2022 Pans Day 3 Recap: Purple Belts Run Wild At Silver Spur Arena

2022 Pans Day 3 Recap: Purple Belts Run Wild At Silver Spur Arena

On day three of the IBJJF 2022 Pan Championships, the purple belts took center stage at the Silver Spur Arena. These talented competitors did not disappoint as they put on an incredible show. From Guillermo Cipriano Corey’s double gold performance to Maurice Ramirez’s stunning upset victories, the purple belts showcased their skills and made a statement. In the women’s division, Giovanna Jara and Nia Blackman stood out with their dominating performances, collecting double gold medals. Leilani Bernalis, Homolo Rocha, and Eloise Arujo also had remarkable showings, earning gold in their respective weight divisions. As the black belts prepare to take the mats tomorrow, the excitement continues to build at the 2022 Pans.

Top Performers

Guillermo Cipriano Corey

Guillermo Cipriano Corey stood out as one of the top performers on Day Three of the 2022 IBJJF Pan Championships. Taking home double gold, Corey showcased his skills and dominance in his matches. He won the heavyweight division, finishing two out of his four matches, and then proceeded to the Absolute division, where he finished another two out of four matches. Corey’s impressive performance also earned him a promotion to the brown belt. His success at the Pan Championships sets him up as someone to watch in future competitions, particularly the upcoming World Championships.


Another standout performer of the day was Jeremy in the heavyweight division. He finished two out of his four matches, securing the top spot in his division. Jeremy’s success didn’t stop there though, as he continued to impress in the Absolute division, finishing another two out of four matches. With his double gold performance, Jeremy showcased his skills and made a significant impact at the competition.

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Maurice Ramirez

Maurice Ramirez made waves on Day Three of the Pan Championships with what some might call an upset. Despite being considered an underdog, Ramirez, a reigning world champion, faced tough opponents in Colabote and Ogawa from AOJ. He emerged victorious against both, making a statement that he is the number one guy. Ramirez’s impressive showing at the Pan Championships was a testament to his skills and determination.

Tino Samurai

Tino Samurai made his adult purple debut and did so in style. Competing for Atos, Samurai collected victories in every match he participated in. With a total of seven arm bar submissions, Samurai showcased his judo skills and flashy passing. His dominant performance earned him the gold in his division and a bronze in the Absolute division. Samurai is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the medium-heavy weight class of the purple belt division.

Giovanna Jara

Giovanna Jara represented Dream Art and had a phenomenal day at the Pan Championships. She took home double gold, showcasing her skills in both gi and no-gi divisions. Jara had three submissions and won all four of her matches, solidifying her position as one of the top performers of the day. Her recent success at the ADCC Trials further emphasizes her versatility and talent in the sport.

Nia Black Men

Nia Black Men, representing Checkmat and the UK, proved herself to be a formidable competitor. With a double gold victory at the European Championships, she aimed to replicate her success at the Pan Championships. Though she fell short in the final, Black Men still claimed gold in her weight class and silver in the Absolute division. Her strong performance solidifies her status as a top contender and indicates that she is a force to be reckoned with on the world stage.

Leilani Bernalis

Leilani Bernalis, originally from Peru and representing Fight Sports, made her presence known at the Pan Championships. Bernalis recently moved to the US to pursue Jiu-Jitsu full-time, and her dedication and hard work paid off with a gold medal in the competition. With five matches under her belt, Bernalis showcased her skills and proved herself to be a top performer in her division.

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Homolo Rocha

Homolo Rocha emerged as a top performer in the lightweight division, securing the gold medal. With four submissions out of five matches, Rocha displayed his exceptional skills and made a lasting impression. His performance at the Pan Championships demonstrates his potential for future success in the sport.

Eloise Arujo

Eloise Arujo, representing Gracie Barra, took home the gold in the middleweight division. Winning her final match by submission, Arujo showcased her technique and determination. This tournament marked her first competition at the brown belt level, and her victory speaks to her skill and potential in the sport.

2022 Pans Day 3 Recap: Purple Belts Run Wild At Silver Spur Arena


The purple belts truly stole the show on Day Three of the 2022 IBJJF Pan Championships. Guillermo Cipriano Corey, Jeremy, Maurice Ramirez, Tino Samurai, Giovanna Jara, Nia Black Men, Leilani Bernalis, Homolo Rocha, and Eloise Arujo all performed exceptionally well, showcasing their skills and proving themselves to be top contenders in their respective divisions. Their performances set the stage for the black belt competitions, which are sure to be equally exciting. As the Pan Championships continue, it will be interesting to see how these top performers fare and if they can continue their winning streaks.

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