ADCC East Coast Trials | Day 2 Quarterfinals Preview

ADCC East Coast Trials | Day 2 Quarterfinals Preview

In this article, the author provides a preview of the quarterfinals of the ADCC East Coast Trials, with a focus on jiu jitsu. The video is created by FloGrappling, a platform that offers jiu jitsu-related content, and encourages viewers to like, comment, and subscribe to access the latest jiu jitsu videos. The author outlines some of the matches and highlights the performances of Cole Abate, Esteban Martinez, William Tackett, Pierre LeClerc, Jacob Couch, and Joseph Watson, providing updates on their wins and advancements in the competition. The article also mentions the participation of Mason Fowler, a previous ADCC trials winner, who competes against Mario Gonzalez on Mat 2.

ADCC East Coast Trials | Day 2 Quarterfinals Preview

ADCC East Coast Trials | Day 2 Quarterfinals Preview

Introduction to the ADCC East Coast Trials

The ADCC East Coast Trials is an important event in the world of jiu jitsu where athletes compete for the opportunity to qualify for the ADCC World Championships. The Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) is known for organizing high-level grappling tournaments that bring together the best jiu jitsu practitioners from around the world. The East Coast Trials serve as a qualifier for the ADCC World Championships and provide a platform for rising talents to showcase their skills.

Overview of the Quarterfinal Matches

The quarterfinal matches are an important stage of the competition, as they determine which athletes advance to the semifinals. This round features some highly anticipated matchups between skilled competitors. The quarterfinal matches are crucial for the athletes, as a win would bring them one step closer to securing a spot in the ADCC World Championships.

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Key Matches to Look Out For

Several matches in the quarterfinals have caught the attention of fans and experts alike. These matches feature high-stakes battles between contenders for the championship title. The outcome of these matches will have a significant impact on the tournament and could potentially shape the future of these athletes’ careers.

Match Between Cole Abate and Esteban Martinez

One match that has generated a lot of interest is the matchup between Cole Abate and Esteban Martinez. Both athletes have shown impressive skills leading up to the quarterfinals. Abate is known for his aggressive submission attempts, while Martinez has demonstrated a strong defense. This clash of styles makes for an intriguing battle on the mats.

Summary of Abate vs. Martinez Match

In the match between Cole Abate and Esteban Martinez, Abate showcased his submission skills right from the start. He attempted various submissions, but Martinez displayed a remarkable ability to defend against them. Despite Abate’s relentless attacking, Martinez managed to slip out of each precarious situation.

Martinez’s defensive prowess proved to be a challenging obstacle for Abate. Despite his best efforts, Abate struggled to maintain control over Martinez. The match went on for the full duration, with both athletes displaying impressive technique and resilience.

In the end, Abate emerged as the winner, securing the victory with a score of 3-0. The match highlighted the difficulty of keeping hold of Martinez, even for a skilled competitor like Abate. It showcased Martinez’s exceptional submission defense and overall skill set.

Match Between William Tackett and Pierre LeClerc

Another highly anticipated match in the quarterfinals is the clash between William Tackett and Pierre LeClerc. Both athletes have shown great potential and have delivered strong performances leading up to this stage of the competition. Tackett, known for his dominance in the 77-kilogram division, faces a formidable opponent in LeClerc.

Summary of Tackett vs. LeClerc Match

In the match between William Tackett and Pierre LeClerc, Tackett displayed his superior grappling skills and technique. He controlled the match from the beginning, taking advantage of LeClerc’s vulnerabilities. Tackett utilized his strength and agility to secure dominant positions and unleash powerful attacks.

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LeClerc, known for his leglock expertise, struggled to find an opening against Tackett’s solid defense. Despite his best efforts, LeClerc was unable to turn the match in his favor. Tackett’s dominance was evident as he secured the victory.

The match showcased Tackett’s exceptional technique and ability to control his opponents. His performance solidified his status as a top contender in the 77-kilogram division.

Match Between Jacob Couch and Joseph Watson

Another exciting matchup in the quarterfinals is the battle between Jacob Couch and Joseph Watson. Both athletes have displayed impressive skills leading up to this stage of the competition and have shown great potential to make a deep run in the tournament.

Summary of Couch vs. Watson Match

In the match between Jacob Couch and Joseph Watson, Couch demonstrated his technical proficiency and grappling expertise. He showcased his ability to control the match and execute precise submissions. Couch’s relentless pursuit of victory proved too much for Watson, as Couch secured the win with a submission.

Despite Watson’s valiant efforts, he was unable to match Couch’s skill and determination. Couch’s performance highlighted his ability to capitalize on his opponent’s weaknesses and secure a decisive victory.

Mason Fowler’s Match Against Mario Gonzalez

In another exciting contest, Mason Fowler, a previous ADCC trials winner, faced off against Mario Gonzalez. Fowler’s experience and success in previous tournaments placed him as one of the favorites to make a deep run in the competition.

Unfortunately, due to the limited available information, we cannot provide a detailed summary of this specific match at this time.


The quarterfinals of the ADCC East Coast Trials showcased some intense and thrilling matches between skilled competitors. Each match highlighted the athleticism, technical prowess, and determination of the athletes. With the conclusion of the quarterfinals, the stage is set for the semifinals, where the remaining contenders will battle it out for a chance to qualify for the ADCC World Championships.

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The quarterfinal matches gave fans and experts a glimpse of the level of talent and competitiveness in the jiu jitsu community. The impressive performances by athletes like Cole Abate, William Tackett, and Jacob Couch have solidified their status as top contenders in their respective divisions. The ADCC East Coast Trials continue to be an exciting platform for athletes to showcase their skills and pursue their dreams of competing at the highest level.

As the tournament progresses, fans and enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the remaining matchups and the thrilling moments they will undoubtedly bring. The semifinals promise to be action-packed, and the winners will earn their spots in the ADCC World Championships. Make sure to follow FloGrappling on social media for all the latest updates and coverage of the ADCC East Coast Trials.

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