Tainan Dalpra vs Tommy Langaker | 2022 European Championships

Tainan Dalpra vs Tommy Langaker | 2022 European Championships

In the middleweight final of the 2022 European Championship, Tainan Dalpra and Tommy Langaker face off in a highly anticipated rematch. The tension is palpable as these two jiu jitsu athletes battle it out on the mats. With both competitors showcasing their skills and strategies, it’s a high octane pace match that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Tainan’s flawless execution and Tommy’s ability to counter and score points make for an exciting exchange. As the match comes to an end, Tainan Dalpra emerges as the 2022 European Champion, leaving fans eager to see what’s next for these talented fighters.

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Tainan Dalpra vs Tommy Langaker | 2022 European Championships

Tainan Dalpra vs Tommy Langaker

The 2022 European Championships showcased an intense and thrilling middleweight final between two elite jiu jitsu practitioners, Tainan Dalpra and Tommy Langaker. This highly anticipated rematch had spectators on the edge of their seats, as both competitors displayed their exceptional skills and determination. Let’s delve into the background, pre-fight analysis, fight highlights, strategies employed by both fighters, technical breakdown, and the sportsmanship displayed throughout the match.


Tainan Dalpra and Tommy Langaker, two formidable grapplers in the jiu jitsu community, squared off in the middleweight final of the 2022 European Championship. The clash between these talented athletes promised to be an enthralling encounter that would captivate fans worldwide. With each fighter having their own unique style and strengths, this showdown had all the ingredients for an exhilarating match.

The video coverage provided by FloGrappling allowed fans to witness the intense battle between Dalpra and Langaker firsthand. The anticipation was palpable as the competitors walked onto the mat, ready to showcase their skills and fight for victory. The FloGrappling team provided comprehensive coverage, capturing every moment of this epic battle.

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Pre-Fight Analysis

Both Tainan Dalpra and Tommy Langaker brought impressive performances to the table prior to their clash in the European Championship. Dalpra, often likened to the Terminator for his indomitable presence, had been flawless throughout the tournament, leaving a trail of defeated opponents in his wake. On the other hand, Langaker had yet to make a misstep in his own journey towards the middleweight final. These two exceptional athletes were primed for a fierce showdown.

The rematch of the last World Finals added an extra layer of intensity to the pre-fight analysis. With both fighters having faced each other before, they were well aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge would undoubtedly shape their strategies and approach to the match. The previous encounter between Dalpra and Langaker added an intriguing element to this highly anticipated bout.

Fight Highlights

The fight between Tainan Dalpra and Tommy Langaker was packed with thrilling moments and impressive displays of skill. Both fighters showcased their abilities and fought relentlessly for victory. Let’s take a closer look at the performance highlights of each competitor.

Tainan Dalpra’s Performance Highlights

Dalpra displayed exceptional control from the guard position, a testament to his expertise in this area. He effectively broke down Langaker’s posture, preventing him from mounting any significant offense. Dalpra’s ability to transition seamlessly from guard to back control showcased his versatility and technical prowess. His relentless pursuit of the finish was evident in his attempts at chokes and a potential Kimura submission. Dalpra’s dominant performance earned him a two-point lead and showcased his determination to secure the win.

Tommy Langaker’s Performance Highlights

Langaker proved himself to be a formidable opponent with his impressive passing sequences and top control. Despite facing the relentless pressure from Dalpra, Langaker displayed incredible resilience and managed to free himself from dangerous positions. His control from the guard was a sight to behold, as he skillfully spread Dalpra’s guard and stifled his offense. With exceptional guard work and strategic use of control, Langaker countered Dalpra’s attacks and scored crucial points to stay in the fight.

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Tainan Dalpra’s Strategy

Dalpra’s strategy revolved around his proficiency in the guard position and his relentless pursuit of submissions. His excellent control and ability to break his opponent’s posture allowed him to stifle Langaker’s offense. Dalpra capitalized on his opportunities, diving for chokes and a potential Kimura submission. His focus on maintaining control and implementing his game plan demonstrated his tactical approach to the fight.

Tommy Langaker’s Strategy

Langaker’s strategy involved countering Dalpra’s attacks and showcasing his guard work and passing skills. His ability to spread Dalpra’s guard and prevent any significant offense from being mounted was a testament to his technical mastery. Langaker focused on using his control and preventing Dalpra from advancing his position. By staying composed and leveraging his strengths, Langaker aimed to neutralize Dalpra’s attacks and score points when the opportunity presented itself.

Technical Breakdown

The fight between Dalpra and Langaker showcased various aspects of technical excellence within the world of jiu jitsu. Let’s examine the key components of their performance and break them down.

Guard Work

Dalpra and Langaker both displayed impressive guard work throughout the match. Dalpra’s control from the guard position and Langaker’s ability to spread Dalpra’s guard were noteworthy. Both fighters utilized their guard to create openings for attacks and limit their opponent’s offense.

Top Control

Langaker showcased exceptional top control, utilizing his passing skills and controlling his opponent’s movements. His ability to prevent Dalpra from advancing his position demonstrated his skill and adaptability.

Choke Attempts

Dalpra’s relentless pursuit of chokes showcased his submission expertise. Despite Langaker’s defense, Dalpra’s chokes remained a constant threat, forcing his opponent to be on high alert.

Kimura Attempt

Dalpra’s Kimura attempt demonstrated his versatility and willingness to explore different submission options. His technical execution and focus on securing the Kimura submission displayed his advanced skills.

Back Control

Both fighters utilized back control at various points in the match. Dalpra and Langaker showcased their ability to control their opponent and threatened with potential submissions from the back position.

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Guard Passing

Langaker’s guard passing skills were on full display as he skillfully navigated through Dalpra’s guard defenses. His ability to spread Dalpra’s guard and advance his position demonstrated his technical proficiency in this aspect of the game.

Armbar Finish

The culmination of the fight came with Dalpra’s impressive jump over armbar finish. His technical execution and ability to secure the submission highlighted his prowess in securing finishes.

Sportsmanship and Post-Fight Thoughts

Despite the intense nature of the match, both Dalpra and Langaker displayed exemplary sportsmanship throughout. The respect and admiration they had for each other’s skills were evident as they embraced after the fight. It was clear that these two competitors recognized the value of their rivalry and knew that their paths would cross again in the future. This display of sportsmanship added an admirable touch to an already exciting match.


The clash between Tainan Dalpra and Tommy Langaker at the 2022 European Championships was a thrilling spectacle for jiu jitsu enthusiasts. Both fighters showcased their exceptional skills, determination, and strategic prowess. Dalpra’s dominance from the guard position and relentless pursuit of submissions, combined with Langaker’s impressive guard work and counterattacks, made for an intense and captivating match. The technical breakdown of their performance highlighted the intricacies and beauty of the sport. Ultimately, Dalpra emerged as the victor, but both fighters left an indelible mark on the jiu jitsu community. Their display of sportsmanship and mutual respect added an admirable touch to the match. As they look towards the future, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in the rivalry between these two incredible athletes.

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