights and reflections on the Tezos IBJJF GP event in Austin provide a comprehensive look into the world of jiu jitsu competition. Mendes emphasizes the importance of events like the GP in pushing athletes to new heights and motivating them to strive for excellence. He praises the performance of Tainan Dalpra and Jonathan Alves, recognizing their potential as young champions who are building their careers and continuously improving. Mendes also highlights the significance of studying opponents and strategizing, as well as the strength and pursuit of perfection within the AOJ team. As a respected figure in the jiu jitsu community, Gui Mendes’ perspective offers valuable insights for both athletes and enthusiasts of the sport.

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